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Finally and Distant
Finally all was ready, and on 15 April 1957-just two years and eight months after the decision to build the Distant Early Warning Line was made-Western Electric turned over to the Air Force on schedule a complete, operating radar system across the top of North America, with its own complete communications network.

Finally and Technology
Finally in 2004 it was refounded as Nagoya University Corporation Nagoya Institute of Technology.
Finally, Otto Olsen houses classrooms and offices for the departments of Computer Science & Information Systems, Family Studies & Interior Design, and Industrial Technology.
Finally, in 2004, the Vaal University of Technology came into being – and incorporated the old Vista University campus in Sebokeng township which was promptly renamed ‘ Educity ’.

Finally and Science
Finally, in 1960, a report prepared jointly by the British Association for the Advancement of Science and the Association of British Chambers of Commerce, followed by the success of decimalisation in South Africa, prompted the Government to set up the Committee of the Inquiry on Decimal Currency ( Halsbury Committee ) in 1961, which reported in 1963.
Finally, Harris ’ 1979 work, Cultural Materialism: The Struggle for a Science of Culture, updated and re-released in 2001, offers perhaps the most comprehensive statement of cultural materialism.
Finally, it offers a Doctor of Juridical Science ( S. J. D.
Finally, in 2002 the faculty with agreement of Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Research admitted students in B. S. degree in the field of industrial safety.
Finally, his Cross of Honour for Science and Art ( awarded in 1975 ) was stripped in 2003.

Finally and Fiction
" The article on the 1920 granting of women's suffrage states " Women Finally Allowed to Participate in Meaningless Fiction of Democracy.

Finally and Film
Finally defeating Film Freak, Selina returns home to find that Bradley has deduced that Helena is the daughter of his son Sam Bradley, Jr., and therefore his granddaughter.
Finally he moved to Łódź, where he joined the Łódź Film and Theatre School.
Finally, the Fort Lee Film Commission will work to get a proper marker on the Bergen County, New Jersey, grave of Alice Guy Blaché to signify her role as a pioneer in world cinema history.

Finally and Machine
Finally, he persuaded his father, founder of the White Sewing Machine Company, to allow the use of a corner in one of his sewing machine buildings to build a complete automobile.
Finally, the machine-like hum that segues into " Welcome to the Machine " in the original album was dropped, the song simply stops and " Brain Damage " begins.
Finally the Machine apocalyptically collapses, bringing ' civilization ' down with it.

Finally and Age
Finally, both Thrawn's and Karrde's ability to piece together far-reaching ( and accurate ) conclusions from the merest shreds of evidence, thus increasing the value of that evidence, mirrored the real-world advent of the Information Age and its emphasis on knowledge as a key military asset.
Finally, in the Early Bronze Age III, et-Tell was rebuilt and entered the " Urban C " phase.
Finally, she is intimately linked with Gaidal Cain, having shared a storied romance in their incarnations from the Age of Legends, and apparently in previous incarnations as well ; though she hides it for the most part, she fears that her return to the real world through expulsion rather than reincarnation has broken the cycle of their love.
Finally, Spencer states that nuclear power must be a manifestation of the Aquarian Age and comments on the parallel between the 25, 000 years it takes for uranium to decay with the 26, 000 cycle of the astrological ages.
Finally, in the Iron Age, men demarcate nations with boundaries ; they learn the arts of navigation and mining ; they are warlike, greedy and impious.
Finally, he ends up in the Age of Apocalypse where he saves Wild Child.
The subject – " Has the Indian Woman Come of Age, Finally ?.
Finally, around 1300, it merges with the wider culture associated with internally burnished pottery, including most of Portugal and the wider Atlantic Bronze Age cultures.

Finally and J
Finally, there is total angular momentum J, which combines both the spin and orbital angular momentum of all particles and fields.
Finally in the west the idea of " art for art's sake " began to find expression in the work of the Romantic painters like Francisco de Goya, John Constable, and J. M. W.
Finally he abandoned the task and entered in his diary, " J ' etais forcé par la necessité de peindre un pareil tableau ; Dieu a voulu qu ' il reste en ebauche.
Finally, it was purchased by J. Pierpont Morgan for an undisclosed sum.
Finally, in May 1874 the town name was changed to Kirkwood in honor of the former governor of Iowa, Samuel J. Kirkwood.
Finally, Thomas Poulter, E. J.
Finally, Java Native Interface ( JNI ) and Raw Native Interface ( RNI ) are substituted with P / Invoke ; J # does not support Remote Method Invocation ( RMI ).
Finally, he returned to Atlético Madrid ( 10 La Liga games in 1997 – 98 ), effectively ending his career with J.
Finally, the US Fish and Wildlife Service recognized the need for continuing research from the scientific community to further understand human impact on this vulnerable species .< ref > Brady, J., T. Kunz, M. Tuttle, Ph. D., D. Wilson ( July 1982 ).
Finally, in the 1980s the first part was translated by Marion Faber and completely translated by R. J. Hollingdale the same decade.
* Finally the VR introduced sixty light 2-8-0 J class engines in 1954.
Finally, Scytale's story continues in Hunters of Dune ( 2006 ) and Sandworms of Dune ( 2007 ), Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson's sequel novels that complete Frank Herbert's original series.
Finally, J. R. drove a facelifted W126 560SEL beginning the 1986 season.
Finally, the Propædia serves as an expanded Table of Contents for the Micropædia and Macropædia ; according to its designer, Mortimer J. Adler, all the articles of the Britannica were commissioned based on the Outline of Knowledge.
Finally, the company provides Car Safety and Reliability Ratings, which provides access to reviews and other data from sources such as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, J. D.
Finally, Federal officer William J.
Finally, Xander and Spike jump R. J. on the street and steal his coat, then burn it in the fireplace at the Summer's home.
Finally on 18 July Major J. A. Clark was appointed as the commander of the 72nd Battalion CEF Seaforth Highlanders of Canada and ordered to begin training for overseas service.
Finally, there was no result in the game between Malaysia and West Africa, the Malaysians having made 219 / 9 from 58 overs ( S Elliott 75, J Onyechi 57 ; K Kamalanathan 4-45 ) when the players were forced from the field.
*" Book Preview: Finally, A Biography of Judge Henry J.

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