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Finally and Otto
Finally, Stephen ’ s intervention on behalf of the Frankish king Louis IV ( who was in conflict with Otto ) would not have occurred had Stephen been a relative of the German king, and had Stephen received the papal throne through Otto ’ s intervention.
Finally, she called Otto, in early March 1989, and told him she was dying.
Finally the victory was to go to the left although they were not to reap the gains of their victory in full as two representatives of the Comintern were placed on the Central Committee, the Finn Otto Kuusinen and the Ukrainian Dmitry Manuilsky.
Finally it was Otto Jahn's 1854 catalogue Vasensammlung of the Pinakothek, Munich, that set the standard for the scientific description of Greek pottery, recording the shapes and inscriptions with a previously unseen fastidousness.

Finally and houses
Finally, as time began to run out, he headed into Ormoc and glide-bombed a group of houses that Intelligence had thought might contain Japanese supplies.
Finally, a gorilla habitat houses a troop of Western lowland gorillas.
Finally, the areas around present-day Crown Heights saw its first European settlements starting in about 1661 / 1662 when several men each received, from Governor Pieter Stuyvesant and the Directors of the Dutch West India Company what was described as “ a parcel of free ( unoccupied ) woodland there ” on the condition that they situate their houses “ within one of the other concentration, which would suit them best, but not to make a hamlet .”
Finally, Payne Stewart Drive in Jacksonville, Florida houses The First Tee along with a Job Corps Center.
# Finally the fourth quarter of blue shows the corner of a colonial house and a wrought-iron rail which is representative of the colonial-style houses that exemplify Paraty.
Finally, the Premier can advise the Governor to dissolve both houses in the case of a deadlocked bill.
Finally, the Smithsonian Institution houses a Golden beaver skull collected by zoologist James Graham Cooper in Santa Clara, California on Dec. 31, 1855.
Finally, the pelvic region houses both the male and female reproductive organs.
Finally, though, Londo resolves to do something about Lord Refa, who has himself been inciting a feud between their two houses on Centauri Prime.
Finally is the propulsion section which houses the electric motor, four rectangular control fins and two contra-rotating propellers.
Finally, in the final stage, the last four houses were built between 1974 and 1975.
Finally around 360 households are located within 160 metres of the Ring Road and subject to noise and diesel engine particulate matter pollution whereas with the Option 3 route only 10 houses would have been within 160 metres.
Finally, it escalated to the point where the agents would then disassemble the houses, but again, volunteers would just put them right back together.

Finally and classrooms
Finally, on February 17, 1974, the Board of Control declared that the 45 members of the faculty majority would be " in breach of contract " if they did not announce by noon the next day their intention to return to the classrooms, and that their teaching appointments at the seminary would thus be terminated.

Finally and offices
Finally, he set an example for future Prime Ministers by resigning his offices in 1742 after a vote of confidence, which he won by just 3 votes.
Finally, it moved into offices in the Broadway Theater Center in Milwaukee's Historic Third Ward and remained there until its collapse.
Finally, Outreach simply consists of staff from the many VA offices regularly visiting shelters and community centers where veterans are to do all they can to help improve their lives.
Finally he found work in Warsaw, in the offices of the President.
Finally, the Chinese Eastern Railway had Russian post offices operating at most of the major stations, and important cities along the railway such as Harbin had several Russian post offices in the town itself.
Finally, several administrative offices are located in the Hotel, and remaining office space is rented out.
Finally, students selected from the screening interviews are invited for a final " callback " interview, commonly held at the firm's offices.
Finally, the lower stage consisted of the actual post offices, postal giro ( akin to a checking account ) and savings bank offices, and telecommunication offices.

Finally and for
Finally, Mama did mention to Mrs. Coolidge that she felt sorry for the little dogs, and then Mrs. Coolidge decided to leave the radio on for them while she was gone, even though her husband disapproved of the waste of electricity.
Finally we got them out of the house, after the boy had run away four times looking for other Nazis, threatening to murder village schoolchildren and bragging that he was to be the next Fuhrer.
Finally, colleges and clubs took the line that speakers from England were not wanted any longer, even speakers like S.K., so unlike the novelists and poets who had patronized the Americans for many years.
`` Finally, all I needed was to throw a little piece of red wood that looked like a firecracker and that dumb dog would run ki-yi-ing for his life ''.
Finally, at Ye Olde Gasse Filling Station on Avocado Avenue, they learned that their man, having paused to get oil for his car, had asked about the route to San Diego.
Finally, information is retrieved from the dictionary as required by stages of the translation process -- the grammatical description for sentence-structure determination, equivalent-choice information for semantic analysis, and target-language equivalents for output construction.
Finally, since the public requires some restraint on the part of the companies, larger wage increases call for less than proportionately larger price increases ( e.g., if a wage increase of 5% allows a price increase of 7%, a wage increase of 10% allows a price increase of something less than 14% ).
Finally he reported that Nasser was ready to make a concrete commitment in return for Israeli concessions.
Finally, there was a wide area of agreement on the value of the President's making a final effort in the summit spotlight for a nuclear test accord.
Finally, it did seem clear as day to these clergymen, as Gannett's son explained in the biography of his father, they had always contended for the propriety of their claim to the title of Christians.
Finally, just as no different issues are posed for thoughtful analysis by the foreshortening of time that may yet pass before the end of human life on this earth, but only stimulation and alarm to the imagination, the same thing must be said in connection with the question of what we may perhaps already be doing, by human action, to accelerate this end.
Finally, the prologue to Britten's Serenade for Tenor, Horn and Strings, played on horn without the use of valves but equally suited to the alphorn, is a beautiful, inspired example of the lyric possibilities of natural harmonics.
Second … it offered a solution to the unemployment for the former samurai class … Finally, development promised to yield the needed natural resources for a growing capitalist economy .’
Finally, they traded Casey Fossum to the Tampa Bay Devil Rays for José Cruz, Jr.
Finally a replacement for the aging Z80 processor was being developed in the form of an Intel 8086 board, and additional 512K 16 bit memory boards.
Finally, the agitation for and against the liberal ideas brought about a schism in the entire Jewish population in southern France and Spain.
Finally, dropping prices of home computers like the Commodore 64 had caused many to believe that buying a home computer was a better investment because it provided more detailed gameplay and could be used for other purposes such as word processing.
Finally, a third reason was long-term air support for areas with a low threat level ( Iraq, Afghanistan ).
Finally in 1992, President Fernando Henrique Cardoso, then candidate to the Presidency, declared that in its plan of government the quarrel for creation of the Ministry of Defense was foreseen.
Finally, for 1950 only, runners would be credited with a stolen base if they were " well advanced " toward the base they were attempting to steal ", and the pitcher is charged with a balk, with the further exception of a player attempting to steal, who would otherwise have been forced to advance on the balk by a runner behind them.
Finally, some archaeologists consider broch sites individually, doubting that there ever was a single common purpose for which every broch was constructed.

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