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Finally and there
Finally, there is the undeniable fact that some of the finest American fiction is being written by Jews, but it is not Jewish fiction ; ;
Finally, there is the question of how strongly an expressed opinion is held -- whether it is a firm opinion or one that the respondent favors only slightly over the alternatives.
Finally there are the parent organizations and the laymen's organizations such as the National Association of Parents and Teachers, and the Citizens Committee on Public Schools.
Finally, there was a wide area of agreement on the value of the President's making a final effort in the summit spotlight for a nuclear test accord.
Finally, there was also a strange group of giant marine amoeboids, the xenophyophores, that did not fall into any of these categories.
Finally it was in this region that there arose certain early glosses ( e. g., 19: 9 ; 20: 15 ), probably the earliest of those referred to below.
Finally, there is total angular momentum J, which combines both the spin and orbital angular momentum of all particles and fields.
Finally, although Dio states that Crassus was voted a Triumph in Rome by the Senate, there is no evidence in inscriptions of that year ( 27 BC ) that it was actually celebrated.
Finally, some archaeologists consider broch sites individually, doubting that there ever was a single common purpose for which every broch was constructed.
Finally there is a strong influence by the work The Meaning of Meaning by C. K. Ogden and I.
Finally, if the Triangle is assumed to cross land, such as parts of Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, or Bermuda itself, there is no evidence for the disappearance of any land-based vehicles or persons.
Finally, there is Shu Lien.
Finally there are those archaeologists and evolutionary anthropologists – among them Ian Watts, Camilla Power and Chris Knight ( co-founder with James Hurford of the EVOLANG series of conferences ) — who argue that ' the origin of language ' is probably an insoluble problem.
Finally it is wise to say that there exist a Constitutional Court.
Finally, there are names which designate a variety of objects.
Finally there may not be three players touching the ball at one time.
Finally, teams from the Premier League and Football League Championship enter at the Third Round Proper, at which point there are 64 teams remaining in the competition.
Finally, there is an argument that Frigg and Freyja are similar goddesses from different pantheons who were first conflated into each other and then later seen as separate goddesses again ( see also Frige ).
Finally, there was a more pronounced conflict between Christianity and socialism in the north.
Finally, there was a desire to see local administration performed by elected officials, as in the reformed municipal boroughs.
Finally, there were the English or " Angles ", Germanic invaders who had overrun much of southern Britain and held the Kingdom of Bernicia, in the south-east.
Finally, he returned across the mountains to Baghdad, arriving there in June 1327.
Finally, there are sundry bags and containers for holding knitting, yarns and needles.
The 9th-century Historia Brittonum also refers to this tale, with the boar there named Troy ( n ) t. Finally, Arthur is mentioned numerous times in the Welsh Triads, a collection of short summaries of Welsh tradition and legend which are classified into groups of three linked characters or episodes in order to assist recall.
) Finally, there are situations in which the expiration of a monarch ’ s reign is set based either on the calendar or on the achievement of certain goals ( repulse of invasion, for instance.

Finally and are
Finally, the theatrical ( and perversely erotic ) notions of dressing up, cosmetics, disguise, and especially change of costume ( or singularity of costume, as with Cipolla ), are characteristically associated with the catastrophes of Mann's stories.
'' Finally, after almost being beaten to death by a madman -- he could not fight back because madmen are sacred to Islam -- he throws up his mission and returns to Europe.
Finally, maintenance costs on plastic signs are much lower than on fragile neon signs.
Finally, just as no different issues are posed for thoughtful analysis by the foreshortening of time that may yet pass before the end of human life on this earth, but only stimulation and alarm to the imagination, the same thing must be said in connection with the question of what we may perhaps already be doing, by human action, to accelerate this end.
Finally Praxiteles seems to be released from any art and religious conformities, and his masterpieces are a mixture of naturalism with stylization.
Finally, sets of islands formed close to the coast of a continent are considered continental archipelagos when they form part of the same continental shelf so islands are just exposed continental shelf.
Finally, the statistical moments of the concatenated history are computed from the central moments:
) Finally, the past tense and past participle of dwell and kneel are more commonly dwelt and knelt in both standards, with dwelled and kneeled as common variants in the US but not in the UK.
Finally, the Captain's troops are able to round everyone up.
Finally all of these dominions are crushed by God's kingdom, a kingdom that will " endure forever ".
Finally financial statements are drawn from the trial balance, which may include:
Finally, if light pressure were the motive force, the radiometer would spin in the opposite direction, as the photons on the shiny side being reflected would deposit more momentum than on the black side where the photons are absorbed.
The phrase in question reads " et Dunenaldus filius Ede elig < sub > 7 </ sub >".</ ref > Finally, the deaths of Flann Sinna and Niall Glúndub are recorded.
Finally, full disclosure helps to ensure that when bugs are found the " window of vulnerability " is kept as short as possible.
* Finally, the palatal clicks,, are made with a flat tongue, and are sharper popping sounds than the clicks.
Finally, in order to improve performance, older data are usually periodically purged from operational systems.
Finally, even during climatic extremes, some parts of the continent always remain relatively exempt: for example, the tropical north stays fairly warm and wet in all climatic circumstances ; alpine valleys are less affected by drought, and so on.
Finally, past life leaves some markers that cannot be seen but can be detected in the form of biochemical signals ; these are known as chemofossils or biomarkers.

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