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Finally and on
Finally, Mama did mention to Mrs. Coolidge that she felt sorry for the little dogs, and then Mrs. Coolidge decided to leave the radio on for them while she was gone, even though her husband disapproved of the waste of electricity.
Finally, maintenance costs on plastic signs are much lower than on fragile neon signs.
Finally, at Ye Olde Gasse Filling Station on Avocado Avenue, they learned that their man, having paused to get oil for his car, had asked about the route to San Diego.
Finally, since the public requires some restraint on the part of the companies, larger wage increases call for less than proportionately larger price increases ( e.g., if a wage increase of 5% allows a price increase of 7%, a wage increase of 10% allows a price increase of something less than 14% ).
Finally there are the parent organizations and the laymen's organizations such as the National Association of Parents and Teachers, and the Citizens Committee on Public Schools.
Finally, Magwitch's pursuit of Compeyson, his archenemy and betrayer, begins by his holding him in a vicelike grip on the river flats to frustrate his escape and culminates in his `` laying his hand on his cloak to identify him '', thus precipitating the death-locked struggle in the water during which Compeyson drowns.
Finally, there was a wide area of agreement on the value of the President's making a final effort in the summit spotlight for a nuclear test accord.
Finally, just as no different issues are posed for thoughtful analysis by the foreshortening of time that may yet pass before the end of human life on this earth, but only stimulation and alarm to the imagination, the same thing must be said in connection with the question of what we may perhaps already be doing, by human action, to accelerate this end.
Finally men arrested Him, gave Him a mock trial, flogged Him, nailed Him on a cross and hung Him between earth and heaven ; ;
Finally, the prologue to Britten's Serenade for Tenor, Horn and Strings, played on horn without the use of valves but equally suited to the alphorn, is a beautiful, inspired example of the lyric possibilities of natural harmonics.
Finally, Andronikos and Theodora settled in the ancestral lands of the Komnenoi at Oinaion, on the shores of the Black Sea, between Trebizond and Sinope.
Finally, Dürer discusses the Delian Problem and moves on to the ' construzione legittima ', a method of depicting a cube in two dimensions through linear perspective.
Finally, ATM networks create and remove switched virtual circuits ( SVCs ) on demand when requested by an end piece of equipment.
Finally Abd al-Rahman gathered his men as he was " resolved on an audacious sally ".
Finally, on 10 November 1989, at the November plenum of BCP Todor Zhivkov was dismissed as a long-time party leader and head of state and the communist regime gave way to democratic elections and government.
Finally, for 1950 only, runners would be credited with a stolen base if they were " well advanced " toward the base they were attempting to steal ", and the pitcher is charged with a balk, with the further exception of a player attempting to steal, who would otherwise have been forced to advance on the balk by a runner behind them.
Finally, at the same time as Madison Avenue became one-way northbound and Fifth Avenue became one-way southbound, Broadway was made one-way southbound between Madison Square ( where Fifth Avenue crosses ) and Union Square on January 14, 1966, completing its conversion south of Columbus Circle.
Finally, the University in 1964 provoked a massive student protest by banning distribution of political literature on campus.
Finally, the Black and Tans sacked Cork city, on the night of 11 December 1920, destroying a large portion of the city centre.
Finally, around 1396 the Bulala invaders forced Mai Umar Idrismi to abandon Njimi and move the Kanembu people to Bornu on the western edge of Lake Chad.
Finally, however, after popular unrest Laurent Gbagbo became president and was sworn in on 26 October 2000.
Finally, in May 1990, Cuyahoga County voters passed an excise tax on sales of alcohol and cigarettes in the county.
Finally, a protective coating of a photo-polymerizable lacquer is applied on top of the metal reflector and cured with UV-light.

Finally and Christmas
Finally, Ada hosts an Old-Fashioned Family Christmas each December, with highlights including a parade, opportunities for children to visit Santa and Mrs. Claus, free family movies at Ada's historic Orpheum Theatre, and an old-time snowmobile show.
Finally, Holden gives up and leaves her there, sees the Christmas show at Radio City Music Hall, endures a movie, and gets very drunk.
Finally, the trains begin running again, bringing the Ingalls a Christmas barrel full of good things – including a turkey.
Finally, in the liner notes for 2008's The Archies Christmas Album, Reggie is listed as the bass guitarist.
Finally on Christmas Eve Stevie brings in his friends to introduce them to their parents and to celebrate Christmas.
Finally, in 1927, it was agreed that the Christmas Seal campaign was to be the official method for tuberculosis associations to appeal to the public for funds.
Finally able to celebrate Christmas, Sarah receives a call from her Aunt Lavinia.
Finally, the Conservatory then switches over to its winter holiday display after Thanksgiving, which is dominated by its large centerpiece Christmas Tree and several varieties of poinsettia.
Her recent projects include children's theater ( Misty's Magic Moo Town ) and the Atlantic City production Misty Christmas, Finally a Fruitcake You'll Like!
Finally, Jules ( Marcus Thomas ) is a young man who deliberately damages his hand so he can attend a Christmas party in the emergency room, as that was the only happy memory of his childhood.
Finally, most of the 2nd Panzer Division was surrounded by the U. S. 2nd Armored Division on Christmas Day, with very few tanks of the Division able to escape back to German lines.
Finally, as usual, December saw the Christmas number one single.

Finally and Eve
Finally, late in the evening, the two ' osses do meet, at the maypole, before returning to their respective stables where the crowd sings of the ' Obby ' Oss death, until its resurrection the following May Eve.
The first single from their third album, " Girlfriend / Boyfriend ", a collaboration with Janet Jackson featuring Ja Rule and Eve – Blackstreet finally had a top ten album with Finally.
Finally, the band played their last concert on New Year's Eve 1978 at the Cow Palace near San Francisco and officially broke up in April 1979.
Finally on New Year's Eve, 1974, they ran into each other at a supermarket and Danica invited him to a party at the apartment where she lived with her brother.

Finally and arriving
Finally, he returned across the mountains to Baghdad, arriving there in June 1327.
Finally the show will often end with the Devil arriving for Mr. Punch ( and possibly to threaten his audience as well ).
Finally, on September 13, 1376 Gregory XI abandoned Avignon and moved his court to Rome ( arriving January 17, 1377 ), officially ending the Avignon Papacy.
Finally arriving at the inn, the party find it locked.
Finally, it ran through Brühl and Hürth before arriving in Cologne.
Finally, arriving at the Presidential Mansion, the students outnumbered the soldiers.

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