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Finally and persuaded
Finally, Don Quixote is persuaded to return to his home village.
Finally, she was persuaded of Mary's ( treasonous ) complicity in the plotting against her, and she signed the death warrant in 1586.
Finally Odysseus persuaded Agamemnon to let the burial happen.
Finally the other Greek gods persuaded him not to leave the world in darkness.
Finally, in 1988, her family confronted her and persuaded her to enter the Betty Ford Center.
Finally, on June 15, 1969, WDHO persuaded ABC to move all its programming there.
Finally, Pramanth Sinha, then a junior partner at McKinsey in India, was persuaded by Gupta and Kumar to take a leave of absence from McKinsey to be the school's first dean.
Finally Trần Thủ Độ successfully persuaded Thái Tông to return to the throne and Trần Liễu had to surrender after judging that he could not stand with his fragile force.
Finally, his friends persuaded the camp managers to give him to the job of camp custodian, allowing him to sweep and tidy the barracks while engaging in prayer the entire day.
Finally, Ben Briscoe, the Lord Mayor of Dublin, paid a visit to his tent and persuaded him to move into a new house in a more upscale district of Rathmines.
Finally though he was persuaded by my indefatigable teacher Czerny and said: " Then for God's sake – bring the little rascal ".

Finally and father
Finally, it did seem clear as day to these clergymen, as Gannett's son explained in the biography of his father, they had always contended for the propriety of their claim to the title of Christians.
Finally, he was sent to be minister to the Court of St. James's ( Britain ) from 1815 until 1817, a post that had first been held by his father.
Finally, Joseph ’ s father was brought out to meet the Pharaoh.
Finally, in an effort to help Ender, Jane deliberately reveals to Starways Congress that Miro and Ouanda, continuing the legacy of Ouanda's dead father Libo, have been deliberately introducing new technology into the piggy lifestyle.
Finally, in some species neither the father nor the mother provides any care.
Finally reaching Hawaii, Nathaniel offers his newfound companions a job at the hotel where his father is the owner.
Finally the boy is let into the jail, and the guard breaks the cake into pieces in order to " check " if something was hidden in it that would help the boy's father escape.
Finally, their day arrived, and the court approved Henry to become Punky's foster dad, and later on her real father by adopting her legally.
Finally, with the mediation of Archbishops Fülöp of Esztergom and Smaragd of Kalocsa, Stephen and his father signed an agreement in the summer of 1262 in Pozsony.
Finally, in the Canterbury Bilingual Epitome, originally compiled after the Norman conquest of England, a later scribe has likewise added to the 784 annal not only Ealhmund's reign in Kent, but his explicit identification with the father Egbert.
Finally, in 2012, a DNA test conducted on Monmouth's descendant, the duke of Buccleuch, showed that he shared the same Y-chromosome ( inherited from father-to-son ) as a distant Stewart cousin, providing strong evidence that Charles II was Monmouth's biological father after all.
Finally, the Adam – God doctrine teaches that Michael / Adam was the literal, biological father, with Mary of the mortal body of Jesus.
Finally they meet a very old man who tells them of how his father once came into possession of square stones similar to their own.
Finally JP was dissuaded by his father Braj Kishore from India for going to Moscow and becoming a Bolshevik.
Finally, out of frustration, her father gave her a room to herself in the family home
Finally, Leia must find a way to cope with the revelation given to her on Endor — that Darth Vader is actually her father, Anakin Skywalker — when she is visited by his spirit, who begs for her forgiveness.
Finally, Jarl Eirik had been driven from his patrimony by Olaf Tryggvason, as arguably had his father, Jarl Hakon, whom he may have wished to avenge.
Finally, Mihailo was accepted back as prince of Serbia in September 1860 after the death of his father who had regained the throne in 1858.
Finally, Lambton claimed that his judgment was faulty when he went to the prostitutes due to his obsession with the battle over the use of an aristocratic title that had been used by his father ; Lambton claimed that he sought to soothe this obsession by engaging in frantic activities such as gardening and debauchery.
Finally, though, they encounter the actual father: though Joan sees him as a handsome courtier, the Clown can recognize him for a devil, " his feet and head horrid ".
Finally, if one is to insert an uncle in this panel, surely it ought to be Peter of Coimbra, the uncle who was the regent of Afonso V and the father of his bride!
Finally, on 19 April 1912, his father received a telegram from his mother's cousin, who had spoken with survivors in New York, searching for news of Andrews.
Finally, Hippolytus forgives his father, and then he dies.
Finally, Abby and Martha inform Mortimer that he is not biologically related to the Brewsters after all: his real mother was the aunts ' cook and his father had been a chef on a steamship.

Finally and founder
Finally, owing to the founder of Croatian ethno-musicology and musical historiography, Franjo Kuhač ( 1834 – 1911 ), the systematic research of folklore evolved simultaneously with Zajc's endeavours.
Finally, Demetrius may have been the founder of a newly discovered Greek Era, starting in 186 / 5 BC.
Finally, Hyginus attributes to Telegonus a son named Italus, the eponymous founder of Italy ; and to Telemachus he attributes a son named Latinus, whose name was given to the Latin language.
Finally, in 1996, Paxson Communications — another specialist in home-shopping shows, though of the infomercial variety ( and whose founder also launched the Home Shopping Network ) -- purchased WAKC.

Finally and White
Finally, when Binet did become aware of the " foreign ideas being grafted on his instrument " he condemned those who with ' brutal pessimism ' and ' deplorable verdicts ' were promoting the concept of intelligence as a single, unitary construct ( White, 2000 ).
Finally there is White Deer Hole Creek, the only major creek in Lycoming County on the right bank ( i. e. south and west ) of the river.
Finally Crusoe arrived at the White Sea port town Arch-Angel ( Archangelsk ) on August 18, sailed into Hamburg ( September 18 ), and Hague.
Finally, the Queen makes a poisoned apple, and in the disguise of a farmer's wife, offers it to Snow White.
Finally, on October 14, a Washington Star editor called the White House for Jenkins ' comment on a story it was preparing.
Finally, White has other setups, such as Nf3 and h3 and Nge2 ( with or without Bd3 ), but these are currently not as popular at the grandmaster level.
Finally when the comb fails to kill her, she visits again as a farmer's wife and gives Snow White a poisoned apple.
Finally in 2000, despite objections from The White House, House Resolution 1654 was signed into law banning NASA from conducting further research and development of TransHab.
Finally on the west rough slopes fall below the rocks of White Napes to the narrow valley of Gable Beck, a tributary of Lingmell Beck.
Finally a charge of the heavy cavalry of the Knights of Solamnia breaks the White Wing's ground forces and the good dragons defeat the white dragons in the air, and the White Wing is destroyed.
Finally, if White has to play Bd2, then Black should exchange the bishops only if White is forced to recapture with the Nb1, as a recapture by the Qd1 would still allow the Nb1 to reach the d5-square through Nb1 – c3 – d5.
Finally, White should not have the time to launch a quick attack on Black's castled position with the pawn thrust f4 – f5 – f6.
Finally, with 5. Nc3 White can retain tension in the center and obtain active piece play.
Finally prevailed upon to do so by the White House staff, Bartlet expressed to Charlie an expectation that most of the proposed candidates would not meet with his approval.
Finally, fifteen to twenty men confessed to being the main diggers and were sent to White Oak Dungeon.
Finally defeated, the cloned White Ranger's last words were " I guess you wanted it more.

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