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Finally and ending
Finally, Hideyoshi made peace with Nobukatsu, ending the pretext for war between the Tokugawa and Hashiba clans.
Finally, on September 13, 1376 Gregory XI abandoned Avignon and moved his court to Rome ( arriving January 17, 1377 ), officially ending the Avignon Papacy.
Finally the Treaty of Riga, ending the Polish – Soviet War, divided Belarus between Poland and Soviet Russia.
Finally, in the early 1980s, Southern abandoned its tracks south of Blackville ending its rail service to Barnwell, Allendale, and Furman.
Finally, Darby and Michael depart arm-in-arm, joining Katie outside in the wagon for a happy ending, with Michael and Katie singing a final duet together of " Pretty Irish Girl " ( see below ).
* Finally, the film ends with the animated flowers and foot from the title sequence of Flying Circus ( itself rife with the aforementioned gratuitous phallic imagery )— together with a portion of the theme music, John Philip Sousa's Liberty Bell, playing on a TV set drifting off into space, before the " Galaxy Song " plays over the end credits, ending in a letter of thanks to all the fish who participated in the film, and a wish for peace and a better future for fish everywhere.
Finally, in the third overtime, rookie Mel Gray ( who would later play for the Detroit Lions ) ran 24 yards to give LA a 27-21 victory, ending pro football's longest day after 93 minutes and 33 seconds of play time.
Finally, some even revel in the unaccountable warping effects of the Wyld and, forgoing the characteristic silvered tattoos, become increasingly unstable until ending up as inhuman beings known as " chimera " with no unifying form, akin to both Fair Folk and Creation-born.
Finally, Ida admits that she has been wrong, and declares that indeed she loves Hilarion, ending with a quotation directly from the Tennyson poem.
Finally, the film depicts the perceived danger of immediately kissing the girl good night, or of just leaving her at her door, and instead urges the viewers to say a friendly goodbye, ending with a promise to call next week.
Finally Dark Horse Comics won out, and the strips were reprinted in color beginning in ' 91, with an extended break in ' 92, and ending in September ' 93.
Finally, rather than ending US 50 at Wadsworth, where the Lincoln and Victory Highways merged, it was sent over the Lincoln Highway's Pioneer Branch, past the south side of Lake Tahoe, to Sacramento, California.
Finally, the council approved the motion to disband the Waffle with a 217 to 86 vote, thereby ending months of public feuding.
Finally after the Polish-Bolshevik War ending, was restored to Poland by the Treaty of Riga.
Finally Boves marched towards Caracas, forcing the Republicans to flee to the east of the country, ending the second republic.
# Finally, the player follows through, ending up with the stick pointed towards the desired target.
Finally, he returned to Atlético Madrid ( 10 La Liga games in 1997 – 98 ), effectively ending his career with J.
Finally, Harris ' optimistic projection of TA as a near-universal panacea has not been realised ( the panacea may have also been his attempt at finding a suitable ending to his book.
Finally corporeal and reunited with his accomplice, Fingal and Apollonia experience a traditional happy ending, with Fingal having taken complete control of the HX368.
" Finally, Kinoy included an ending scene describing the townspeople's post-lottery activities, and an afterword in which the narrator suggested, " Next year, maybe there won't be a Lottery.
Eventually Samsu-iluna attacked Ur, pulled down its walls and put the city to the sack, he then did the same to Uruk, and Isin as Finally Larsa itself was defeated and Rim-sin II was killed, thus ending the
Finally, on October 26, the West Sydney electoral council endorsed his expulsion as well, ending his endorsement to stand for the electorate he had represented since 1894.
Finally, the last bit in Trenton originally ran along West Canal Street, Merchant Street, Stockton Street and Hanover Street, ending at the original station at Broad Street and Hanover Street.
Finally, the ending has new illustrations added to it.

Finally and long
Finally, features such as long linear grooves were cut into the bedrock along certain roads which do not seem to point to a specific direction.
Finally, the long awaited premiership was Essendon's after comprehensively outclassing Richmond in the grand final, 19. 18 ( 132 ) to 11. 13 ( 79 ).
Finally, Ivanhoe and Rowena marry and live a long and happy life together, though the final paragraphs of the book note that Ivanhoe's long service ended with the death of King Richard.
Finally, he enacted a series of reforms that were meant to address several long neglected issues, the most important of which was his reform of the calendar.
Finally, in January 1864, after long resisting the plan, Carson sent a company into Canyon de Chelly to investigate the last Navajo stronghold, presuming them to be under the leadership of Manuelito.
Finally, he appears as an old man with a long beard, short and hunchbacked, in an old torn woolen coat, who carries a club and drives a multitude of beasts before him ( Loomis, 1927 ).
Finally, over very long periods the positions of the stars themselves change, because of the stars ' proper motions.
# Finally, it is necessary, given the circumstances that command its application, that the system be easy to use, requiring neither mental strain nor the knowledge of a long series of rules to observe.
Finally, they have a stomach oil stored in their proventriculus that can be used as a food source during their long flights and also as a defense mechanism.
Finally, the Robins which can be found in Fuerteventura are the European ones, which is not surprising as the species does not breed either in this island or in the nearby Lanzarote, they are wintering exemplaries or just passing through during their long migrations between Africa and Europe.
Finally, it took a relatively long time to rewind.
The site of Veii has long been identified as a tuff Finally it was filled and smoothed for ploughland and was forgotten until its rediscovery in the 17th century by the antiquarian Raffaello Fabretti.
Finally, in his third and last period he returned to the long, serialised novel.
Finally, Cleena has long been associated with the O ' Donovans, as they held all of the territory surrounding Glandore for nearly four centuries and had dues in the harbour.
Finally, the modular design allowed engineers to build each bridge to be as long and as strong as needed, doubling or tripling up on the supportive side panels, or on the roadbed sections.
Finally, the Court concluded that the legislation must be intended to punish ; legislation enacted for otherwise legitimate purposes could be saved so long as punishment was a side-effect rather than the main purpose of the law.
Finally, after a long chase, Cesare releases Jane, falls over from exhaustion, and dies.
Finally he concluded the Entente Cordiale with Great Britain, covering colonial and other questions which had long been a matter of dispute, especially concerning Egypt, Newfoundland and Morocco.
Finally, Keynesian macroeconomics points to underemployment equilibrium, where a surplus of labor ( i. e., cyclical unemployment ) co-exists for a long time with a shortage of aggregate demand.
Finally the butterflies and flies will continue their flights indifferently toward every side, nor will it ever happen that they are concentrated toward the stern, as if tired out from keeping up with the course of the ship, from which they will have been separated during long intervals by keeping themselves in the air.
Finally, drinking an infusion of " Chanca Piedra ", or " Break Stones " ( Phyllanthus niruri ), a plant that is native to the Amazon, has long been used in South American traditional medicine to maintain kidney, liver, and gallbladder health and to treat gallstones and kidney stones and jaundice.
Finally, Portugal, which already had a long, but essentially abandoned colonial Empire in the area through the mostly defunct proxy state Kongo Empire, also claimed the area due to old treaties with its old proxy, the Kingdom of Spain, and the Roman Catholic Church.
Finally, they are spread out over a wide range of units for a five month long assignment to a French military unit ( which can include, but is not limited to, infantry and artillery regiments, naval ships and air bases ).
Finally, wee1 mutant fission yeast cells are smaller than wild-type cells, but take just as long to go through the cell cycle.

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