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Finally and Fort
Finally, on August 20, the prisoners were released without transport back to Fort Deposit.
Finally, on June 14, 1860, the Hudson's Bay Company abandoned Fort Vancouver and moved its operations north of the border.
Finally, the region also includes most of Florida, as far south as the cities of Fort Myers and Naples.
Finally, the growing numbers of American settlers along the lower Columbia gave Simpson reason to question the long term security of Fort Vancouver.
Finally the Treaty of Fort Wayne was signed on September 30, 1809, selling the United States over 3, 000, 000 acres ( approximately 12, 000 km² ), chiefly along the Wabash River north of Vincennes.
Finally, the school, renamed the New York Merchant Marine Academy, became land-based in 1934 at the Maritime College's present Throggs Neck campus in Fort Schuyler.
Finally, water from the Kathita River was diverted into E. B. Horne ’ s new “ Fort Meru ” headquarters by means of trenches.
Finally, on August 20, the prisoners were released without transport back to Fort Deposit.
This in spite of an NGO claiming to have adopted the Worli Village, where the fort is located. This Fort was on the verge of collapse and total disintegration until a few years ago. Finally, citizen awareness of preserving Mumbai's historical edifices and petitions in the media resulted in Mumbai's politicians deciding to repair all old monuments and forts in the city.
Finally, in August 1942, the battalion arrived at Fort Dix, New Jersey, to make final pre-embarkations preparations.
Finally in 1964, the school moved to its present and permanent location in the Kishaba Terrace housing area, adjacent to the U. S. Army post of Fort Buckner, and was renamed Kubasaki High School.
Finally, NAES Lakehurst is part of a unique, three base " Mega-Base " complex with the Army's Fort Dix and the Air Force's McGuire AFB.
Finally they sail to Fort William in Scotland where the runners scale Ben Nevis and return to the yacht.
Finally returning to Macon, he died there in 1962 and was buried in Fort Hill Cemetery.

Finally and Lee
Finally, in 1923, Collier County was created out of Lee County, with the county seat at Everglades City, just a few miles across Chokoloskee Bay from Chokoloskee Island.
Finally, Lee questions their leader, Andries Rhoodie, who ultimately decides to tell Lee the truth.
Finally embracing his past, Lee was known to tell Our Gang fans " we are relics of history.
Finally, Lee Mallory became active raising awareness of Hepatitis C. He had hoped to receive a liver transplant but ultimately succumbed to liver cancer.
Finally in 1971, Traveller's remains were buried in a wooden box encased in concrete next to the Lee Chapel on the Washington & Lee campus, a few feet away from the Lee family crypt inside, where his master's body rests.
Finally, in 1948, the Democratic Party figured Miles would be an easy shot to take out Georgia Lee Lusk in a primary for her Congressional seat.
Finally Hoggard had Brett Lee ( 6 ) caught in the deep and Australia were bowled out for 367.
Finally, John gives up, calling Lee a traitor.
Finally Hoggard had Brett Lee ( 6 ) caught in the deep and Australia were bowled out for 367.
Finally, Bockris received a letter from the Provost, Charles Lee, May 25, 1995.
Finally, she stops at an out of the way station and out comes an attendant, who just happens to perfectly match the killer's ( Lee Ving ) description on the radio.

Finally and Film
" Finally, in A Distant Technology: Science Fiction Film and the Machine Age, J. P. Telotte writes that " The little tramp figure is here reincarnated as the Jewish barber ".
Finally defeating Film Freak, Selina returns home to find that Bradley has deduced that Helena is the daughter of his son Sam Bradley, Jr., and therefore his granddaughter.
Finally he moved to Łódź, where he joined the Łódź Film and Theatre School.

Finally and Commission
Finally, Lisbon gave the Commission its executive powers directly rather than have it delegated by the Council.
Finally, before the entry into force of the Treaty of Lisbon, it formally held the executive power of the EU which it conferred upon the European Commission.
Finally, the European Commission, the executive body of the EU, is accountable to Parliament.
Finally, the 1936-1939 Arab revolt in Palestine led the British to create the Peel Commission, which produced the first concrete suggestion for an Arab state.
Finally, as the Interstate Commerce Commission began to realize that railroads needed to be able to compete successfully with trucking and other modes of transportation more than primarily each other, in 1959, the Norfolk and Western succeeded in reaching a merge with the VGN and gaining regulatory approvals, marking what became called the " modern merger era " in North American railroading which eventually resulted in Princeton's current service by Norfolk Southern Railway, one of only 6 large class 1 railroads operating in the United States in the 21st century.
Finally resolved in 1768, the Boundary Commission oversaw the development and completion of the Mason-Dixon Line between Pennsylvania and Maryland.
Finally, the Commission found that “ Alliance Capital breached its fiduciary duty to ( its ) funds and misled those who invested in them .”
Finally, in 2005 and 2006, he and Socialist MEP Richard Corbett were Parliament's representatives for a new round of negotiations with the Council and Commission on comitology, giving Parliament, for the first time, the right to block the adoption of Commission implementing measures.
" Finally, the Federal Communications Commission denied Entercom's assertions of the unconstitutionality of its definition of indecency, stating in conclusion, " The constitutional validity of the Commission's indecency standard has been repeatedly affirmed by the courts " and that Ashcroft v. Free Speech Commission and Reno v. ACLU did not alter this conclusion.
Finally, he served as a member of the University of Texas Centennial Commission, which oversaw the 100th anniversary celebration of the University's founding in 1883.
Finally, the Commission submitted a study of the conditions to which, in its judgment, any satisfactory solution should conform, and made various proposals and suggestions as to how an agreement embodying these principles might be brought about.
Finally, the European Commission began its own antitrust investigation into the relationship between KLM and Northwest.
Finally, the president appointed Clark Howell, newspaper editor of the Atlanta Constitution, to chair a five-person committee to investigate all aspects of U. S. aviation, resulting in the creation of the Federal Aviation Commission.
Finally, the section requires the Federal Trade Commission to set up a means by which consumers can contact the reporting agencies and creditors with a complaint involving identity theft or fraud.
Finally, the Commission has supported a variety of networking systems between Ministers ( and Ministries ) in the EU's Member States, in addition to the thrice yearly meetings of the " Education Council " within the EU's own institutional system.
Finally in 2001, the Commission approved the retail-office plan ( on the condition Jemal build housing at another site ), and renovation got underway.
Finally, on November 5, 1932, the bonds of the Public Belt Railroad Commission were guaranteed by a complex agreement between the Southern Pacific Railroad, the City of New Orleans and the State of Louisiana.

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