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File and Shield
File: Griphon UMBO Shield IMG 7433. JPG | Dacian artefact from Piatra Roşie site.
File: A crew of an Egyptian ranger battalion waits to parade in their Jeep YJ light vehicle armed with a MILAN portable ATGM launcher during Operation Desert Shield. JPEG | Vehicle mounted launcher and missiles in Egyptian service during Operation Desert Shield, 1992.
File: Mauri Osismiaci shield pattern. svg | Shield pattern of the Roman Mauri Osismiaci ( ca.
File: Escudo sanlúcar de barrameda plaza abastos. jpg | Shield on the market square
File: Drakkar_ ( Larousse_-_detail_-_shields ) _A_Brun. jpg | Shield mountings on the ship
File: Blason ville fr Jouy-le-Moutier ( Val-d ' Oise ). svg | Shield
File: Heat Shield Rock 1. jpg
File: Heat Shield Rock. jpg
File: Heat Shield Rock2. jpg
File: Loch Shield Panorama. jpg | Loch Shiel Panorama, June 2010
File: Guardia Sanframondi-Stemma. png | Shield
File: Scuto Battersea BritMu252a. jpg | The Battersea Shield, England, 350-50 BC, for display rather than combat.

File and Boss
File: BossMeyer. JPG | Boss Meyer's bust outside Millfield House

File and 7th
File: Sutton hoo helmet room 1 no flashbrightness ajusted. JPG | Room 2-Sutton Hoo helmet, Angle-Saxon, early 7th century AD
File: Leaning tower staircase 7th floor. JPG | Inner staircase from seventh to eighth ( the top ) floor
File: Monument to 7th Earl of Carlisle-geograph. org. uk-11840. jpg | Monument to 7th Earl of Carlisle
File: Hoquiam, WA-7th St Theater 01. jpg | The 7th Street Theatre, listed on the National Register of Historic Places ( NRHP ).
File: Seine and 7th Arrondissement June 2010. jpg | The Seine and 7th arrondissement as seen from the Eiffel Tower.
File: Typical Paris Apartment. jpg | Typical Parisian architecture in the 7th arrondissement.
File: DonaldDuck 7th logo. jpg | 7th logo of Donald Duck: 2010-today ( starting issue # 358 ), published by Boom !.
File: Horyu-ji11s3200. jpg | Kon-dō and pagoda at Hōryū-ji, Ikaruga, NaraBuilt in 7th century
Larry McDonald, the 2nd president of the John Birch Society and a conservative Democratic member of the United States House of Representatives who represented the 7th congressional district of Georgia, wrote a forward for Allen's 1976 book The Rockefeller File, wherein he stated:
File: 7 Ohjuslaivue lippu. jpg | 7th Missile Squadron, Finnish Navy: Finnish lion with a fish-tail and a trident
File: Monza_1994. jpg | 7th variation ( 1994 )
File: John William Montagu ( 1811 – 1884 ), 7th Earl of Sandwich as a Young Man Hinchingbrooke House 1832 GH. jpg | John Montagu, 7th Earl of Sandwich ( 1811 – 1884 ), 7th Earl of Sandwich
File: Turkey. Bodrum054. jpg | Model of the Yassiada vessel ( Byzantine, 7th c .)
File: GovsPark. jpg | Grant and 7th, near Gov's Park in Capitol Hill
The Bewcastle Cross (: File: The 7th C Bewcastle Cross ( 2 )-geograph. org. uk-1833421. jpg | alternate view )
File: 7th Street Station-Metro Blue Line 5. JPG | The Metro Blue Line level at the station.
File: 7th Street Station-Metro Blue Line 4. JPG | Metro Blue Line platform # 2.
File: LA Red Line. jpg | Passengers board a Red Line train bound for North Hollywood at 7th Street / Metro Center.

File and Century
File: Women on bicycles, late 19th Century USA. jpg | Women on bicycles on unpaved road, USA, late 19th Century
File: State Banner of Denmark ( 14th Century ). svg | Dannebrog as depicted in the Gelre Armorial
File: Royal Banner of Denmark ( 14th Century ). svg | The Royal Banner of the Kings of Denmark based on the royal arms.
File: Chinese silk, 4th Century BC. JPG | Detail of an embroidered silk gauze ritual garment.
File: Betty Grable 20th Century Fox. jpg | Betty Grable, famous pin-up girl, 1943.
File: Chinese silk, 4th Century BC. JPG | embroidered silk gauze garment from a 4th century BC tomb at Mashan, Hubei province
File: MilleFleurTapestry. jpg | Mille Fleur Tapestry, Flemish, 16th Century Flemish
File: Old Flag of Guernsey. svg | 23px 19th Century Flag
File: Station Lichtervelde-Postkaart. jpg | Train station beginning 20th Century
File: William-Adolphe Bouguereau ( 1825-1905 )-Study of a Seated Veiled Female Figure ( 19th Century ). png | A 19th-century version of the original type of chiaroscuro drawing, with coloured paper, white gouache highlights, and pencil shading.
File: Smith and Wesson. 44 Hand Ejector 1st Model New Century Triple Lock Canadian Contract. 455 Webley-transparent. png | Smith and Wesson. 44 Hand Ejector 1st Model " New Century ", chambered for. 455, with British proof marks, likely used by British forces in WWI
File: hdgs Cranes fighting Dwarfes. gif | Dwarves fighting Cranes in northern Sweden, a 16th Century drawing by Olaus Magnus.
File: Flag Fen 14th Century Ditch. jpg | The 14th-century mustdyke constructed across the site, bisecting the Bronze Age trackway.
File: Dixon. JPG | Restored grand 19th Century house, Dickson Street
File: Chinese-Wine Jar with Carp among Water Weeds and Lotuses-Walters 491917-View G. jpg | Wine Jar with Carp among Water Weeds and Lotuses, 16th Century.
File: Robert Fritz glass art. jpg | Mid 20th Century Vortex Vase, by Robert C. Fritz one of the founding fathers of the 1960s studio glass movement.
File: Velia. jpg | The dry stone arch, called Porta Rosa ( middle of 4th Century BC ), in Elea, Italy
File: RoyLindmanLutry 007. jpg | 11th Century church
File: 18th Century Flag of Sulu. svg | Flag of Sulu Sultanate according to Pierre Sonnerat.
File: Buick Century 4-Dorrars Sedan 1937. jpg | 1937 Buick Century
File: BedfordBuick8Cream2. jpg | 1938 Buick Century

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