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File and museum
File: Ordinary bicycle01. jpg | A penny-farthing or ordinary bicycle photographed in the Škoda Auto museum in the Czech Republic
File: Lovers 9000BC british museum. jpg | Room 2-Ain Sakhri lovers, from the cave of Ain Sakhri, near Bethlehem, 11, 000 years old ( oldest known representation of two people engaged in sexual intercourse )
File: Suit of chain mail from DHM museum Berlin. jpg | A suit of mail on display at the Deutsches Historisches Museum in Berlin.
File: Emsworth Museum-geograph. org. uk-1657057. jpg | Emsworth fire station and museum
File: Geneva redcc museum entance. jpg | Museum of the International Red Cross
File: Berlin Neue Nationalgalerie June 2002. jpg | Interior of Neue Nationalgalerie museum in Berlin, Germany
File: Roof_CentrePompidouMetz. jpg | The white Teflon-coated fiberglass membrane of the Centre Pompidou-Metz museum, Metz.
File: Antique Japanese tachi with koshirae. jpg | Antique tachi and koshirae, British museum.
File: National Museum KL 2008 ( 34 ). JPG | Kraak porcelain in a museum in Malacca
File: Brest. jpg | The Tanguy tower hosts a museum of the history of Brest ; in the background, the Pont de Recouvrance ( Recouvrance Bridge ).
File: Susa louvre. jpg | Susa section, Louvre museum, Paris
File: VBRITTO-invalides-paris-2007. jpg | Court of the museum of the Army
File: Kobariski muzej. jpg | World War I museum
File: AntinousPalazzoAltempsVariant2. jpg | Bust of Antinous in the Palazzo Altemps museum in Rome.
File: A Bibao-Puppy-de Jeff Koons. jpg | Puppy by Jeff Koons in front of the museum
File: Fendall Hall. jpg | Fendall Hall, built from 1856 to 1860, is an Italianate-style historic house museum that is owned and operated by the Alabama Historical Commission.
File: Erve Kots-Los Hoes 2007-07. jpg | Farm at the open air museum Erve Kots in Lievelde
File: Frank Melville Memorial Park ; Bates House. JPG |< center > The park includes The Bates House, operated as a house museum
File: Matsumoto city museum of art07nt3200. jpg | Matsumoto City Museum of Art
File: Matt Kenseth Museum Cambridge Wisconsin. jpg | Matt Kenseth museum
File: WaupunPublicLibraryNRHP. jpg | Former Waupun Public Library, now a museum, registered historic place
File: Baal Shem Tov's shul restored. jpg | Baal Shem Tov ’ s shul reconstructed ( as a museum ); August 4, 2008
File: The New Church of Ven. jpg | The New Church of Ven, currently a museum
File: Museum-anthropology-vancouver-2006-05-22. jpg | Carved figures inside museum

File and night
File: Florence at night. jpg | The river Arno in Florence at night
File: Aveirobynight. jpg | Aveiro streets by night
File: Bay of Quinte at Night. JPG | The Bay of Quinte at night, with a view of CFB Trenton.
File: night. jpg || right | thumb | Cairo at night
File: San Francisco Bay at Night. jpg | seen at night.
File: WhiteHousenightphoto. JPG | White House at night
File: Faroe Islands, Streymoy, Tórshavn ( 4 ), Bryggjubakki street at night. jpg | Bryggjubakki street at night
File: St Pauls Cathedral at night. jpg | St.
File: Panorama_of_Ashgabat. jpg | View of Ashgabat at night
File: Sagrada familia by night 2006. jpg | Sagrada Família Nativity façade by night ( March 2006 )
File: VanGogh-starry night ballance1. jpg | Vincent van Gogh, The Starry Night, 1889
File: Chicago River night. jpg | night view along the Chicago River
File: Opatija-night. JPG | The seaside of Opatija at night
File: King David Hotel at night. jpg | King David Hotel at night ( 2008 )
File: Wichitanightskyline. jpg | Downtown Wichita skyline at night from The Keeper of the Plains at the Arkansas River
File: Fremantle Prison in Western Australia. jpg | Fremantle Prison gatehouse at night
File: Wave Swinger 0. 8 Sec SFGAm. JPG | The Whirligig ride during night at SFGAm at an exposure time of 0. 8 Seconds.
File: Commerzbank-Zentrale 2004-11-28a. JPG | Commerzbank Tower at night

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