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Finally and Black
Finally, Andronikos and Theodora settled in the ancestral lands of the Komnenoi at Oinaion, on the shores of the Black Sea, between Trebizond and Sinope.
Finally, the Black Long-leaper on g3 was safe because it moved between the two white pawns, rather than a white pawn moving to complete the custodial capture.
Finally on Christmas Eve arriving downstream the Weser in Lehe the Black Guard tried to invade Wursten, however, the free peasants there repelled their attack near Weddewarden on 26 December.
Finally, the Black Mountain Yogi insisted that, before Atiśa continue in his studies, he gain permission from his parents to be formally acquitted of royal responsibility, summoning eight naked yogis and yoginis to escort the prince back to Vikramapura.
Finally, with the shift to Northern Black plight and the idea of Black Power emerging in major cities across America, the Deacons became yesterday's news and organizations such as The Black Panther Party gained notoriety and became the publicized militant Black organization.
Finally, Justice Black cited Areopagitica when, in Communist Party of the United States v. Subversive Activities Control Board, he dissented from the Court's upholding of restrictions on the Communist Party of the United States against a free speech and free association challenge.
Finally the Yellow Flags launched a surprise attack on the Black Flags, first exploding a mine in an unsuccessful attempt to kill the Black Flag leader.
Finally, Poole spends his time in the final chapters of the novel contending with the trio of alien Black Monoliths that hold dominion over much of the Solar System and also with the " Star Child " that Dave Bowman became and somewhat lost contact with the Human Race.
Finally on October 29, the point of no return was reached when Admiral Souchon, now Commander-in-Chief of the Ottoman navy, took Goeben, Breslau and a squadron of Ottoman warships into the Black Sea and raided the Russian ports of Odessa, Sevastopol and Theodosia.
Finally in 1945, he moved to the experimental arts college, Black Mountain College, where he was the only mathematician.
Finally, during the World War III event versus Black Adam, Jason settled all differences with Lorraine, rekindling their friendship and asking for her powers, necessary to activate Firestorm after the mysterious disappearance of Martin Stein.
Finally, Black Vulcan is able to spot-weld microelectronics.
Finally, the Black movement system groups " pardos " and " pretos " in a single category, " negro " ( and not " Afro-brasileiro " or any other hyphenated form ) This looks more similar to the American racial perception, but there are some subtle differences.
Finally, Black can play ... Be7 with ... 0-0 and ... f6 attacking the centre.
Finally, he is brought back to life as a Black Lantern.
Finally ending the long stint at the top from the Black Eyed Peas, the Sugababes were back for a 3rd time with their new single " Hole In The Head " taken from their 3rd album, Three which strangely enough peaked at # 3 in the albums chart.
Finally, the Great Famine would have consequences for future events in the fourteenth century such as the Black Death when an already weakened population would be struck again.
Finally, Angel reveals his plan of killing all the members of the Black Thorn, and for a single moment, stopping the apocalypse, tipping the scales in their favor, and getting the Senior Partners really angry.
Finally, if White has to play Bd2, then Black should exchange the bishops only if White is forced to recapture with the Nb1, as a recapture by the Qd1 would still allow the Nb1 to reach the d5-square through Nb1 – c3 – d5.
Finally in 1864, the Black Sea Cossacks and the Azov Cossacks were united into the Kuban Cossack Host, ninety years after the Zaporozhian Sich was destroyed.

Finally and sacked
Finally, the city of Mainz was sacked in 1462, driving many ( including a number of printers and punch cutters ) into exile.
Finally, in 1767, after several months of siege, the Burmese broke through Ayutthaya's walls, sacked the city and burned it down.
Finally they became so strong that they even sailed to the mainland of Spanish America and sacked cities.
Finally, on 14 August 1998, Shipley sacked Peters from Cabinet.
Finally, on 11 April 2011, Durham County Council's Highways Committee turned down the application to grant village green status for the Belle Vue area paving the way for the promised development of Consett Academy and a sports centre to replace the separate wet and dry centres in Consett, even local counsillor Alex Watson was sacked from his position as local counsillor for almost 50years after his public opposition to the unwanted Academy.
Finally a compromise was reached, the payment of members bill was passed, and the sacked public servants were reinstated.

Finally and city
Finally, Antoninus created a new alimenta ( see Grain supply to the city of Rome ).
Finally, on a charge of conspiring to kill Christophorus and many other nobles, with the intent of handing over the city to the Lombards, the priest Waldipert, who was the prime mover in the elevation of the Antipope Philip, was arrested, blinded, and soon died of his wounds.
Finally, riots broke out among the unemployed who condemned city leaders for their ineffective relief measures.
Finally, there are areas which people believe to be protected from tornadoes, whether by being in a city, near a major river, hill, or mountain, or even protected by supernatural forces.
Finally, in mid-1972, Mayor John Lindsay stepped in and announced the city would buy Yankee Stadium for $ 24 million ( equal to $ today ) and lease it back to the Yankees.
Finally, in 627, the Byzantine Emperor Heraclius surrounded the city, the capital of the Sassanid Empire, leaving it after the Persians accepted his peace terms.
Finally, the city of Corneto, formally belonging to the Papal States, was restored to the papacy during Lucius ’ pontificate by a formal deed on 20 November 1144.
Finally American paratroopers entered the city on 30 August 1944 and Nice was finally liberated.
Finally, the list includes the old city of Salodurum which was a Roman era Vicus and the medieval and early modern city as well as the city walls.
Finally, the canal joins the Hai River in Tianjin city centre, where it turns north-westward.
Finally in 1957, Texas Attorney General Will Wilson and the Texas Rangers began a massive campaign of raids which wrecked gambling and prostitution in the city.
Finally, in 1920, the Red Army took control of the city and united it with the Ukrainian SSR, which later became part of the USSR.
Finally, in 1218, the city was completely destroyed by invading Mongols.
Finally, some 2 km east of the city, on the north bank, there was the isolated bastille of St. Loup.
Finally, although some troops did arrive from the mercantile city states in the north of Italy, the Western contribution was negligible compared to the needs, given the Ottoman strength.
Finally on February 12, 1541, Valdivia officially founded the city of Santiago de la Nueva Extremadura ( named after Saint James, Santiago in Spanish, and Valdivia's home region of Extremadura, Spain ).
Finally, in 538 A. D., Belisarius, one of Justinian's generals routed the Ostrogoths, the last of the barbarian kingdoms, from the city of Rome and the bishop of Rome could begin establishing his universal civil authority.
Finally, with the incorporation of the town of Goodson as the independent city of Bristol in 1890, Washington County assumed its present size.
Finally, in early 1892, following the annexation of the Village of South Evanston, voters elected to organize as a city.

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