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File and ::
File :: Abensberg RegensburgerTor. jpg | Regensburg Gate
File :: St Mary Abchurch-Painted Interior of Dome. jpg | St.
File :: Starr 070515-7041 Osmoxylon lineare. jpg | Osmoxylon lineare.
File :: Illustration Hydrocotyle vulgaris0. jpg |( Hydrocotyle vulgaris )
File :: Edificio Europa Leon. jpg | The Europa Building.
File :: Alizaryna. svg | alizarin
File :: The_Spa_and_the_Grand_Hotel, _Scarborough_-_geograph. org. uk_-_807308. jpg | The Spa and the Grand Hotel
File :: Lake nero. jpg | Lake Nero
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:: File: C-command 02. png
:: File: Einstein solids 1. svg
:: File: Einstein solids 2. svg
File :: Funchal-Zantedeschia aethiopica IMG 1904. JPG | Funchal
:: Federal File, Nine Network

File and Kendall
File: Kendall Manor Eufaula Alabama. JPG | Kendall Manor was added to the National Register of Historic Places on January 14, 1972.

File and County
File: Cabotslanding. jpg | Cabot's Landing, Victoria County, commemorating the " first land seen " by explorer John Cabot in 1497
File: Capebretonmainlandbridge. jpg | Seal Island Bridge in Victoria County, the 3rd longest in Nova Scotia.
File: Enniscorthy St. Aidan's Cathedral East Aisle Second Window Evangelist John Detail 2009 09 28. jpg | Stained glass window St. Aidan ’ s Cathedral Enniscorthy, County Wexford, Ireland
File: berkeleyfromclaremont800x600. jpg | The City of Berkeley, the Bay and Marin County in the background as seen from the Claremont Canyon reserve
File: DeWitt County Illinois 1839. png | DeWitt County from its creation in 1839 to the splitting off of Piatt County in 1841
File: DeWitt County Illinois 1841. png | Dewitt County from 1841 to 1845
File: DeWitt County Illinois 1845. png | DeWitt County in 1845, when it was reduced to its current size
File: Putnam County Illinois 1825. png | Putnam County at the time of its creation in 1825
File: Putnam County Illinois 1827. png | The county split in two portions, 1827-1831
File: Putnam County Illinois 1831. png | Putnam County between 1831 and 1837
File: Putnam County Illinois 1837. png | Putnam between 1837 and 1839
File: Putnam County Illinois 1839. png | Putnam in 1839, reduced to its present borders
File: Adams County Illinois 1825. png | When it was created, Hancock County was temporarily attached to Adams until it could organize a county government.
File: Adams County Illinois 1829. png | Adams County reduced to its current borders in 1829.
File: Clay County Illinois 1824. png | Clay County from the time of its creation to 1831
File: Clay County Illinois 1831. png | Clay County between 1831 and 1841

File and tx
File: Galveston County tx seal. gif | Seal of Galveston County

File and seal
< gallery perrow =" 4 "> File: GreatSealWafer. jpg | A seal wafer
File: GreatSealPressImprinting. jpg | The seal is pressed down on the wafer
File: GreatSealWaferImprinted. jpg | The imprinted seal
File: Silicone_foam_sakno1. jpg | Faulty silicone foam firestop installation in Calgary Sewage Treatment Plant in Canada in the 1980s, attempting to seal the opening above a fire door in a cast concrete fire separation, but improperly set due to wide temperature variations.
File: Phoca_vitulina_1. jpg | Harbour seal ( Phoca vitulina ) near Cap Gaspé
File: AgnusDeiWindow. jpg | The seal of the Moravian Church, the Agnus Dei window with the Lamb of God carrying the vexillum
File: GentooPenguinPredation. jpg | A leopard seal capturing an adult Gentoo penguin.
File: Philippine National Police seal. svg | Lapu-Lapu is a central figure in the seal of the Philippine National Police
File: CoA of the Kingdom of Croatia. svg | Coat of arms of Croatia used in 1527 as part of a seal on a document.
File: Hertug Haakon Magnusson PI XXI 2. jpg | One-sided seal of Haakon as Duke from 1298.
File: Kong Haakon V Magnusson PI XII 2. jpg | The reverse from another version of Haakon's seal as King, in known use 1300 – 02.
File: Florida Senate seal. png | Seal of the Florida Senate
File: Seal of California ( Building Detail ), 1952, West Entrance of California State Capitol, Sacramento. jpg | 1952: The building as it appears on the large seal at the west steps of the California State Capitol
File: Seal_of_California_ ( Building_Detail_ -- _Artistic_Rendition ), _1998, _Riverside_County_Family_Law_Courthouse, _Riverside, _California. jpg | 1998 ( Artistic Rendition ): The building on a seal on display in Riverside that bears a resemblance to the Peace Tower, also in Riverside, California
File: Seal_of_California, _ca. _1870, _Desk_of_the_Secretary_of_the_Senate, _Senate_Chamber, _California_State_Capitol, _Sacramento. jpg | Thirteen star seal, Senate Secretary's Desk, California State Capitol, Sacramento
File: Seal_of_California, _ca. _1928, _detail_from_the_tympanum_of_the_Stanley_Mosk_Library_and_Courts_Building, _Sacramento, _California. jpg | Twenty-one star seal, Stanley Mosk Library and Courts Building, Sacramento
File: Seal of California, Hiram Johnson State Building Auditorium, Civic Center, San Francisco, California. jpg | Twenty-six star seal, Hiram Johnson State Building auditorium, San Francisco
File: Seal_of_California, _1895, _from_the_California_Blue_Book, _page_299. jpg | Thirty-two star seal, 1895 < i > California Blue Book </ i >, page 299
File: Seal_of_California, _1895, _California_Blue_Book, _Title_Page. jpg | Thirty-eight star seal, 1895 < i > California Blue Book </ i >, title page
File: Seal_of_California, _1908, _Stained_Glass, _California_State_Capitol, _Sacramento. jpg | 1908 " sky " light seal in the California State Capitol
File: Seal_of_California, _1950, _O. C. _Malmquist_Panels, _California_State_Capitol, _Sacramento. jpg | 1950 seal from O. C.
File: Seal_of_California, _1954, _Dept_of_Rehabilitation, _Sacramento, _California. jpg | 1950 seal from the Department of Rehabilitation
File: Seal of California, Employment Development Department, 1955, Sacramento. jpg | 1955 seal on the Employment Development Department
File: Seal_of_California, _1964, _Resources_Agency_Building, _Sacramento, _California. jpg | 1964 seal ( one of two ) on display at the Resources Agency Building

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