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from Brown Corpus
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File and bottom
File: Olympus Mons and Hawaii to scale. png | Olympus Mons ( top ) and the Hawaiian island chain ( bottom ), at the same scale.
File: Denver and Rio Grande Royal Gorge train. JPG | D & RGW's Royal Gorge at the bottom of the gorge with the suspension bridge above.
File: Nunchaku kikon-bu ( lower part ). JPG | Kikon-bu, lower part of one handle of a nunchaku showing the bottom of the handle kontei.
File: Intel 80486DX2 bottom. jpg | The bottom view with gold plated pins visible.
File: Glass bottom boats & Semi sub. JPG | Glass bottom boats and a Semi submarine at Green Island, Great Barrier Reef, outer Cairns
File: Lcdp laby. JPG | Old distillation limestone cooling table to produce Cognac ( copper pipe at the bottom left ), at La Chapelle-des-Pots
File: Russian Writers 1. jpg | Gorky ( bottom left ), with fellow members of the Moscow literary group Sreda ; From top left: Skitalets, Chaliapin, and Chirikov ; from bottom left: Gorky, Andreyev, Bunin, and Teleshov.
File: Scandinavia EthnicCostumes. jpg | Scandinavian bride and maid ( bottom right ) in 1876
File: Moto hazu ( bottom nock ). jpg | Moto hazu ( bottom nock )
File: Piccadilly Circus Station Ent. jpg | At the bottom of an entrance staircase
File: Lamashtu plaque 9165. jpg | Close-up of plaque's bottom register
File: Palo Duro Aeromotor. jpg | Windmill at bottom of canyon on the Prairie Dog Town Fork Red River.
File: Italy 1000 AD. svg | Sicily ( at bottom )
File: Newel-string. gif | The bottom joint between the newel post and the outside string showing the housings for the tread and first and second risers.
File: nl mpi2. jpg | Nuclear medicine myocardial perfusion scan with Thallium-201 for the rest images ( bottom rows ) and Tc-Sestamibi for the stress images ( top rows ).
File: Londres 160 .. jpg | Royal Festival Hall ( bottom left ) from the London Eye, July 2008
File: ISS012-E-23609 NASA Apolima strait between Upolu and Savai ' i islands. jpg | Upolu ( bottom ) and Savai ' i ( top ) with Manono Island and Apolima
File: Halcyon2Keulemans. jpg | Heads of subspecies: H. m. torquata ( top ); H. m. forbesi ( middle ); H. m. malimbica ( bottom ); illustration by Keulemans, 1892
File: LvMS-Lvm. jpg | Photomicrograph of a volcanic lithic fragment ( sand grain ) derived from scoria ; upper picture is plane-polarized light, bottom picture is cross-polarized light, scale box at left-center is 0. 25 millimeter.
File: Looking at a pylon up from the bottom. jpg | Looking at a typical Australian pylon up from the bottom up giving a reference of its height.

File and edge
File: Koshiate ( Sword Hangers ). png | Various types of " koshiate ", a device used to carry a sword in the tachi style ( cutting edge down ).
File: Llano Estacado San Jon Hill Roadcut 2003. jpg | Road cut south of San Jon on New Mexico State Highway 469 as it crosses the caprock escarpment at the northern edge of the Llano Estacado.
File: Mare-Orientale-Artifacts Lat-28 Long-96. jpg | Field of massive artifacts at the edge of the Mare Orientale Basin centered at-28 Latitude-96 Longitude.
File: Mare-Orientale-Artifacts-Enhanced Lat-28 Long-96. jpg | Enhanced version of image showing field of massive artifacts on the edge of the Mare Orientale Basin centered at-28 latitude-96 longitude.
File: Brazos Double Mtn Fork 2009. jpg | North Fork Double Mountain Fork Brazos River at the eastern edge of the Llano Estacado
File: Cormorant-mawddach-01. jpg | In flight at edge of River Mawddach, Wales, estuary
File: Captive. jpg | Near-completely clear ( notice the small grey coloured feathers near the edge of its wing and it is rarer than most cockatiels.
File: Fruehlings-Waldrand. JPG | Forest edge in springtime near Bad Wurzach
File: Moore. png | State diagram for an edge detector using XOR.
File: Coin edge enscription mill. jpg |< Center > A mill for inscribing or milling the edges of coin flans or planchets.
File: GNRAgrass. JPG | Typical flora of the coastal edge at Gateway
File: Llano Escarpment. jpg | The northern edge of the Llano Estacado in New Mexico
File: Garner state park. jpg | The Frio River winds southward on east edge of Garner State Park ( on the left )
File: Fishing platform-geograph. org. uk-1096040. jpg | Fishing platform, designed for wheelchair users, at the edge of a fish pond.
File: Flickr-Rainbirder-Uphill struggle. jpg | Loxodonta africana at the edge of the Ewaso Ng ' iro
File: Ken double edge straight sword Kofun period 5th century. jpg | Tsurugi or ken, a double-edged straight sword, Kofun period, 5th century, Met Museum.
File: Trollstigen Norwegen. jpg | Souvenir shops at the edge of the plateau.
File: Heawood graph 3color edge. svg | The chromatic index of the Heawood graph is 3.
File: NYCS IRT LexAve 14St. jpg | Abandoned side platform behind the wall and the black bars on the right, whose edge is still visible.
File: Ninety Mile Beach Victoria Western end. jpg | Western edge of 90 Mile Beach
File: Payson Ridge, Erebus Crater, Mars Opportunity Rover. jpg | An outcrop named " Payson ", on the western edge of Erebus.
File: Villianc transparent background. svg | In mustache distortion, horizontal lines bulge up in the center, then bend the other way as they approach the edge of the frame ( if in the top of the frame ), as in curly handlebar mustaches
File: Turisté Nedvězí. jpg | Hikers gathered at summit of Nedvězí hill in southern edge of the district
File: HarpersFerryCSXRailBridge. jpg | The CSX railroad bridge crosses the Potomac River on the edge of the park

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