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Finally and just
Finally, just as no different issues are posed for thoughtful analysis by the foreshortening of time that may yet pass before the end of human life on this earth, but only stimulation and alarm to the imagination, the same thing must be said in connection with the question of what we may perhaps already be doing, by human action, to accelerate this end.
Finally, sets of islands formed close to the coast of a continent are considered continental archipelagos when they form part of the same continental shelf so islands are just exposed continental shelf.
Finally, he set an example for future Prime Ministers by resigning his offices in 1742 after a vote of confidence, which he won by just 3 votes.
Finally, because there are many factors that could lead to some of the effects previously listed, some patients are not aware that they suffer from sleep apnea and are either misdiagnosed, or just ignore the symptoms altogether.
Finally, if an opponent is deep in his court, a player may suddenly employ an unexpected drop shot, by softly tapping the ball just over the net so that the opponent is unable to run in fast enough to retrieve it.
Finally, in May, ABC hired feature film director Nicholas Meyer, who had just completed the blockbuster Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.
Finally " The Hiding Place " charted fourth in the year-end Top 100 of the German Alternative Charts, just under Depeche Mode and New Order's latest releases of that time.
Finally, the Robins which can be found in Fuerteventura are the European ones, which is not surprising as the species does not breed either in this island or in the nearby Lanzarote, they are wintering exemplaries or just passing through during their long migrations between Africa and Europe.
Finally William Harvey, a pupil of Hieronymus Fabricius ( who had earlier described the valves of the veins without recognizing their function ), performed a sequence of experiments, and published Exercitatio Anatomica de Motu Cordis et Sanguinis in Animalibus in 1628, which " demonstrated that there had to be a direct connection between the venous and arterial systems throughout the body, and not just the lungs.
Finally, at the end of the movie, Ernst Janning personally thanks Judge Haywood for his rulings, saying that it was the right and just decision.
Finally, in 1923, Collier County was created out of Lee County, with the county seat at Everglades City, just a few miles across Chokoloskee Bay from Chokoloskee Island.
Finally, it is not just for the settlers only, but also for foreigners.
Finally, Camillus arrived at Sutrium where the population had just been expelled by the Etruscans.
Finally I just quit and went back to California.
Finally Christopher Nicole's Lord of the Golden Fan was published just two years before Shōgun, in 1973.
Finally the Cardinal Bishop of Ostia said: God, who willed your Apostle Peter to hold first place in the inner fellowship of the apostles, that universal Christianity overcome evil, look propitiously we ask on this your servant, __, who from a humble position has suddenly been been enthroned with the apostles on this same principal sublimity, that just as he has been raised to this exalted dignity, so may he likewise merit to accumulate virtue ; in bearing the burden of the universal church, help him, make him worthy and for thee who are blessed may merits replace vices.
Finally, a novel by Tobias Smollett refers mockingly to “ Psalmanazar, who, after having drudged half a century in the literary mill in all the simplicity and abstinence of an Asiatic, subsists on the charity of a few booksellers, just sufficient to keep him from the parish ”.
Finally Chatelmorant fought with Sir William Farrington, the former receiving a dangerous wound in the thigh, for which the Englishman was greatly blamed, as being an infraction of the rules of the tourney, but an accident was pleaded just as in the case of the 1380 duel between Gauvain Micaille and Joachim Cator.
Finally, Britain should not threaten other countries unless prepared to back this up by force: " A willingness to fight is the point d ' appui of diplomacy, just as much as a readiness to go to court is the starting point of a lawyer ’ s letter.
Finally, he proclaims that rhinoceros have just as much of a right to life as humans and that " Humanism is dead, those who follow it are just old sentimentalists " before he turns into a rhino himself and chases Berenger out of his apartment.
Some wines from Kinmen are labeled “ made in Kinmen ,” just as some perfume is labeled “ made in Paris ” and not “ made in France .” Finally, it was argued that the people of the ROC were Chinese and not “ Taiwanese ,” so the word Taiwan was not appropriate.
" Finally, the hero was to take a pie in the face at " just the right moment ".
Finally, I believe our battles have only just begun.

Finally and Aeschylus
Finally, Athenaeus ( a grammarian of the 2nd and 3rd centuries AD ), wrote of a contemporary Athenian festival dedicated to Prometheus: " Aeschylus clearly states in the Unbound that in honor of Prometheus we place a garland on the head as recompense of his bondage.
Finally, Athenaeus ( a grammarian of the 2nd and 3rd centuries AD ) wrote in Book 15. 16 of his Deipnosophists the following regarding a contemporary Athenian festival dedicated to Prometheus: " Aeschylus clearly states in the Unbound that in honor of Prometheus we place a garland on the head as recompense of his bondage.

Finally and gave
Finally, after years, I gave up.
Finally men arrested Him, gave Him a mock trial, flogged Him, nailed Him on a cross and hung Him between earth and heaven ; ;
Finally, on 10 November 1989, at the November plenum of BCP Todor Zhivkov was dismissed as a long-time party leader and head of state and the communist regime gave way to democratic elections and government.
Finally in 1964 – 65, Walter Kohn, Pierre Hohenberg and Lu Jeu Sham proposed the density functional theory which gave realistic descriptions for bulk and surface properties of metals.
Finally, Lisbon gave the Commission its executive powers directly rather than have it delegated by the Council.
Finally, Gregory gave absolution to him.
Finally, Hermes gives this woman a name: Pandora – " All-gifted " – " because all the Olympians gave her a gift " ( 81 ).
Finally, in early December, the Taliban gave up Kandahar, their last stronghold, dispersing without surrendering.
Finally, Kripke gave an argument against identity materialism in the philosophy of mind, the view that every mental fact is identical with some physical fact.
Finally, Wuyue and Qingyuan gave up their land to Northern Song in 978, bringing all of southern China under the control of the central government.
Finally, the invention and introduction of a graphic system of vocalization and accentuation gave rise to the Grammatical Masorah.
Finally, on 9 April 1806, Sophia gave birth to a son, christened Isambard Kingdom, who was destined to be one of the world's greatest engineers.
Finally it reached the end zone, where Casper fell on it for the tying touchdown, which cleared the way for the extra point that gave the Raiders the win.
Finally, in 2008, a spectroscopic measurement gave a significantly lower value of 46 %.
Finally, in 1894, English chemist Charles Frederick Cross, and his collaborators Edward John Bevan, and Clayton Beadle patented their artificial silk, which they named " viscose ", because the reaction product of carbon disulfide and cellulose in basic conditions gave a highly viscous solution of xanthate.
Finally, at the end of the 19th century, this discourse was incorporated by racialist biologists and eugenicists, who gave it the modern sense of " race " and, even more, transformed this popular discourse into a " state racism " ( Nazism ).
Finally, de Braose gave Gower to the Despensers.
Richard Rudolph wrote the song, " Now That I Have You " for Riperton, but she never got the chance to record it ; he gave the song to Teena Marie, who recorded it ( and coproduced it with Rudolph ) on Marie's second LP, Lady T. Finally, in 1981, Capitol Records released The Best of Minnie Riperton, a greatest hits collection.
Finally, in December 1772, the King gave his consent on the condition that the Marquise of Montesson would never become Duchess of Orléans or succeed to any other Orléans titles.
Finally, in 1996 Reilly gave Eileen Davidson, who had played Kristen Blake since 1993, a second role as Kristen's lookalike Susan Banks, and between 1997 and 1998 added three more — including a man — with Davidson ultimately receiving a Daytime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Lead Actress in 1998.
Finally, when Gladstone took up Home Rule for Ireland, Lord Granville, whose mind was similarly receptive to new ideas, adhered to his chief ( 1886 ), and gracefully gave way to Lord Rosebery when the latter was preferred to the foreign office ; the Liberals had now realized that they had lost ground in the country by Lord Granville's occupancy of the post.
Finally, in 1983, when batting. 200 for AA Buffalo, Charboneau gave jeering fans an obscene gesture, leading to his quick release.
Finally, the growing numbers of American settlers along the lower Columbia gave Simpson reason to question the long term security of Fort Vancouver.
Finally, it is revealed that Annabelle's mother herself caused them to switch bodies through some unspecified means, and the mysterious girl who took Ben was Mrs. Andrews in Annabelle's body ( to which she is restored ) made much more attractive by a makeover Mrs. Andrews gave the body while using it, including the removal of Annabelle's braces, an appointment Annabelle had forgotten about ( and would have missed, had she been the one in her body that day ).

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