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Finally and US
) Finally, the past tense and past participle of dwell and kneel are more commonly dwelt and knelt in both standards, with dwelled and kneeled as common variants in the US but not in the UK.
Finally, in the 2004 edition of the Factbook, the name of the entry was changed back to Macedonia, following a November 2004 US decision to refer to the country using this name, even though the official appelation of the republic within the UN remains FYROM.
Finally, in 1983 the two Imagic games were brought to the US.
Finally, although as a matter of policy the US did not agree with Jordan's position on Jerusalem, nor with the Israeli position on Jerusalem, the US was prepared to use its influence to obtain for Jordan a role in Jerusalem.
Finally defeated by the US military force and continuing waves of encroaching settlers, the tribes negotiated agreements to resettle on reservations.
Finally, CompuServe developed its own packet switching network, implemented on DEC PDP-11 minicomputers acting as network nodes that were installed throughout the US ( and later, in other countries ) and interconnected.
Finally with the signing of the Jay Treaty in 1796 defining the northern border between Canada and the US, British traders planned to move from Grand Portage.
Finally, on November 11, 2005, the remaining stock was sold for US $ 1. 1 billion — an US $ 800 million loss in five years.
Finally, State Route 163, the old routing of US 395, splits off Interstate 15 at the south end of Miramar and follows the Cabrillo Freeway into downtown San Diego.
Finally, in 1929, through US mediation, under President Herbert Hoover, an accord was reached by which Chile kept Arica.
Finally, at the US Chess Congress, his best result, and the reason he was allowed to challenge Steinitz, he finished in lone 3rd place out of 20 competitors, with a + 19 score, 28½ / 38, behind Weiss and Chigorin.
Finally, at Midnight, the Marcos family was transported by a U. S. Airforce HH-3E Rescue helicopters to Clark Air Base in Angeles City, Pampanga, about 83 kilometers north of Manila, before boarding US Air Force DC-9 Medivac and C-141B planes bound for Andersen Air Force Base in Guam, and finally to Hickam Air Force Base in Hawaii where Marcos arrived on February 26.
Finally, in cooperation with the US Postal Service, the mission also carried 260, 000 postal covers franked with $ 9. 35 express mail stamps, which were to be sold to collectors, with the profits divided between the USPS and NASA.
Finally, rather than ending US 50 at Wadsworth, where the Lincoln and Victory Highways merged, it was sent over the Lincoln Highway's Pioneer Branch, past the south side of Lake Tahoe, to Sacramento, California.
Finally, though US policy towards North Korea has depended partly on China's cooperation, some " hawks " in the US suspect China's motives as regards that country as well.
Finally, the Palisades Interstate Parkway meets its end at US 9W and US 202 at a traffic circle inches from the Hudson River and the Bear Mountain Bridge.
Finally, In November 1992, the US and EU settled most of their differences in a deal known informally as " the Blair House accord ", and on April 15, 1994, the deal was signed by ministers from most of the 123 participating governments at a meeting in Marrakesh, Morocco.
Finally, the US military presence contributed substantial sums of money to the area's economy, with emigrant-spouses who accompanied American servicemen continuing to send substantial sums home.
Finally, in mid-April a further advance moved the US Eighth Army to the Utah Line.
Finally on October 4, 2006, the section of M-50 between M-125 and US 24 was also removed, shortening the highway by about a mile ( 1. 9 km ).

Finally and Fish
Finally, Grant's primary appointment, the Secretary of State, which went to Hamilton Fish, a New York conservative statesman, actually grew out of a strong relationship initially forged between the two men's wives.
Finally after much work by the Game and Fish departments in New Mexico and Arizona, the US Forest Service and the US Fish and Wildlife Service, the Gila trout was down-listed to " Threatened ", with a special provision called a “ 4d rule ” that will allow limited sport fishing – for the first time in nearly half a century.

Finally and Service
Finally withdrawn to Britain in September 1944, they were reassigned to the 4th Special Service Brigade for the assault on Walcheren island.
Finally, he blamed the failure of successive governments to " provide the resources to the Prison Service which were needed to enable the Service to provide for an increased prison population in a humane manner ".
Finally, CSR07 saw the UK ’ s public service 110 largely departmental-based Public Service Agreements consolidated into 30 inter-departmental agreements.
Finally, Spamhaus put the mail server of nic. at on their SBL spam blacklist under the SBL's policy " Knowingly Providing a Spam Support Service for Profit " for several days which caused interference of mail traffic at nic. at.
Finally, in December 1888, these two bodies amalgamated with the War Department Fleet to form a new Army Service Corps, and for the first time officers and other ranks served in a single unified organisation.
Finally, a more comprehensive study of anaerobic swine lagoons nationwide has been launched by the Agricultural Research Service.

Finally and recognized
Finally in 1908 Venizelos managed to establish a revolutionary government, recognized by the Great Powers.
Finally in 1985, at the first Umami International Symposium in Hawaii, the term umami was officially recognized as the scientific term to describe the taste of glutamates and nucleotides.
Finally, the Riksdag at Linköping, 24 February 1600 declared that Sigismund abdicated the Swedish throne, that duke Charles was recognized as the sovereign.
Finally, on 31 October, Petiot was recognized at a Paris Métro station, and arrested.
Finally, in a bid to peacefully end the war, Henry of Navarre was received into the Roman Catholic Church on July 25, 1593 and was recognized as King Henry IV on February 27, 1594.
Finally, he recognized and understood the " nature of the human being ".
Finally, Arrowsmith is recognized by his former medical school mentor, Max Gottlieb, for a scientific paper he has written and is invited to take a post with a prestigious research institute in New York.
Finally, at the Bucareli Conference, Obregón agreed to an American demand that Mexico would not expropriate any foreign oil companies, and in exchange, the U. S. recognized his government.
" Finally recognized by Douglas, he then combed his hair into his trademark style.
Finally the cat is marked by " ear tipping ", cropping 1 / 4 inch ( 6 mm ) off of the tip of the left ear, so that it can be easily recognized as having been sterilized and as a member of a managed colony, so that the animal is not subjected to unnecessary surgery, confinement or euthanasia.
Finally, the Treaty of Noyon, signed by Francis and Charles V in August 1516, recognized French claims to Milan and Spanish claims to Naples, removing Spain from the war.
Finally Paul V in 1607 recognized the liberty of Dominicans and Jesuits to defend their ideas, prohibiting that either side of this disagreement be characterized as heresy.
Not looking to lose his major deal connections, Delgado called on a hometown friend and music producer too, Rodney K. Jackson ( they two met through mutual friends in Arizona ), who was brought then to A & M family to help co-produce the Peniston ’ s single, which was soon to be recognized as “ Finally ”.
Behind the song's production would be soon recognized the singer's former folks from Arizona, Felipe Delgado and Jackson ( both in charge of her initial hit,Finally ”, from 1991 ) who reunited in 2005 to form a new production crew, collectively known as SandWorx, altogether with Nick " Cello " Valentine ( which joined them in the spring of the following year ).
Finally, the importance of the article by Koopmans ( 1942 ) deriving the distribution of the serial correlation coefficient was recognized by John von Neumann, and it later influenced the optimal tests for a unit root by John Denis Sargan and Alok Bhargava ( Sargan and Bhargava, 1983 ).
Finally, at the advice of a friend, he finds the servant Leo and, having failed in his attempt to re-establish communication with him or even be recognized by him when he meets him on a park bench, writes him a long, impassioned letter of " grievances, remorse and entreaty " and posts it to him that night.
Finally in 1949, the Dutch retreated and recognized Indonesia's Independence.
Finally, in 2003, Pierce was recognized with a lifetime achievement award from the Hollywood Make-up Artist and Hair Stylist Guild.
Finally, by a compromise, the master of Alcañiz was recognized as second in dignity, with the title of Grand Commander for Aragon.
Finally, Güyük Khan recognized David ( Lasha Giorgi ’ s son ) as senior joint sovereign and appointed another David ( Rusudan ’ s son ) junior co-ruler.
Finally, on July 10, 1819, a few months after Charles's death, the great powers ( Great Britain, France, Austria, Russia, and Prussia ) joined with Bavaria and Baden in the Treaty of Frankfurt which recognized the succession rights of the former Hochberg morganatic line.
Man becomes man as he refines himself ; he even becomes godlike: “ Deus est mortali iuvare mortalem ,” wrote Pliny, translating a Greek Stoic, “ To help man is man ’ s true God .” Finally, the man who practiced humanitas cultivated his aesthetic sensibilities as he listened to his reason: " Cum musis ,” wrote Cicero, “ id est, cum humanitate et doctrina habere commercium ".< ref > Peter Gay's citation of the phrase, Cum musis, etc., refers to an anecdote in the Tusculan Disputations, in which Cicero recounts how during a visit to Syracuse, in Sicily, he had chanced to discover the tomb of Archimedes, at that time unknown to the inhabitants of the city, but which he, Cicero, recognized from its description in a line of poetry he had memorized ; and he contrasted the enduring fame of Archimedes, the mathematician, to the obloquy of the notorious Sicilian tyrant Dionysius the Elder, buried nearby: “ Who is there who has had anything at all to do with the Muses, that is, with humanity and learning, who would not prefer to be this mathematician rather than that tyrant?
Finally, the PSAL began sponsoring football competition by boroughs in the fall of 1919, but no official championships were recognized.
Finally, Greg Walton pointed out that there are some calls within the group to be officially recognized and integrated into the Chinese government.

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