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Finally and Machine
" Finally, in A Distant Technology: Science Fiction Film and the Machine Age, J. P. Telotte writes that " The little tramp figure is here reincarnated as the Jewish barber ".
Finally, he persuaded his father, founder of the White Sewing Machine Company, to allow the use of a corner in one of his sewing machine buildings to build a complete automobile.
Finally, the machine-like hum that segues into " Welcome to the Machine " in the original album was dropped, the song simply stops and " Brain Damage " begins.

Finally and collapses
Finally, weak and dehydrated, he collapses.

Finally and bringing
Finally, just as Aeschylus gave Prometheus a key role in bringing Zeus to power, he also attributed to him secret knowledge that could lead to Zeus's downfall: Prometheus had been told by his mother Gaia of a potential marriage that would produce a son who would overthrow Zeus.
Finally, Wuyue and Qingyuan gave up their land to Northern Song in 978, bringing all of southern China under the control of the central government.
Finally, Machiavelli makes a point that bringing new benefits to a conquered people will not be enough to cancel the memory of old injuries, an idea Allan Gilbert said can be found in Tacitus and Seneca the Younger.
Finally in 1792, with navigations in other parts of the country bringing increased prosperity to the towns they served, the people of Chelmsford decide to avoid the opposition of Maldon by bypassing it, and terminating the navigation at Heybridge, on the River Blackwater below Maldon.
Finally, Hannibal had around 8, 000 skirmishers consisting of Balearic slingers and mixed nationality spearmen, bringing Hannibal's army to a total of around 47, 950.
Finally, the trains begin running again, bringing the Ingalls a Christmas barrel full of good things – including a turkey.
Finally when Shaftesbury's clique begin considering bringing James of York on charges of high treason, Charles II quickly prorogued the session, preventing the session's act from being passed.
Finally, President Ulysses S. Grant reluctantly intervened and supported Governor Baxter, bringing the affair to an end.
Finally in January 1864 he returned to New Zealand, this time bringing with him a flock of skylarks.
Finally the Wall Street Crash of 1929 ended the era, as the Great Depression set in worldwide, bringing years of worldwide gloom and hardship.
Finally, in 1780, Pope Pius VI ordered the rectification of the Appian Way in the stretch between Rome and Terracina, bringing Albano at the center of the intense traffic that took place between Rome and Naples.
Finally, several Union infantrymen captured by the 7th Virginia informed the Confederates that Pope was bringing Sigel forward to reinforce Banks.
Finally the U. S. Supreme Court declined to grant certiorari, effectively bringing an end to the prolonged litigation.
Finally Fulk married his son Geoffrey to Henry's heir Matilda thereby bringing about the historical convergence of the Angevins, House of Normandy and the House of Wessex.
Finally, in November 2005, Jive Records released a DVD titled Trapped in the Closet, which aside from containing the five chapters of the song included on TP. 3 Reloaded, also included seven more new chapters, bringing the song series to a total of twelve chapters.

Finally and civilization
Finally, Positive Risk Management recognizes that risk taking is essential to all enterprise, creativity, heroism, education, scientific advance – in fact to any activity and all the initiatives that have contributed to our evolutionary success and civilization.
Finally, in " Natural Law ," the Voyager crew took measures to ensure the protected isolation of a primitive people, even from a more advanced civilization who share the same planet.
Finally the daughter, Mary as Myrrha, is described as an impious outcast from civilization, whose greatest sin was her disrupting the natural line of succession thereby breaking both natural as well as divine statutes which resulted in fundamental social confusion.
Finally at the series ' conclusion, Mowgli leaves the jungle for human civilization, but still keeps strong ties with his animal friends.
Finally, the player has the option of creating their own civilization with unique bonuses.
Finally, if a civilization has adopted a religion as a state religion and owns that religion's holy city, they will receive ' line-of-sight ' ( fog of war is lifted ) in every other city hosting that religion.

Finally and down
Finally she had come down ; ;
Finally he went into the bedroom and sat down to take off his shoes.
Finally, both sides are ground down to a rough edge so that the purchaser can sharpen the blade to their specific geometry using a file.
Finally, the temperature gets high enough that any nucleus can be partially broken down, most commonly releasing an alpha particle ( helium nucleus ) which immediately fuses with another nucleus, so that several nuclei are effectively rearranged into a smaller number of heavier nuclei, with net release of energy because the addition of fragments to nuclei exceeds the energy required to break them off the parent nuclei.
Finally, in 1767, after several months of siege, the Burmese broke through Ayutthaya's walls, sacked the city and burned it down.
Finally, the clutch pedal is released and the accelerator pedal pushed down to obtain required engine speed.
Finally, in April 1863, Grant marched Union troops down the west side of the Mississippi River and crossed east over at Bruinsburg using Adm. David Porter's naval ships.
Finally captured, the gods decided on his punishment: for all eternity, he would have to push a rock up a mountain ; upon reaching the top, the rock would roll down again leaving Sisyphus to start over.
Finally, by calculation from the known capacitance of the electrometer's input terminal, the instrument can measure very small electric charges, down to a small fraction of a picocoulomb.
Finally, the wolf resolves to come down the chimney, whereupon the pigs boil a pot of water in which the wolf lands and is cooked.
Finally the wrestlers crouch down at the shikiri-sen, or starting lines, each trying to stare the other down.
Finally, on Licinius ’ s death, his memory was branded with infamy ; his statues were thrown down ; and by edict, all his laws and judicial proceedings during his reign were abolished.
Finally, we see them walking down a road at dawn, towards an uncertain but hopeful future.
Finally, Stan and Ollie get the piano to the top-after which it rolls back down to the street again.
Finally, the rise of firearms and artillery in the 16th century made the large formations consisting entirely of pikemen vulnerable to being shot down despite their awesome close-combat power.
Finally, retreating British soldiers burned it down in 1778.
Finally, Captain America tracked the Skull down to his hidden bunker.
Finally the order came down for us to halt production on Aoki Uru.
Finally, Line 6 Charles de Gaulle-Étoile-Nation was converted in 1974 to cut down noise on its many elevated sections.
Finally, crime in the park caused it to be shut down by police in 1970.
Finally in 1840 Beach's grandson, Dr. Darwin Crary, invented the first inclined chute to be used for the coal industry, which sent coal to the canal down the mountain.
Finally, in the tenth round, Frazier began to slow down and tire, and Ali slowly turned the tide.
Finally O sits down opposite the denuded wall, opens the folder and takes out seven photographs, all of him, which he examines in sequence:
Finally, as the investigation was winding down with Fall apparently innocent, Walsh uncovered a piece of evidence Fall had forgotten to cover up: Doheny's $ 100, 000 loan to Fall.

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