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Fitzroy and has
Melbourne, too, has lost venues, including the Continental in Prahran and the Punters Club in Fitzroy.
Fitzroy Maclean's autobiography Eastern Approaches has a chapter devoted to this trial, which he witnessed while working in Moscow for the British Foreign Office.
The gorge has been formed by the Fitzroy River and the level of the river in the wet season can rise by up to.
Fitzroy Island has been put to many uses by humankind.
The Island has also been home to lighthouses warning ships in the Grafton Passage of the reefs around the island, and a small automatic light on Little Fitzroy Island, just off the north-east point, still serves this purpose.
FitzRoy has been commemorated by the Fitzroy Building at the University of Plymouth, used by the School of Earth, Ocean and Environmental Science.
* Virginia Woolf has a plaque where she lived between 1907-1911 in 29 Fitzroy Square, London, W1
The St Kilda Lawn Bowls Club on Fitzroy Street has a long history and retains its heritage clubhouse building as well as hosts many community events.
The Club is ruled by Anthony Shaw, a descendant of Sebastian Shaw ; he also has an illegitimate son, Trevor Fitzroy.
Scarred tree in Fitzroy Gardens, Melbourne | Fitzroy Gardens, the scar is left after a canoe has been cut out of the trunk
The Fitzroy Town Hall has been given over to the regional library and for use as a community space.
The suburb has a light rail station in the north at Fraser Street while the St Kilda Metropol light rail station is just outside the south east border as well as three additional tram superstops along Fitzroy Street
Since the amalgamation of the City of Fitzroy with the City of Collingwood and the City of Richmond in 1994 to form the City of Yarra, the Town Hall has functioned as secondary offices for the City of Yarra.
Fitzroy has a large number of pubs for such a small suburb.
The tiny suburb of Fitzroy has many cafes.
Fitzroy has also featured in episodes of a number of Australian TV shows, including City Homicide and Rush ( notably in Season 3, where the team shot at Fitzroy Town Hall to commemorate the death of a former colleague ).
Most notably, ARIA award winner Dan Sultan has the song Old Fitzroy, the black and white video for which is shot entirely in Fitzroy, featuring shots of and from Atherton Gardens, as well as shots of a number of Fitzroy pubs.
The City of Yarra also supports a car sharing service, which has several locations in Fitzroy.
Fitzroy North also has some distinctive apartment complexes, mostly built within the last 15 years.
North Fitzroy Primary School has received state media attention for its canteen's healthy menu.

Fitzroy and thriving
Arriving in the Falklands, Fitzroy expected to find the thriving settlement reported by another British officer.

Fitzroy and street
Prominent street art precincts include ; Fitzroy, Collingwood, Northcote, Brunswick, St. Kilda and the CBD, where stencil and sticker art is prominent.
A skate park for the Fitzroy street end of Albert Park is in the planning stages.
Various kinds of street art adorn many buildings throughout Fitzroy
Brunswick Street runs north-south through the inner northern Melbourne suburbs of Fitzroy and Fitzroy North, from Victoria Parade at its southernmost end, crossing Alexandra Parade, and continuing until it reaches St Georges Road in Fitzroy North, near the Edinburgh Gardens ; there, its former northward course is continued by a much smaller residential street named Brunswick Street North.
Joseph Crook is believed to have built the first house in Chapel Street in 1849, when the street was known as Fitzroy Road.
In 2009 this exhibition series featured a premier event from T. J. Bateson, a group show, TransMasculinities, which explored aspects of gender, as well as a range of work at the artist run gallery initiative 69 Smith Street on the street of the same name, in Melbourne's Fitzroy.
The gardens are bounded by Wellington Parade, Spring Street, Treasury Place, and by the Fitzroy Gardens across Lansdowne street to the west.

Fitzroy and community
Many working-class Chinese immigrants also settled in Fitzroy due to its proximity to Chinatown, with also a noticeable Vietnamese community ; a small enclave of Africans lives there, and the area ( particularly Johnston Street ) serves as a centre of Melbourne's Hispanic community, with many Spanish and Latin American-themed restaurants, clubs, bars and some stores.
A long tradition of community activism and civil society with many social and community service organisations having been based in Fitzroy.
Often referred to as the " forgotten " end of the Capricorn Coast, the rural and seaside communities south of the major population centres have two principal commons ; they are centred around the life-giving waterways in the area, such as Coorooman Creek, Nankin Creek, Limestone Creek, and the Fitzroy River, and they are extremely rich in strength of community.
* Rushall Garden, a community garden in North Fitzroy.
In 1941 Nicholls received his call-up notice and he joined the 29th Battalion but, in 1942, at the request of the Fitzroy police, he was released from his unit to work as a social worker in the Fitzroy Aboriginal community.

Fitzroy and is
The Fitzroy Tavern is a pub situated at 16 Charlotte Street in the Fitzrovia district, to which it gives its name.
Of particular interest is the name Fitzroy, meaning " son ====
Her work is depicted in four stained glass windows in an adjoining hall at St Mark's Anglican Church in Fitzroy, Victoria.
The park is one of the most accessible in the Kimberley as it is only from Fitzroy Crossing and is serviced by a bitumen road.
Fitzroy Island National Park is a gazetted protected area covering Fitzroy Island, Queensland ( also called Koba or Gabar ), a continental island located 22 kilometres east of Cairns, Queensland ( Australia ).
Welcome Bay, Fitzroy IslandFitzroy Island is a continental island, not a coral cay.
It became an island when sea levels rose at the end of the last ice age, flooding a plain between a hill that is now Fitzroy Island, and what is now Cape Grafton.
There is a walking track that takes in the northern end of the island, the lighthouse on the north-west point which overlooks Little Fitzroy Island, and the island's peak, which offers stunning 360 degree views over the surrounding reefs and Cape Grafton.
The snorkelling at Fitzroy is greatly underrated.
It is unlikely that box jellyfish would be encountered at Fitzroy Island due to the 4 km passage between the island and the mainland, but they have been found there occasionally, as well as other stinging jellyfish.
Fitzroy Island is serviced by the Fitzroy Flyer, a power catamaran operating out of the Marlin Marina in Cairns.
The Fitzroy Football Club, formerly nicknamed The Lions, is an Australian rules football club formed in 1883 to represent the inner Melbourne suburb of Fitzroy, Victoria and was a foundation member club of the Victorian Football League ( now the Australian Football League ) on its inception in 1897.
Popular attractions include Riverbank Parklands, a riverfront parkland attraction located on the banks of Fitzroy River ; the Capricorn Coast, the coastal strip between Yeppoon and Emu Park and Great Keppel Island, a large neighbouring island off the Capricorn Coast, the vast majority of which is national park.
The city is located on the banks of the Fitzroy River, approximately 40 kilometres from the river mouth.
* The annual Brownlow Medal is awarded to Haydn Bunton senior ( Fitzroy )
St Kilda is home to many of Melbourne's famous visitor attractions including Luna Park, the Esplanade Hotel, Acland Street and Fitzroy Street.
Summerland Mansions built in 1920 on Fitzroy Street is another notable block in the " mansion flats " style, a style rare in Melbourne.

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