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Finally and order
Finally, the image of a general bundle of lines is a congruence whose order is the order of the congruence of invariant lines, namely Af and whose class is the order of the image congruence of a general plane field of lines, namely Af.
Finally, in order to improve performance, older data are usually periodically purged from operational systems.
Finally, in 1962 Haile Selassie pressured the Eritrean Assembly to abolish the Federation and join the Imperial Ethiopian fold, much to the dismay of those in Eritrea who favored a more liberal political order.
Finally with their passports in order, they escaped from Spain by train, diverting to Banyuls-sur-Mer for a short stay before returning to England.
Finally, Urquhart poses as Collingridge's alcoholic brother Charles in order to trade in a chemical company about to benefit from the government.
The 9th-century Historia Brittonum also refers to this tale, with the boar there named Troy ( n ) t. Finally, Arthur is mentioned numerous times in the Welsh Triads, a collection of short summaries of Welsh tradition and legend which are classified into groups of three linked characters or episodes in order to assist recall.
Finally, all tag and attribute names must be lowercase in order to be valid ; HTML, on the other hand, was case-insensitive.
Finally, techniques of historical revisionism operate within the intellectual battlespace in order to advance an interpretation or perception of history.
Finally, Williams was flip-flopped in the order with the great slugger Jimmie Foxx, with the idea that Williams would get more pitches to hit.
Finally, when typing the resulting program into the computer, one might accidentally type a "<" where a ">" was intended, perhaps resulting in the words being sorted into reverse alphabetical order.
Finally, Hagbard Celine reveals himself as the fifth Illuminatus Primus ; he has been playing both sides against each other in order to keep balance.
Finally, the message is read off in columns, in the order specified by the keyword.
Finally in 1912, the diameter of the star was established, the precedence of the colors in the presidential flag and decorative cockade was determined, setting the order as blue, white and red from top to bottom or from left to right of the viewer.
Finally, Harmonia is rationalized as closely allied to Aphrodite Pandemos, the love that unites all people, the personification of order and civic unity, corresponding to the Roman goddess Concordia.
Finally 1987 saw the order of new ships for Helsinki – Stockholm route ( again ), which would be the largest ferries ever built ( again ), eventually named and.
Finally the boy is let into the jail, and the guard breaks the cake into pieces in order to " check " if something was hidden in it that would help the boy's father escape.
Finally the order came down for us to halt production on Aoki Uru.
Finally the monastery was refounded in 1940 by Italian monks of the same order and repair and reconstruction began.
Finally, sales, marketing and technical support must also facilitate their own operations in the new languages, in order to support customers for the localized products.
Finally, the Earth's rotational axis is not exactly fixed with respect to the Earth, but undergoes small fluctuations ( on the order of 15 meters ) called polar motion, which have a small theoretical effect not only on the Tropics and Polar circles, but also on the Equator.
Finally on 1 April 1994, in connection with the joining of Danmarks Ingeniørakademi ( DIA ) and DTH, the Danish name was changed to Danmarks Tekniske Universitet, in order to include the word ' University ', thus giving rise to the acronym DTU by which the university is commonly known today.
Finally, gas springs are practically maintenance free and last longer than conventional metal springs ( research test ch1208 ); they are an order of magnitude more expensive when they do need replacement.
Finally, some progress was made toward restoring order.

Finally and undertake
Finally, they had to be willing to undertake the dangerous, time consuming mission that would take them away from their families for so long.

Finally and tasks
Finally, projects are planned and managed to ensure that the resources are ready when the critical chain tasks must start, subordinating all other resources to the critical chain.
Finally, students have difficulties optimally setting self-imposed deadlines, with results suggesting a lack of spacing before the date at which tasks are due.
Finally, various construction tasks on chess and mathematical problems using chess objects are considered to be chess problems as well.
Finally, tasks required of modern computers often emphasize quite different components, so that resolving a bottleneck for one task may not affect the performance of another.
Finally, these tasks can be followed by questionnaires about prospective memory.
Finally, Rebel Raider tasks the player with locating specific objects in a map and returning them to a designated drop point, similar to Capture the flag.
Finally, the new tasks for the legionaries are distributed.
Finally, several utilitarian applications, such as DIP Switch and NetLinx Diagnostics, simplify and expedite tedious or difficult tasks.
Finally ready, Buffy and Xander proceed toward the crowd of mingling guests while reviewing the tasks necessary to keep Xander's parents out of trouble.
Finally, students who are self-regulated learners believe that opportunities to take on challenging tasks, practice their learning, develop a deep understanding of subject matter, and exert effort will give rise to academic success ( Perry et al., 2006 ).

Finally and assisted
Finally, the CEMAA is assisted by the inspection of the air force ( IAA ) and by the air force health service inspection ( ISSAA ).
Finally Bishop John translated the body of Ithamar from the old Saxon cathedral to the new Norman one, the whole being dedicated in 1130 ( or possibly 1133 ) by the Archbishop of Canterbury, assisted by 13 bishops in the presence of Henry I, but the occasion was marred by a great fire which nearly destroyed the whole city and damaged the new cathedral.
Finally he and his wife became ' Father ' and ' Mother ' Jones assisted by their ' co-workers ' and ' Angels ' overseeing an expanding inner city church base in 1970s San Francisco that also mimicked the earlier church base of the Peace Mission in 1930s Harlem.
Finally, he assisted the Romans again in 171 BC, joining Publius Licinius Crassus in Greece for the Third Macedonian War.

Finally and by
'' Finally, after almost being beaten to death by a madman -- he could not fight back because madmen are sacred to Islam -- he throws up his mission and returns to Europe.
Finally, there is the undeniable fact that some of the finest American fiction is being written by Jews, but it is not Jewish fiction ; ;
Finally, the registration of births and deaths by nearest relatives was made compulsory in most regions.
Finally, information is retrieved from the dictionary as required by stages of the translation process -- the grammatical description for sentence-structure determination, equivalent-choice information for semantic analysis, and target-language equivalents for output construction.
Finally, the conception of the natural community of all possessions which originated with the Stoics was firmly fixed in a tradition by More's time, although it was not accepted by all the theologian-philosophers of the Middle Ages.
Finally, Magwitch's pursuit of Compeyson, his archenemy and betrayer, begins by his holding him in a vicelike grip on the river flats to frustrate his escape and culminates in his `` laying his hand on his cloak to identify him '', thus precipitating the death-locked struggle in the water during which Compeyson drowns.
Finally, when the accelerometer output is zero, the entire system remains stationary, and the platform is, by definition, leveled.
Finally, the gyro-stabilized platform characteristic is represented by Af.
Finally, if the mission of the Trial was to convict anti-Semitism, how could it have failed to post before the world the contrasting fates of the countries in which the Final Solution was aided by native Jew-haters -- i.e., Germany, Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia -- and those in which it met the obstacle of human solidarity -- Denmark, Holland, Italy, Bulgaria, France??
Finally, just as no different issues are posed for thoughtful analysis by the foreshortening of time that may yet pass before the end of human life on this earth, but only stimulation and alarm to the imagination, the same thing must be said in connection with the question of what we may perhaps already be doing, by human action, to accelerate this end.
Finally, England won the Fifth Test at The Oval by a margin of 197 runs to regain the Ashes.
Finally, the prophet Calchas announced that the wrath of the goddess could only be propitiated by the sacrifice of Agamemnon's daughter Iphigenia.
Finally, in 1143, the Treaty of Zamora established peace between the cousins and the recognition by the Kingdom of León that Portugal was a sovereign kingdom.
Finally Amadeus of Savoy, Duke of Ostia, was elected by Parliament as new King of Spain.
Finally, since testimonies tend to conflict with one another when it comes to the miraculous — that is, one man's religious miracle may be contradicted by another man's miracle — any testimony relating to the fantastic is self-denunciating.
Finally, even during his period of office, any officeholder could be impeached and removed from office by the assembly.
Finally, a caspase 3 knock-out was characterized by ectopic cell masses in the brain and abnormal apoptotic features such as membrane blebbing or nuclear fragmentation.
Finally, ATM networks create and remove switched virtual circuits ( SVCs ) on demand when requested by an end piece of equipment.
Finally, conservatives were previously united by anti-communism, but with the end of the Cold War, the party lacked a uniting issue.
Finally, for 1950 only, runners would be credited with a stolen base if they were " well advanced " toward the base they were attempting to steal ", and the pitcher is charged with a balk, with the further exception of a player attempting to steal, who would otherwise have been forced to advance on the balk by a runner behind them.
Finally the standoff was broken by a traitor in Caesar's army, who informed Pompey of a weakness in Caesar's wall.
Finally the structure portrays the trial faced by the Anointed One as the focal point of the book ( D ).
Finally all of these dominions are crushed by God's kingdom, a kingdom that will " endure forever ".

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