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First and Thoughts
Ada Summers photo appeared in the weekly journal Great Thoughts, 5 June 1920, alongside an interview on " The First Woman JP " on her work.
They produced a paper, entitled " First Thoughts ", on July 14, 1943 outlining many of the concepts that would later form the Bodyguard plan.
Another later addition to witch skills, established in Maskerade, but first named in the Aching books, are First Sight — seeing what's really there instead of what you hope to, expect to, or what others see — and Second Thoughts — thinking about the way you're thinking.
It also sponsors a blog called " First Thoughts ".
Flanagan later published the controversial First Nations, Second Thoughts, which critiqued the report of the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples.
* “ Thoughts on the Text of the Speech & Press Clauses of the First Amendment ,” 29 Delaware Lawyer 8 (# 4, Winter, 2011 / 2012 )
* Free Thoughts: BBC Radio Series Simon Critchley talking about being ' The First Free Thinker '.

First and Life
First The Life Of John Bright appeared and seven years later Lord Grey Of The Reform Bill.
The First American: The Life and Times of Benjamin Franklin ( 2000 )- excellent long scholarly biography excerpt and text search
* Baby: A Portrait of the First Two Years of Life ( 2008 )
* Fiensy, David A., " Population, Architecture, and Economy in Lower Galilean Villages and Towns in the First Century AD: A Brief Survey ," in John D. Wineland, Mark Ziese, James Riley Estep Jr. ( eds ), My Father's World: Celebrating the Life of Reuben G. Bullard ( Eugene ( OR ), Wipf & Stock, 2011 ), 101-119.
The Life and Times of the First President of the Royal Academy ( London: Allen Lane, 2003 ).
" The Life and Times of Edward Bass, First Bishop of Massachusetts ".
* Letters, The Life of Paulus the First Hermit, The Life of S. Hilarion, The Life of Malchus, the Captive Monk, The Dialogue Against the Luciferians, The Perpetual Virginity of Blessed Mary, Against Jovinianus, Against Vigilantius, To Pammachius against John of Jerusalem, Against the Pelagians, Prefaces ( CCEL )
First edition of The Art of Prolonging Human Life ", 1797
In his 1870 memoir, Army Life in a Black Regiment, New England abolitionist Thomas Wentworth Higginson ( later editor of Emily Dickinson ), described how he wrote down and preserved Negro spirituals or " shouts " while serving an a colonel in the First South Carolina Volunteers, the first authorized Union Army regiment recruited from freedmen during the Civl War ( memorialized in the 1989 film Glory ).
Other books written by him include a biography of the Islamic prophet Muhammad titled " First and the Last ", while his other books are focused more on the relation between Islam and science like Miraculous Quran, Life After Death and Doomsday, and Kitab-e-Zindagi ( in Urdu ).
Upstairs at the White House: My Life with the First Ladies.
* Poems of Rural Life, in the Dorset dialect, First collection ( Third edition, 1862 ), full text at Google
* Yuri Gagarin: First Man in Space-slideshow by Life magazine
* Robert Lacey and Danny Danziger The Year 1000: What Life Was Like at the Turn of the First Millennium ( 1999 ) ISBN 0-316-55840-0
* America's First Space Walk-slideshow by Life magazine
The Life of Paulus the First Hermit.
The Life of John Hughes: First Archbishop of New York.
St. Francis ' first biographer, Thomas of Celano, reports the event as follows in his 1230 First Life of St. Francis:
The album's other tracks are " Goodbye Sunshine ", " Steal Your Heart ", " Day by Day ", " Ready for Love ", " Ready for Love ( Refrain )", " Hang Out Your Poetry ", " Turn It Over ", " Trust ", " 2 of 1 ", " First Day of My Life ", " Breathless ", " Living in a Paradise ", and " Livin ' It Up ".
Its full titles are The Cronicle History of Henry the fift ( in the First Quarto text ) and The Life of Henry the Fifth ( in the First Folio text ).
Facsimile of the first page of The Life of Henry the Fifth from the First Folio, published in 1623
The Motion Picture Herald placed Crawford on its list of the top-ten moneymaking stars from 1932, the first year of the poll, through 1936 and Life magazine proclaimed her " First Queen of the Movies " in 1937.

First and Letters
As he stated in his First Letters to Serapion, he held on to " the tradition, teaching, and faith proclaimed by the apostles and guarded by the fathers.
Petrarch, the First Modern Scholar and Man of Letters Harvard University
Balakirev began his First Symphony after completing the Second Overture but cut work short to concentrate on the Overture on Czech Themes, recommencing on the symphony only 30 years later and not finishing it until 1897. Letters from Balakirev to Stasov and Cui indicate that the first movement was two-thirds completed and the final movement sketched out, though he would supply a new theme for the finale many years later.
First Through Grand Canyon: The Secret Journals & Letters of the 1869 Crew Who Explored the Green and Colorado Rivers ( Paperback ).
With regards to the continuity issue of the First Evil impersonating dead people, and Warren being " saved " by Amy, Whedon clarified in the Letters column of a later issue by stating that Warren had been legally dead for " like a second ".
In 1998 Brittain's First World War letters were edited by Alan Bishop and Mark Bostridge and published under the title Letters from a Lost Generation.
First page of the first volume: The Jerome # Letters | Epistle of St. Jerome from the University of Texas copy.
In Albert's Shadow: The Life and Letters of Mileva Marić, Einstein's First Wife.
: One-Leg: The Life and Letters of Henry William Paget, First Marquess of Anglesey, KG, 1768 – 1854.
First appearing in The Mystery of the Disappearing Cat, she reappears in The Mystery of the Spiteful Letters, when the children question her about the regular passengers on the 10: 15 Monday bus to Sheepsale.
Our First Ambassador to China: An Account of the Life of George, Earl of Macartney with Extracts from His Letters, and the Narrative of His Experiences in China, as Told by Himself, 1737 – 1806, from Hitherto Unpublished Correspondence and Documents.
First, he wrote the Five Letters to explain what he had done and why, and between 1528 and 1530, he traveled to see the emperor in Toledo, Spain.
The Letters to the inhabitants of Canada were three letters written by the First and Second Continental Congresses in 1774, 1775, and 1776 to communicate directly with the population of the Province of Quebec, formerly the French province of Canada, which had no representative system at the time.
* Frequently Used First Letters in European Active Devices
" Whereas the late King James the Second, by the Assistance of divers evil Counsellors, Judges, and Ministers, employed by Him, did endeavour to subvert and extirpate the Protestant Religion, and the Laws and Liberties of this Kingdom ..( b ) y assuming and exercising a Power of dispensing with and suspending of Laws, and the Execution of Laws, without Consent of Parliament ....( b ) y causing several good Subjects, being Protestants, to be disarmed, at the same Time when Papists were both armed and employed contrary to Law ...( a ) ll which are utterly and directly contrary to the known Laws and Statutes and Freedom of this Realm ..... the said Lords Spiritual and Temporal and Commons, pursuant to their respective Letters and Elections, being now assembled in a full and free Representative of this Nation, taking into their most serious Consideration the best Means for attaining the Ends aforesaid, do in the First Place ( as their Ancestors in like Case have usually done ), for the vindicating and asserting their ancient Rights and Liberties, Declare ,.... That the Subjects which are Protestants may have Arms for their Defence, suitable to their Condition, and as allowed by Law.
First Lady Hillary Clinton wrote a children's book called Dear Socks, Dear Buddy: Kids ' Letters to the First Pets in 1998.
In 1991 The Quincunx was awarded the Sue Kaufman Prize for First Fiction by the American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters which is given for the best first novel published in North America.
* First and Second Letters to Timothy, Luke Timothy Johnson, 2001
* Letters to Alice: On First Reading Jane Austen ( 1984 )
Gray made her theater directing debut with play Murder in the First, and other acting stage work includes Terms of Endearment, The Vagina Monologues, Agnes of God and Love Letters.
* Beatty, Joseph M., Jr. " The Letters of Judge Henry Wynkoop, Representative From Pennsylvania to the First Congress of the United States.
In addition, Section 2709 of the Act, which allowed the FBI to issue National Security Letters ( NSLs ) to Internet service providers ( ISPs ) ordering them to disclose records about their customers, was ruled unconstitutional under the First and Fourth Amendments in ACLU v. Ashcroft ( 2004 ).

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