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Finally and social
Finally, it gives meaning to much social endeavor, and logic, consistency, and meaning to life.
Finally, much of this happened during and after a period of World War, and the effect of such a conflict in dissolving older social customs was considerable .< ref name = Franks >< sup > Chapter 7 </ sup ></ ref >
Finally, as schools become a means for social reconstruction, our educations must be given the proper equipment to help perform this task and guide their students.
Finally, a point warranting clarification is that the term phobia is an encompassing term and when discussed is usually done in terms of specific phobias and social phobias.
Finally, Montevideo and the department of Maldonado ( which is strongly affected by the tourism industry in Punta del Este ) had the highest indexes of social and economic development in the country.
Finally, after decades of political and social instability, Bosnia officially fell in 1463, while resistance was active and fierce for a few more centuries.
Finally, social capital is often linked to the success of democracy and political involvement.
Finally, he believed the basis for good social relationships between humans was good relationship between men and women, thus arguing demography control relied on women emancipation.
Finally the daughter, Mary as Myrrha, is described as an impious outcast from civilization, whose greatest sin was her disrupting the natural line of succession thereby breaking both natural as well as divine statutes which resulted in fundamental social confusion.
Finally, taking into account the characteristics, his astral sign of social background, race and his natural inclination, the player decides what role the character will follow.
Finally, it highlights intellectual, moral and spiritual principles, and the responsible social actions which flow from them.
Finally, some common school readiness tests are: Developmental Indicators for the Assessment of Learning-III ( DIAL-III ) which assesses motor, cognitive, and language skills, Denver II which tests motor, social, and language skills, and Home Observation for Measurement of Environment ( HOME ) which is a measure of the extent to which a child ’ s home environment facilitates school readiness.
Finally, against the strong theory and for the weak theory, Searle insists, " it could not be the case, as some have maintained, that all facts are institutional social facts, that there are no brute facts, because the structure of institutional facts reveals that they are logically dependent on brute facts.
Finally, the book explores the social dynamics of a situation where nobody can trust anybody else's judgement, not even their own.
Finally, it seems likely that the social mixing involved in mass evacuation of children, and of service in the armed forces, had increased support for welfare among the middle classes.
Finally, the new Archbishop of Salzburg, Johann Ernst, Count Thun, appointed Biber lord high steward, the highest social rank Biber would attain.
Finally, the spread of democracy and political rights like the freedom of speech made the creation and functioning of social movements much easier.
Finally, the birth of a social movement needs what sociologist Neil Smelser calls an initiating event: a particular, individual event that will begin a chain reaction of events in the given society leading to the creation of a social movement.
Finally, the detrimental effects of micromanagement can extend beyond the " four walls " of a company, especially when the behavior becomes severe enough to force out skilled employees valuable to competitors: Current employees may complain about micromanagement in social settings or to friend-colleagues ( e. g., classmates and / or former co-workers ) affiliated with other firms in a field.
Finally, the socialists's support of the National Union government ( including Alexandre Millerand's nomination as Minister of War ) marked a shift towards the French Section of the Workers ' International's ( SFIO ) turn towards social democracy and participation in " bourgeois governments ", although Léon Blum maintained a socialist rhetoric.
Finally Đilas predicted a period of economic decline, as the political future of the new class was consolidated around a staid programme of corruption and self-interest at the expense of other social classes.
Finally, it also contains a collection of Government Publications and journals in the arts, humanities and social sciences.
Finally, horizontally organized social networks build trust among people and trust is essential for functioning of democratic institutions.
Finally, he is also known for his interdisciplinary approach: he has commented not only on the developments in sociology, but also in anthropology, archaeology, psychology, philosophy, history, linguistics, economics, social work and most recently, political science.

Finally and unrest
Finally, however, after popular unrest Laurent Gbagbo became president and was sworn in on 26 October 2000.

Finally and consequence
Finally, a third-order emergent structure is a consequence of shape, time, and heritable instructions.
Finally, they found four patterns of affect and creativity affect can operate as an antecedent to creativity ; as a direct consequence of creativity ; as an indirect consequence of creativity ; and affect can occur simultaneously with creative activity.
Finally, make the entire statement a material consequence of the uniqueness condition for a functional predicate above.
Jonas presumably feels stung by Laurel who appears to have rejected him, possibly as a consequence of the events in " She's Had a Girl " and / or " Now I Finally See ".

Finally and economic
Finally, while Armenia is not the only ex-Soviet state that has incurred multimillion-dollar debts to Russia over the past decade, it is the only state to have so far given up such a large share of its economic infrastructure to Russia.
Finally, after the riots, the Colombian government was forced to declare the country in a state of economic emergency to seize and stop those schemes.
Finally, more recent eras of economic prosperity among the Norwegians brought a second boom of choral music spread, inside and outside the capital.
Finally, a fair amount of controversy between communist and anti-communist Christians is focused on the many economic parables told by Jesus including the Parable of the Talents in Matthew 25: 14 30 ( a " talent " was a form of money ).
Finally, President Kufuor's good governance policy has led to Ghana obtaining a record $ 500 million grant from the U. S Millennium Challenge Account for economic development.
Finally, on December 28, the government signaled that it was prepared to speed up economic reforms by allowing the State Property Fund to initiate legal action to close 30 loss-making state companies.
Finally, there is the substantivist point that both economic institutions and individual economic activities are embedded in the socio-cultural sphere and can therefore not be analysed in isolation.
Finally, the price and production in the industry stabilizes into its " competitive equilibrium "; the price paid by the consumers are just high enough to cover the average economic cost of producing the product, and the available quantity of the product doubles from its initial sales ( under the monopoly ).
Finally, Husák stabilized Czechoslovakia's relations with its allies by arranging frequent intrabloc exchanges and visits and redirecting Czechoslovakia's foreign economic ties toward greater involvement with socialist nations.
Finally, in order to undertake the tasks of the ESCB, the ECB, assisted by the NCBs, has the task of collecting the necessary statistical information either from the competent national authorities or directly from economic agents.
Finally, the economic advantages had given the Republic the financial wherewithal to build a large navy during the Truce, and enlarge its standing army to a size where it could rival the Spanish military might.
Finally, Deng's policy of asserting the primacy of economic development, while maintaining the rule of the Communist Party, has raised questions about its legitimacy.
Finally, there is economic potential for methane generation, market crops such as flowers, fish, tomatoes, lettuce and other foods tolerant of hydroponic conditions, useful plants or medicinals.
Finally it should be mentioned that war and economic misconduct have led to the dilution of rural resources and periodically very high rural-urban migration.
Finally, studying economics is seen as vital in the modern world because political decisions often concern economic matters, and government decisions are often influenced by economic events.
Finally, by using a looser definition, they can take into account the depth of decline in economic activity.
" Finally, he proposes improving Turkish-Arab ties " olely by granting supreme importance to mutual economic interests.
Finally, parties must take " special measures " to protect children from economic or social exploitation, including setting a minimum age of employment and barring children from dangerous and harmful occupations.
Finally, Overy argued that there is considerable evidence that the German state felt they could master the economic problems of rearmament ; as one civil servant put it in January 1940 " we have already mastered so many difficulties in the past, that here too, if one or other raw material became extremely scarce, ways and means will always yet be found to get out of a fix.
Finally, a sophisticated operations room ( Opsroom ) would provide a space where managers could see relevant economic data, formulate responses to emergencies, and transmit advice and directives to enterprises and factories using the telex network.

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