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Finally and support
Finally, a balance must be effected among project finance, utilization of agricultural surpluses, and general balance of payments support.
Finally, whatever the techniques used, a twin goal is common to all preventive casework service: to cushion or reduce the force of the stress impact while at the same time to encourage and support family members to mobilize and use their ego capacities.
Finally, a third reason was long-term air support for areas with a low threat level ( Iraq, Afghanistan ).
Darwin concluded: " Finally, then, the facts briefly given in this chapter do not seem to me opposed to, but even rather to support the view, that there is no fundamental distinction between species and varieties.
Finally, evaluators themselves may encounter " conflict of interest ( COI )" issues, or experience interference or pressure to present findings that support a particular assessment.
Finally, the victory secured the support of Tecumseh and the other chiefs in his confederation, who took it as both a sign of competence and a willingness to take action.
Finally, sales, marketing and technical support must also facilitate their own operations in the new languages, in order to support customers for the localized products.
Finally, the support of Illus was most likely wavering, given the massacre of the Isaurians allowed by Basiliscus.
Finally, by 1822, the whole system had collapsed because of the irreconcilable differences of opinion among Britain, Austria, and Russia, and because of the lack of support for the Congress system in British public opinion.
Finally in November 1996, after the presidential election, Clinton announced, with Perry's support, that the United States would provide 8, 500 troops to a NATO follow-on force.
Finally, the CPC won considerable support from the Chinese people for being open advocates of the anti-Japanese United Front.
Finally, in 1948, the London County Council presented a site close to the Royal Festival Hall for the purpose, and a " National Theatre Act ", offering financial support, was passed by Parliament in 1949.
Finally, in 1970, the last year of this mandate, Rey managed to win the European governments ' support for his proposal to give the Community " own resources ".
Finally, it seems likely that the social mixing involved in mass evacuation of children, and of service in the armed forces, had increased support for welfare among the middle classes.
Finally, a force of about 100 IJN land-based bombers, fighters, and reconnaissance aircraft at Rabaul and nearby islands were positioned to support.
Finally, the bill allows for the Department of Energy to fund projects that support the development of electric vehicle and smart grid technology and infrastructure.
Finally, in 1971, the BC Socreds formally severed their ties to the federal Socreds in order to make it easier for staunch Tories and Liberals to support it at the provincial level.
Finally, on his firm refusal to support the repeal of the Test and Habeas Corpus Acts, he was dismissed, and his name was struck out of the list of the privy council.
Finally, software development tools and approaches often result in changes throughout a program to accommodate each feature, leading to a large-scale inclusion of code which affects the main operation of the software, and is required in order to support functions that themselves may be only rarely used.
Finally in 1872, the Liberal Republicans, most of them ex-radicals, ran a presidential campaign, and won the support of the Democratic Party for their ticket.
Finally, the GeForce 3's texture sampling units were upgraded to support 8-tap anisotropic filtering, compared to the previous limit of 2-tap with GeForce 2.
Finally, he also criticizes the arguments that democracies treat each other with trust and respect even during crises ; and that democracy might be slow to mobilize its composite and diverse groups and opinions, hindering the start of a war, drawing support from other authors.
Finally, Java Native Interface ( JNI ) and Raw Native Interface ( RNI ) are substituted with P / Invoke ; J # does not support Remote Method Invocation ( RMI ).

Finally and National
Finally there are the parent organizations and the laymen's organizations such as the National Association of Parents and Teachers, and the Citizens Committee on Public Schools.
Finally, in August 1949, the National Army under Marshal Alexander Papagos launched an offensive that forced the remaining insurgents to surrender or flee across the northern border into the territory of Greece's northern Communist neighbors.
Finally, in 1981, the Triglav National Park was officially established in the modern form.
Finally, in January 1999, the National Basketball Association and the National Basketball Players Association reached an agreement on a new collective bargaining agreement.
Finally, in November 2011, the band returned to Australia to headline The Harvest Festival alongside The National, The Flaming Lips, and Bright Eyes.
Finally, in April 1939, regularly scheduled, electronic television in America was initiated by RCA under the name of their broadcasting division at the time, The National Broadcasting Company ( NBC ).
Finally, with the addition of the Big Ten and Pac-10 conferences to the new Bowl Championship Series, the Fiesta Bowl became a permanent fixture in the four year BCS National Championship Game rotation.
Finally it should be added that in Zajc's and Kuhač's era, major halls for musical performances and concerts were built: in Zagreb the building of the Croatian Music Institute ( 1876, 1895 ) with a concert hall, and the building of the Croatian National Theatre ( 1895 ), including the theatre buildings in Rijeka ( 1885 ), Split ( 1893 ) and Osijek ( 1907 ) where, along with the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb, drama, opera and ballet performances are still played today.
Finally, on May 18, 1848 the National Assembly opened its session in St. Paul's Church.
Finally in 1951, Cole, in an addendum to the minutes of Royal Institution, proved that the presentation of the events adopted in the article in the Dictionary of National Biography, and also later in the Allgemeinen Deutschen Biographie ( according to which Accum was embroiled in charges of embezzlement as librarian of the Royal Institution and escaped to Germany ), did not correspond to the facts.
Finally, Farmer was asked to propose his idea in front of the FOR National Council.
Finally, the National Assembly could be dissolved after two ministerial crises in the legislature.
Finally, Luth does the coloring, described as an unenviable task, since Aragonés ' artwork is usually quite detailed ( with fancy clothing, building and nature scenes inspired by National Geographic and other sources ) and can be full of hundreds of people in one scene.
Finally, in 2004, Aerosvit Airlines became The official air carrier of the National Olympic team of Ukraine for the XXVIII Olympic Summer Games held in 2004 in Athens.
Finally the Judicial Yuan decided that the National Assembly, Legislative Yuan, and Control Yuan resembled the parliament.
Finally, in 1982, Doordarshan as a National Broadcaster came into existence.
Finally, in February, 1890 the newly-unified National American Woman Suffrage Association held its first convention in Washington, D. C., combining the AWSA and NWSA memberships.
Finally, the chosen name is PKB ( National Awakening Party ).
Finally, Article 13 clearly responds to the Canadian federal Clarity Act by stating: " No other parliament or government may reduce the powers, authority, sovereignty or legitimacy of the National Assembly, or impose constraint on the democratic will of the Québec people to determine its own future.
Finally, the deputies of the National Assembly have the right to question the prime minister and other members of government.
Finally, in 1961, the Air Force General Staff decided to form a single aerobatic team, the Pattuglia Acrobatica Nazionale ( National Aerobatic Patrol ).

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