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Finally and 2004
Finally, in the 2004 edition of the Factbook, the name of the entry was changed back to Macedonia, following a November 2004 US decision to refer to the country using this name, even though the official appelation of the republic within the UN remains FYROM.
Finally, in July 2004, the Medical Journal of Australia reported that Cade's 1949 article, " Lithium salts in the treatment of psychotic excitement ", was the number one most cited MJA article.
Finally, in an echo of the X11R6. 4 licensing dispute, XFree86 released version 4. 4 in February 2004 under a more restrictive license which many projects relying on X found unacceptable.
Finally, in the beginning of August 2004, the brigade deployed to Iraq.
Finally it was heard at the Blue Peter Prom on July 26, 2004 and again at the Doctor Who Prom on July 24, 2010.
Finally, the U. S. Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit on February 17, 2004, upheld the constitutionality of the law.
Finally, the joint PNL-PD candidate, Traian Băsescu, won the second round on December 12, 2004 with 51 % of the vote and thus became the third post-revolutionary president of Romania.
Finally, following the 2004 federal election, Conservative Senator Jean-Claude Rivest left the party to sit as an independent ( choosing not to join Senators Doody, Atkins and Murray in their rump Progressive Conservative caucus ).
Finally, in 2004, Aerosvit Airlines became The official air carrier of the National Olympic team of Ukraine for the XXVIII Olympic Summer Games held in 2004 in Athens.
* ABC News: Bozo Finally Unmasked ( 2004 )
Also, “ If anybody in your family has ever been found guilty of anything you can ’ t vote in the Presidential Election .” Finally, “ If you violate any of these laws, you can get 10 years in prison and your children will be taken away from you .” Another method, allegedly used in Cook County, Illinois in 2004, is to falsely tell particular people that they are not eligible to vote .< ref name = autogenerated2 >
Finally, serious cyanide pollution from mining caused serious fish kills in the late 19th century / early 20th century ( Anon, 2004 ).
Finally, in 2004, he voted against a constitutional amendment that would ban same-sex marriage.
Finally, on July 16, 2004, after years of constant injuries and back discomfort — and at just 28 years old — Rios announced his retirement from tennis during a press conference in Santiago.
Danny closed the classic club on Sunday, April 25, 2004, with an emotional set that lasted well into Monday afternoon, and culminated with his mix of Kings Of Tomorrow's paean to unending love, " Finally.
Finally, on September 13, 2004, the Beijing Communication Administration shut down YTHT.
Finally in 2004 came the news that Patrick Head was to stand down as technical director in favour of thirty-three year old Sam Michael.
Finally, in 2004 it was agreed that ITS ( integrated tariff system ) will be introduced.
Finally, in Group D, Greece failed to reproduce the form of their shock 2004 win, and ended the tournament with no points.
Finally, in 2004 Ayala was sentenced to ten years in prison when found speeding, without a driving license and with heroin and pornography in his possession.
Finally in 2003, with Pavel threatening to file infringement lawsuits in the other territories where he holds patents, Sony agreed to settle out of court, which led to both parties signing a contract with confidential content in 2004.
Finally, a deal was achieved between Porto and Barcelona the day after the Euro 2004 final.
* Richard A. Clarke, Finally the CIA gets it right, Washington Post, June 27, 2004

Finally and was
Finally, Mama did mention to Mrs. Coolidge that she felt sorry for the little dogs, and then Mrs. Coolidge decided to leave the radio on for them while she was gone, even though her husband disapproved of the waste of electricity.
Finally we got them out of the house, after the boy had run away four times looking for other Nazis, threatening to murder village schoolchildren and bragging that he was to be the next Fuhrer.
`` Finally, all I needed was to throw a little piece of red wood that looked like a firecracker and that dumb dog would run ki-yi-ing for his life ''.
Finally petitioner says that he was entitled to inspect the FBI report during the proceedings before the hearing officer as well as at the trial.
Finally, the registration of births and deaths by nearest relatives was made compulsory in most regions.
Finally, the conception of the natural community of all possessions which originated with the Stoics was firmly fixed in a tradition by More's time, although it was not accepted by all the theologian-philosophers of the Middle Ages.
Finally, he was cooking, washing dishes, bathing the children, and even ironing -- and still his wife refused to have relations as often as he desired them.
Finally, if the mission of the Trial was to convict anti-Semitism, how could it have failed to post before the world the contrasting fates of the countries in which the Final Solution was aided by native Jew-haters -- i.e., Germany, Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia -- and those in which it met the obstacle of human solidarity -- Denmark, Holland, Italy, Bulgaria, France??
Finally he reported that Nasser was ready to make a concrete commitment in return for Israeli concessions.
Finally, there was a wide area of agreement on the value of the President's making a final effort in the summit spotlight for a nuclear test accord.
Finally, there was also a strange group of giant marine amoeboids, the xenophyophores, that did not fall into any of these categories.
Finally, this is the germ from which the art of Polykleitos was to grow two or three generations later.
Finally a deal was reached in 1881 and the Ainu decided to settle in the village of Yavin.
Finally, in 1143, the Treaty of Zamora established peace between the cousins and the recognition by the Kingdom of León that Portugal was a sovereign kingdom.
Finally, in 1267, a treaty was signed in Badajoz, determining that the southern border between Castile and Portugal should be the River Guadiana, as it is today.
Finally Amadeus of Savoy, Duke of Ostia, was elected by Parliament as new King of Spain.
Finally, Andrew was obliged to confirm the Golden Bull and supplement it with a provision that prohibited the employment of non-Christians and also authorized the Archbishop of Esztergom to punish the king in case he ignored his promise.
Finally it was in this region that there arose certain early glosses ( e. g., 19: 9 ; 20: 15 ), probably the earliest of those referred to below.
Finally a replacement for the aging Z80 processor was being developed in the form of an Intel 8086 board, and additional 512K 16 bit memory boards.
Finally, a caspase 3 knock-out was characterized by ectopic cell masses in the brain and abnormal apoptotic features such as membrane blebbing or nuclear fragmentation.
Finally Abd al-Rahman gathered his men as he was " resolved on an audacious sally ".
Finally, dropping prices of home computers like the Commodore 64 had caused many to believe that buying a home computer was a better investment because it provided more detailed gameplay and could be used for other purposes such as word processing.
Finally, much of this happened during and after a period of World War, and the effect of such a conflict in dissolving older social customs was considerable .< ref name = Franks >< sup > Chapter 7 </ sup ></ ref >

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