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Finally and strand
Finally, in the Western world, discussions and use of AT are primarily framed within the Scandinavian activity theory strand, developed by Yrjö Engeström.
Finally, they realized that they were equals and decided to become sworn brothers by letting their blood flow under a strand of turf raised by a spear.
Finally, they realized that they were equals and decided to become Blood brothers by letting their blood flow under a strand of turf raised by a spear.

Finally and diffusion
Finally, diffusion of security threats requires a new security paradigm involving low-intensity but more frequent deployment of peacekeeping troops — a type of mission that is hard to sustain under budgetary or public opinion pressure.
In the first step, the S-50 uranium enrichment facility used the thermal diffusion process to enrich the uranium from 0. 7 % up to nearly 2 % < sup > 235 </ sup > U. This product was then fed into the gaseous diffusion process at the K-25 plant, the product of which was around 23 % < sup > 235 </ sup > U. Finally, this material was fed into calutrons at the Y-12.
Finally, social systems determine diffusion, norms on diffusion, roles of opinion leaders and change agents, types of innovation decisions, and innovation consequences.
Finally, the method of diffusion MRI has been shown to be also sensitive to perfusion, as the movement of water in blood vessels mimics a random process ( IntraVoxel Incoherent Motion or IVIM model ).

Finally and spread
Finally, in the early 13th century it began to spread into first Italy and then Catalonia, whence to the rest of Spain.
Finally, more recent eras of economic prosperity among the Norwegians brought a second boom of choral music spread, inside and outside the capital.
Finally, responding to charges that Strauss's teachings fostered the neoconservative foreign policy of the George W. Bush administration, such as " unrealistic hopes for the spread of liberal democracy through military conquest ," Professor Nathan Tarcov, Director of the Leo Strauss Center at the University of Chicago, in an article published in The American Interest asserts that Strauss as a political philosopher was essentially non-political.
Finally, the spread of democracy and political rights like the freedom of speech made the creation and functioning of social movements much easier.
Finally, they are spread out over a wide range of units for a five month long assignment to a French military unit ( which can include, but is not limited to, infantry and artillery regiments, naval ships and air bases ).
Finally, the mock-heroic genre spread throughout Europe, in France, in Scotland, in Poland, in Bohemia.
Finally, from the onset of the insurrection, the Polish forces were aided by the civilian population and had surprise on their side as they attacked many separate groups of soldiers at the same time and the resistance to Russian forces quickly spread over the city.
Finally, we must remember that we are not living in the depths of Africa, but in Europe, where news can spread quickly.
Finally, Shirokiya's assets, mainly centered in Tokyo, were devastated during World War II and the following occupation of Japan, whereas Mitsukoshi, spread throughout the nation, fared better.
Finally, there are additional items that must be placed on the spread, including a bowl of gold coins ( to represent wealth and prosperity ), a scarf / shawl made of silk / fine fabric ( to be held over the bride and groom ’ s head at certain points in the ceremony ), two sugar cones — which are grinded above the bride and groom ’ s head, thus symbolizing sweetness / happiness, a cup of honey ( to sweeten life ), a needle and seven strands of colored thread ( the shawl that is held above the bride and groom ’ s head is sewn together with the string throughout the ceremony ), and a copy of the couple ’ s Holy Book ( other religions require different texts ; but all of these books symbolize God ’ s blessing for the couple.
Finally, the proponents of Catholicism saw in Dmitriy a tool to spread the influence of their Church eastwards, and after promises of a united Catholic dominated Russo-Polish entity waging a war on the Ottoman Empire, Jesuits also provided him with funds and education.
Finally a third layer of hard broken stone, ( about the size of walnuts ) was spread by a shovel to produce the surface layer.
Finally, the legal system also requires a great deal of cooperation between players, as a petition must be spread, signed, and returned with a certain threshold of signatures.
Finally, Godin asserts that the only way to spread the word about an idea is for that idea to earn the buzz by being remarkable.
Finally, they help and spread the information about missing children by publishing their pictures and descriptions in newspapers, magazines, etc.

Finally and through
Finally he learned through the grapevine that the culprit might be one James W. Robinson in Pope County.
Finally, it gives sanctity, more than human legitimacy, and even, through super-empirical reference, transcendent and supernatural importance to some values ; ;
Finally, Orville intoned through his hawk nose, `` We can't have people running in any time they please, Sergeant ''.
Finally, Dürer discusses the Delian Problem and moves on to the ' construzione legittima ', a method of depicting a cube in two dimensions through linear perspective.
Finally, the Akt protein kinase promotes cell survival through two pathways.
Finally, Marc Antony rallied the remaining forces in Italy, fought through the blockade and made the crossing, reinforcing Caesar's forces in both men and spirit.
Finally, cyberspace can be seen as providing new opportunities to reshape society and culture through " hidden " identities, or it can be seen as borderless communication and culture.
Finally, Nernst divided through by the amount of charge transferred to arrive at a new equation which now bears his name:
Finally, esotericism sometimes suggests the idea of a secret transmission of spiritual teachings, through initiation from master to disciple.
Finally, the image here is an anamorphic image used to create a 2. 39: 1 aspect ratio when projected through an anamorphic lens.
Finally, Frazer contends, man realizes that nature does follow natural laws, but now he discovers their true nature through science.
Finally, Stephen ’ s intervention on behalf of the Frankish king Louis IV ( who was in conflict with Otto ) would not have occurred had Stephen been a relative of the German king, and had Stephen received the papal throne through Otto ’ s intervention.
Finally, another reflection ray is generated and traced through the scene, where it hits the light source and is absorbed.
Finally, in 2011, through the efforts of Ruben Angelici's scholarship, the first, full translation of Richard's ' De Trinitate ' has been released for publication in English and now this scholastic masterpiece is readily available to a wider audience to be appreciated in its entirety.
Finally, in 1767, after several months of siege, the Burmese broke through Ayutthaya's walls, sacked the city and burned it down.
Finally breaking through Lee's trenches, the Union Army captured Richmond in April 1865.
Finally, any energy loss not through radiation that is redirected precisely to aft but is instead conducted away by engine supports, radiated in some other direction, or lost via neutrinos or so will further degrade the efficiency.
Finally, gaffes can be malapropisms, grammatical errors or other verbal and gestural weaknesses or revelations through body language.
Finally, there remains only a single hole on the surface through which the reaction enters the cube.
Finally, an 11-mile ( 18-km ) level takes the canal through Elmdon Heath, Solihull, Acocks Green, and Tyseley to the heart of Birmingham.
Finally free from financial problems, the D & RGW now possessed a direct route from Denver to Salt Lake City ( the detour south through Pueblo and Tennessee Pass was no longer required for direct service ), but a problem still remained: for transcontinental service, the Union Pacific's more northerly line was far less mountainous ( and, as a result, several hours faster ).
Finally professors can use the Socratic method to allow students to come to legal principles on their own through carefully worded questions that encourage a particular train of thought.
Finally, other dreams stimulate the determination to explore and inquire, through the extremes of exhilarating dream achievements ( positive physiology ) or frustrating obstructions and barriers.
Finally, the North American Reform and Reconstructionst movemements recognize patrilineality, under certain circumstances, as a valid claim towards Judaism, whereas Conservative and Orthodox maintain the position expressed in the Talmud and Codes that one can be a Jew only through matrilineality ( born of a Jewish mother ) or through conversion to Judaism.

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