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Finally and rebel
Finally, recent research has shown that Hunter's Robyn Hood had been employed by the king at an earlier stage, thus casting doubt on this Robyn Hood's supposed earlier career as outlaw and rebel.
* Finally, " one does not rebel when face to face with the enemy ".
* Finally, " one does not rebel when face to face with the enemy ".
Finally, at the end, the girls rebel and the Divas sacrifice themselves in place of the girls.
Finally, the government reached peace accords on 15 April 1995 with all Tuareg ( and some Toubou ) rebel groups, negotiated in Ouagadougou.

Finally and leads
Finally, the fact that many media outlets are themselves part of large corporations leads to a conflict of interest between those corporations and the public good.
Finally Donald's ineptitude leads to a series of accidental discharges from his rifle, several of which strike Pete who, in typical cartoon fashion, is unharmed.
Finally, the A465 passes Prince Charles Hospital in Merthyr Tydfil ( great view of Pen Y Fan from here ), then continues to Cefn Coed y cymmer ( North End of Merthyr Tydfil ), then leads to the A470 link and then continues down the west side of the valley to Neath.
Finally, a staircase was built into the tower, which leads up to the former roof level with its impressive view.
Finally deciding that continuing to avoid battle would be just as futile as taking part, he accepts his fate and leads an equally frightened Captain Darling, Lieutenant George and Private Baldrick over the top of the trench and out into no man's land for the ' Big Push '.
Finally, a short Hamilton County Park District extension leads the Little Miami trail back across the river, beside local roads, to the Little Miami Golf Center in Newtown.
Finally, for Wicksell the endogenous creation of money, and how it leads to changes in the real market ( i. e. increase real aggregate demand ) is fundamentally a breakdown of the Neoclassical tradition of a dichotomy between monetary and real sectors.
Finally, two more leads are placed on the anterior tibialis of each leg to measure leg movements.
Finally convinced that they are not Hobbers, Fenny leads them both down a dark passageway deep underground, where they come upon The Ancient — who is the messenger of the moon goddess, who came to earth in the form of a hare.
Finally, a transition over a dominant pedal ( a Bruckner hallmark ) leads to the Coda that Simpson referred to as the fine-drawn consolatory coda that is one of Bruckner's best.
Finally, Granville Street forks near the Fraser River: southwest-northeast towards Oak Street, and northwest-southeast towards the Arthur Laing Bridge that leads to Richmond and Vancouver International Airport.

Finally and army
Finally the standoff was broken by a traitor in Caesar's army, who informed Pompey of a weakness in Caesar's wall.
Finally, in August 1922, the Turkish army shattered the Greek front, and took Smyrna.
Finally, a volunteer army, led by the merchant Kuzma Minin and prince Dmitry Pozharsky, expelled the foreign forces from the capital on.
Finally, after the western general Stilicho was executed by Honorius in 408 and the Roman legions massacred the families of 30, 000 barbarian soldiers serving in the Roman army, Alaric declared war.
Finally, an exotic army invades the western coast.
Finally, Buller himself would lead the major part of the army corps to relieve Ladysmith to the east.
Finally the Hungarian army forced him to surrender at Vienna.
Finally, Lucius marched against the Senatorial positions on the Capitol with a small army.
Finally, it moved to attack Athens, landing at the bay of Marathon, where it was met by a heavily outnumbered Athenian army.
Finally, in October 1935, Mao's army reached Shaanxi province and joined with local Communist forces there, led by Liu Zhidan, Gao Gang, and Xu Haidong, who had already established a Soviet base in northern Shaanxi.
Finally, Santa Anna caught up with Houston's army, but had split his own army into three separate forces in an attempt to encircle the Texans.
Finally Conchobar is roused to action and gathers his army for battle.
Finally, the threat of a nuclear-armed North Korea has fed South Korea's perceived need for a larger standing army and defence force.
Finally a Hittite army conquered the capital Washukkanni and installed Shattiwaza, the son of Tushratta, as their vassal king of Mitanni in the late 14th century BC.
Finally, at the very gates of Rome, he turned his army back only after negotiating with the pope.
Finally, Hannibal had around 8, 000 skirmishers consisting of Balearic slingers and mixed nationality spearmen, bringing Hannibal's army to a total of around 47, 950.
Finally, Berossus claimed that Cyrus beat the Babylonian army, but this time, Nabonidus was supposed to have fled to nearby Borsippa.
Finally, in late June, the Royalist fled, having observed a Parliamentarian army, including a Roaring Meg siege cannon approaching the town.
Finally, the Haldane Reforms of 1907 established a six-division British Expeditionary Force for deployment overseas, but only Aldershot Command possessed two infantry divisions and a full complement of ‘ army troops ’ to form an army corps in the field.
Finally, he resigned from the army because he was no longer welcome.
Finally, however, the citadel at Rhodes fell to the large army of Suleiman the Magnificent in 1522, and the other islands were overrun within the year.
Finally on 26 October 1912, the Greek army entered Thessaloniki, shortly ahead of the Bulgarians.
Finally, in September 1042, the Emperor led his army to Hungary and occupied nine fortresses north of the Danube.

Finally and into
Finally, as time began to run out, he headed into Ormoc and glide-bombed a group of houses that Intelligence had thought might contain Japanese supplies.
Finally, however, the arrangements were made and we drove out into the bush in a Land Rover.
Finally, at dawn, he fell asleep, and when he awoke and came into the living room, he found Lewis in his pajamas before the fire, smoking a cigarette.
Finally he went into the bedroom and sat down to take off his shoes.
Finally we go into the farthest reaches of the Milky Way ; ;
Finally, there was also a strange group of giant marine amoeboids, the xenophyophores, that did not fall into any of these categories.
Finally, features such as long linear grooves were cut into the bedrock along certain roads which do not seem to point to a specific direction.
Finally, another common problem that fits into this category is flutter.
Finally in late 1933 the Liberals crossed the floor of the House of Commons and went into complete opposition.
Finally, the epoch of structure formation began, when matter started to aggregate into the first stars and quasars, and ultimately galaxies, clusters of galaxies and superclusters formed.
Finally, before the entry into force of the Treaty of Lisbon, it formally held the executive power of the EU which it conferred upon the European Commission.
Finally, he attacked them how they least expected it, by feigning a retreat to draw his opponents into a trap.
Finally, the couple moved into a house in wealthy Westport, Connecticut.
Finally, it has been averred that ethical egoism is no better than bigotry in that, like racism, it divides people into two types — themselves and others — and discriminates against one type on the basis of some arbitrary disparity.
Finally, in October 1992, the Faroese national bank ( Sjóvinnurbankin ) called in receivers and were forced into asking Denmark for a broad financial bailout.
Finally, there is an argument that Frigg and Freyja are similar goddesses from different pantheons who were first conflated into each other and then later seen as separate goddesses again ( see also Frige ).
Finally, in 51, Ostorius lured Caratacus into a set-piece battle and defeated him.
Finally, in August 1949, the National Army under Marshal Alexander Papagos launched an offensive that forced the remaining insurgents to surrender or flee across the northern border into the territory of Greece's northern Communist neighbors.
Finally, via this same selection process, a protective layer of transparent cells over the aperture was differentiated into a crude lens, and the interior of the eye was filled with humours to assist in focusing images.
Finally, intensity is the vigor and amount of energy employees put into this goal-directed work performance.
Finally, the city of Mainz was sacked in 1462, driving many ( including a number of printers and punch cutters ) into exile.
Finally, he wanted to knit together the entire empire into a single cohesive unit.
The 9th-century Historia Brittonum also refers to this tale, with the boar there named Troy ( n ) t. Finally, Arthur is mentioned numerous times in the Welsh Triads, a collection of short summaries of Welsh tradition and legend which are classified into groups of three linked characters or episodes in order to assist recall.
Finally, in January 1864, after long resisting the plan, Carson sent a company into Canyon de Chelly to investigate the last Navajo stronghold, presuming them to be under the leadership of Manuelito.
Finally, any function that requires two inputs, for instance the aforementioned function, can be reworked into an equivalent function that accepts a single input, and as output returns another function, that in turn accepts a single input.

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