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Finally and 1888
Finally, on 17 November 1888, Keely was jailed in Moyamensing Prison for contempt of court for refusing the court order to " operate and explain the mode of operation " of the Keely Motor.
Finally in 1888 he went to Berlin as successor to Hermann von Helmholtz in the chair of experimental physics and directorship of the Berlin Physical Institute.
Finally, in December 1888, these two bodies amalgamated with the War Department Fleet to form a new Army Service Corps, and for the first time officers and other ranks served in a single unified organisation.
Finally, on 20 October 1888, the Zappeion opened.

Finally and Chile
Finally, after precariously defeating Peru during the War of the Pacific ( 1879-1883 ), Chile emerged as the dominant power of the Pacific Coast of South America.
Finally, the band ended their tour with two dates in Santiago de Chile, the first as a part of the closure of the 2010 edition of the Chilean Telethon on December 4, the former being the next day at La Florida, Santiago with Primus and Monotonix.
Finally, in 1929, through US mediation, under President Herbert Hoover, an accord was reached by which Chile kept Arica.
Finally, the agreement for creation of LACNIC ( Latin American and Caribbean IP Address Regional Registry ), was signed in Santiago de Chile on August 22, 1999 during the second ICANN meeting.
Finally, on October 26, 1998, in Brasília, Jamil Mahuad, President of Ecuador, and Alberto Fujimori, President of Peru, along with the Presidents of Brazil, Argentina, and Chile ; and a personal representative of the President of the United States of America, signed a Presidential Act, which proclaimed " the definitive resolution of the border disputes between the two nations ".
Finally, on March 1, 1956, the two socialist parties ( Socialist Party of Chile and Socialist Popular Party ), the Party of the Workers ( communist outlawed ), Democratic Party of the People and the Democratic Party all signed the minutes of constitution of the Front of Popular Action ( FRAP ) with Salvador Allende Gossens as the president of the coalition, which participated successfully in the municipal elections of April 1956.
Finally Chilean people preferred to name the country Chile and since 1818 officially Republic of Chile.
Finally, their time came, when they qualified for the World Cup for the second time, in Chile, 1962.

Finally and annexed
Finally, on January 10, 1850, some twenty sections of land were annexed from St. Joseph County to the east, giving LaPorte County the boundaries that essentially exist to this day.
Finally Casimir III of Poland annexed it in 1340 – 1349.
Finally, in 1909 it recovered the condition of a State, and in 1948 it annexed the island of Cubagua.
Finally, in 27 BC, Augustus directly annexed Greece to the new Roman Empire as the province of Achaea.
Finally, in the aftermath of the Żeligowski's Mutiny and Republic of Central Lithuania general election, 1922, the Vilnius Region was subsequently annexed by Poland.
Finally, on May 25, the Supreme Imperial Commissioner Count Heinrich von Bellegarde took all the powers in Lombardy, and former monarchies in Modena, Romagna and Piedmont were gradually re-established ; on May 30, the Treaty of Paris was signed, and the remains of the kingdom were annexed by the Austrian Empire, as announced by Count Bellegarde on June 12.

Finally and Easter
Finally, they left Selma and moved on to Montgomery and fought the Battle of Columbus, Georgia on Easter Sunday, and finally marched to Macon, Georgia, when they learned of the war's end.

Finally and Island
Finally, a white label got him a contract with Island Records and he started to record his first solo album.
Finally, in 1923, Collier County was created out of Lee County, with the county seat at Everglades City, just a few miles across Chokoloskee Bay from Chokoloskee Island.
Finally, in 1862, the western part of Old Seekonk was ceded to Rhode Island and incorporated as East Providence.
Finally, Castellano supervised Gambino control of Teamsters Union Local Chapter 282, which provided workers to pour concrete at all major building projects in New York and Long Island.
Finally, critics charge that the NRC has ceded important aspects of regulatory authority to the industry's own Institute for Nuclear Power Operations ( INPO ), an organization formed by utilities in response to the Three Mile Island Accident.
Finally, in 1769, the land-and-sea expedition of Don Gaspar de Portolà reached Santa Cruz Island.
Finally, there were two allied Neopolitan Camorra gangs, one on Coney Island and one on Navy Street in Brooklyn, that were run by Pellegrino Morano and Alessandro Vollero.
Finally, in May 1945, the division received orders to deploy overseas again and by 19 June they arrived on Morotai Island, where they began to prepare for operations in Borneo, as part of Operation Oboe.
Finally in 1901, the Pacific Island Labourers ' Act 1901 was passed.
Finally, she received confirmation that her husband had died on Beechy Island in July 1847.
Finally, Stewart Island robins look similar to North Island robins ( males and females ).
* " Jesus Is a Love Song "-Karen Clark-Sheard featuring The Clark Sisters ( from Finally Karen ) ( Island, 1997 )
Finally, the Turnpike was built through environmentally-sensitive ecosystems and wetlands associated with Long Island Sound, meaning most expansion projects require lengthy environmental impact studies that are able to withstand constant litigation by environmental groups.

Finally and located
Finally, when the newly located Galactic Senate on Mon Calamari sets out to vote for a new Chief of State, Calrissian and Talon Karrde provide " incentives " such as silence, money, and blackmail to convince a group of corrupt senators to vote for Cal Omas, who supports the Jedi.
Finally, some lining wear indicators, located either as a semi-metallic layer within the brake pad material or with an external squealer " sensor ", are also designed to squeal when the lining is due for replacement.
Finally on the last day they located the site on one of the small islands off the Cape.
Finally, in August 1938, he decided he wanted to attend Mass and went to Corpus Christi Church located near to the Columbia campus on West 121st Street in Morningside Heights.
Finally, it should be noted that in demographic terms, given the overwhelming demographic weight of Toulouse ( located in the historical Languedoc ), the majority of the inhabitants of Midi-Pyrénées live in the Languedoc part of Midi-Pyrénées.
Finally, a memorial to the AVG and 14th AF is located at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, depicting a P-40 in AVG markings with a bronze plaque describing the unit's history and Vandenberg's role as headquarters for the 14th AF.
Finally, the Roman Baths ( Ferrara and Lomuscio ) located in the city center came to light in the 1950s.
Finally, in 1618 the Knights of Malta under Grandmaster Wignacourt erected St. Mary's Tower ( Maltese: it-Torri ta ' Santa Marija ), located roughly in the center of the southern coast of the island.
Finally and perhaps decisively, ESRANGE could be located near Kiruna Geophysical Observatory ( subsequently renamed to Swedish Institute of Space Physics ).
Finally, Barquisimeto is located on the north plateau of the Turbio River in 1563.
Finally, the University Hall is where the President's Office is located along with various other administrative departments.
Finally, the substantia nigra is located laterally to the VTA.
Finally, Útgarður is a natural haven located in the central section of the school building.
Finally, the grouping of males provides females a wider variety of mates to choose from, as they are all located in one central area.
Finally, following a five-minute delay the Australians moved off again after no weapon was located.
Finally, a station located at Meadow Lane which was to serve both Bathurst and Lithgow was also projected to start in 1925, with the call letters 2LE.
# Finally, there are fragments of yellowish quartzite and gray schist whose places of origin have been located on the long northern spur of Mount Clark.
Finally, Stevenson College is also located just above the university ’ s gym and pool, giving its students easy access to an excellent workout facility.
Finally, the remaining section located primarily in Long Grove from east of Quentin Road to west of Illinois 83 is also in the works for the near future at an estimated cost of $ 38. 5 million.
Finally, the series finale episode, " Fall Out ", strongly suggests that it is located in England near London, and shows a sign for a road which is in Kent.
This in spite of an NGO claiming to have adopted the Worli Village, where the fort is located. This Fort was on the verge of collapse and total disintegration until a few years ago. Finally, citizen awareness of preserving Mumbai's historical edifices and petitions in the media resulted in Mumbai's politicians deciding to repair all old monuments and forts in the city.
Finally, she has inconsistently demonstrated the ability under certain circumstances to perceive inhabitants or objects located in the Phantom Zone while in a phased state, including Mon-El during his periods of imprisonment.
Finally, in 1891, Council passed a motion “ to establish The Toronto Technical School to be located in the St. Lawrence Hall and the anterooms connected therein .” The school mainly catered to older students with the classes being held in the evenings so that employees could attend after work.
Finally, there is also the Rock Legends Wax Museum featuring many musical ( mostly rock and roll ) icons from the 20th and 21st centuries, which is located near the corner of Centre St and Victoria Ave, at the top of Clifton Hill.

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