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File and Museum
File: Poeh museum, night. jpg | Poeh Museum tower, the tallest adobe structure in New Mexico, USA
File: Medieval horse armour. jpg | Medieval horse armour on display at Museum of Islamic Art, Doha in Qatar.
File: Albrecht Dürer-Jesus among the Doctors-Google Art Project. jpg | Twelve-year-old Jesus among the Scribes, 1506, oil on panel, Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum
File: Albrecht Dürer 094b. jpg | Portrait of a Young Man, 1507, Kunsthistorisches Museum, Gemäldegalerie
File: Albrecht Dürer 058. jpg | Mary with the squatting child, 1516, oil on panel, Metropolitan Museum of Art
File: Tutanhkamun jackal. jpg | Anubis statue from the Tomb of Tutankhamun ( Cairo Museum ).
File: Egyptian-A Worshipper Kneeling Before the God Anubis-Walters 54400-Three Quarter View. jpg | A worshipper kneeling before Anubis, Walters Art Museum
File: British Museum Egypt 086. JPG | Room 4-Colossal statue of Amenhotep III, c. 1370 BC
File: Spinario-British Museum. jpg | Room 22-Roman marble copy of the famous ' Spinario ( Boy with Thorn )', circa 1st century AD
File: British Museum Olduvai handaxe. jpg | Room 2-Handaxe, Lower Palaeolithic, Olduvai Gorge, circa 1. 2 million years
File: British Museum gold thing 501594 fh000035. jpg | Room 51-Mold gold cape, North Wales, Bronze Age, c. 1900 – 1600 BC ( one of the finest examples of prehistoric sheet-gold working )
File: British Museum Royal Gold Cup. jpg | Room 40-Royal Gold Cup or Saint Agnes Cup, c. AD 1370-80 ( generally agreed to be the outstanding surviving example of late medieval French plate )
File: British Museum Reading Room Panorama Feb 2006. jpg | British Museum Reading Room
File: British Museum 2010-06-04 B. jpg | Ceiling of the Great Court and the black siltstone obelisks of Nectanebo II, c. 350 BC
File: England ; London-The British Museum, Facade South Front ~-Main Entrance + West Wing-Collonade + The Africa Garden. 2. JPG | African Garden-created by BBC TV programme Ground Force
File: BM ; RM6-ANE, Assyrian Sculpture 32-East ( N ), Centre Island + North Wall-~ Assyrian Empire +-Lamassu, Stela's, Statue's, Obelisk's, Relief Panel's ) & Full Projection. 1. JPG | The British Museum, Room 6-Assyrian Sculpture
File: Ship Clock at British Museum. jpg | Room 38-39-Mechanical Galleon, Augsburg, around AD 1585
File: CharlotteBrontePortrait. jpg | Portrait by J. H. Thompson at the Bronte Parsonage Museum.
File: Monet, Claude-Luncheon, the ( 1868 ). jpg | The Luncheon, 1868, Städel Museum, Frankfurt
File: WLA metmuseum Camille Monet on a Garden Bench by Claude Monet. jpg | Camille Monet on a Garden Bench, 1873, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.
File: Claude Monet-Rock Arch. jpg | Rock Arch West of Étretat ( The Manneport ), 1883, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
File: Claude Monet, Le Grand Canal. jpg | The Grand Canal, Venice 1908, Boston Museum of Fine Arts
File: Claude Monet-Water Lilies, 1917-1919. JPG | Water Lilies, 1917 – 1919, Honolulu Museum of Art

File and with
You may apply for such an extension by filing Form 2688, Application For Extension Of Time To File, with the District Director of Internal Revenue for your district, or you may make your application in a letter.
File the bottom edge flush with the bar and the top 1/8'' '' above the bar.
File: Abalone & Asparagus, Stir-Fried with Black Bean Sauce ( 207804042 ). jpg |< center > Abalones with asparagus </ center >
File: HK Food Chinese Seafood Dinner 鮑魚仔 Steamed Abalone with Mandarin orange peels. JPG |< center > Abalone with mandarin orange peels .</ center >
File: Abensberg Stadtplatz. jpg | Town Centre with Rathaus ( town hall )
File: Travancore Cheera Thoran. JPG | Southern Kerala-style traditional Thoran made with Cheera ( Amaranth ) leaves
File: KofunCuirass. jpg | Early Japanese armour, iron helmet and cuirass with gilt bronze decoration, Kofun period, 5th century.
File: Myochin-Suit of Armour with the Buddhist Deity Fudo Myo-o-Walters 51602. jpg | Late Edo period ( 1800s ) samurai armour.
File: J20 riotcops dc. jpg | Riot police with body protection against blows
File: Alzheimer with his co-workers Nervenklinik Munich 1909-1910. JPG
File: Albrecht Dürer-Ritratto del padre-Google Art Project. jpg | Albrecht Dürer the Elder with a Rosary, 1490, Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence
File: National-Debt-Gillray. jpeg | In a 1786 James Gillray caricature, the plentiful money bags handed to King George III are contrasted with the beggar whose legs and arms were amputated, in the left corner
File: Mallard Lake in Golden Gate Park. jpg | A brightly coloured tree contrasts with the green foliage which surrounds it
File: Bassas da India in Sunglint. jpg | ISS image of Bassas da India with varying degrees of sunglint.
File: 2007 0919 Bosporus Rumelihisarı. jpg | The Rumeli Castle on the Bosphorus, with both suspension bridges which span the strait.
File: Bay of Quinte at Night. JPG | The Bay of Quinte at night, with a view of CFB Trenton.
File: Wellcome Trust Gallery + Living & Dying ( Room 24 ). jpg | Room 24-The Wellcome Trust Gallery with Hoa Hakananai ' a in the centre
File: Leonardo da vinci, Study for the Burlington House Cartoon. jpg | Leonardo da Vinci-The Virgin and Child with Saint Anne and the Infant Saint John the Baptist (' The Burlington House Cartoon ') ( c. 1499 – 1500 )
File: Eomaia NT. jpg | Mammals were a minor part of the Cretacean fauna with Eomaia being the first eutherian.
File: The fossils from Cretaceous age found in Lebanon. jpg | A plate with Nematonotus sp.

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