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Following and Carter's
Following negative fan reactions to Carter's cancelled leadership within the team, Ben Browder noted the production difficulties that came with Amanda Tapping's maternity leave, and pointed out that new leaders are brought in routinely into units the military.
Following the election, the USLP brought lawsuits in three states challenging Carter's victory.
Following negative fan reactions to Carter's cancelled leadership within the team ( she commanded SG-1 throughout season 8 ), Browder noted the production difficulties that came with Amanda Tapping's maternity leave, and claimed that new leaders are brought in routinely into units in military reality.

Following and loss
Following his loss of power, he was exiled to Moscow.
Following Cyclops ' possession by the mutant villain Apocalypse and apparent death, Jean continues with the X-Men, but is distraught by the loss of her husband.
Following the loss, the Senators sank all the way to seventh place in 1934, and attendance began to fall.
Following a merger, the vertically integrated firm can collect one deadweight loss by setting the downstream firm's output to the competitive level.
Following their Super Bowl loss, they returned to the playoffs in 1986, but lost in the first round.
* 2008 – Following the bankruptcies of Lehman Brothers and Washington Mutual, The Dow Jones Industrial Average falls 777. 68 points, the largest single-day point loss in its history.
Following the loss of Gascony to the French in 1453, imports of wine were also sometimes embargoed during wars to try to deprive the French of the revenues that could be earned from their main export.
Following the Civil War, the family had fallen on harder times with the temporary loss of civil and some property rights for those who aided the Confederacy.
Following the dissolution of the Comecon and the loss of its traditional trading partners, Vietnam was forced to liberalize trade, devalue its exchange rate to increase exports, and embark on a policy of economic development.
Following this crushing loss Willkie withdrew from the race.
Following the loss of Britain's ports in thirteen of its former continental colonies, Bermuda was also used as a stop-over point between Canada and Britain's Caribbean possessions, and assumed a new strategic prominence for the Royal Navy.
Following the moment of launch ( i. e., initial loss of contact with the substrate ), a jumper will traverse a parabolic path.
Following the loss of this chiefdom ( which has since been restored to the family ) in the Apartheid era, the Mandelas retained their positions as nobles of the Transkei.
Following the Esperanza Fire ( Cabazon, 2006 ) that resulted in the deaths of five Forest Service employees, several wildland firefighters began to try to locate the family members and written record of former Tribal Member Frank Rios who was killed in a wildfire in October 1967 in the same area, so that his story can be told and remembered, and that his family can be properly honored for their service and their loss.
Following the party's third consecutive loss, Stanfield decided to resign the leadership.
Following the financial loss of the tour, it was decided that Glyndebourne would not send out any more tours, and in response, Britten along with Peter Pears, his librettist Eric Crozier and designer John Piper set up The English Opera Group with the express role of presenting new opera on tour.
867 Following the loss of York, Osberht and Ælla formed an alliance against the Danes.
Following the Mets ' loss in the 1999 NLCS, the New York press made much of a card game between Henderson and Bobby Bonilla.
Following the loss of Britain's ports in thirteen of its former continental colonies after the American War of 1812, Bermuda assumed a new strategic prominence for the Royal Navy.
* Following the loss by Athens and its allies in the Battle of Mantinea, a political " tug of war " takes place in Athens.
Following the playoff loss, Tony DiLeo returned to his front office job, creating a head coaching vacancy.
Following their post-season loss to the Islanders in 1976, Vancouver did not have another winning season for sixteen years, though they made the playoffs nine times in that span.
Following a 1 – 3 loss at Sporting Gijón on 2 November 2008, Numancia reached a total of 200 goals against in the top division, reaching 44th in the all-time list.
Following the resignation of England manager Kevin Keegan after a home loss to Germany in October 2000, the Football Association specifically pursued Eriksson as his replacement.
Following Russia's loss of the traditionally popular resorts of the Crimean peninsula ( transferred away from the Russian SFSR to the Ukrainian SSR in 1954 by Nikita Khrushchev ), Sochi emerged as the unofficial summer capital of the country.

Following and 1980
Following the fall of the Shah of Iran and the Iran Hostage Crisis in 1979 – 1980, the West became concerned with ensuring the flow of oil from the Persian Gulf through the Strait of Hormuz, and the US received permission for a $ 400 million expansion of the military facilities on Diego Garcia consisting of two parallel runways, expansive parking aprons for heavy bombers, 20 new anchorages in the lagoon, a deep water pier, port facilities for the largest naval vessels in the US or British fleet, aircraft hangars, maintenance buildings and an air terminal, a fuel storage area, and billeting and messing facilities for thousands of sailors and support personnel.
Following the dissolution of the Republican Party in 1876, the True Whig Party dominated the Liberian government until the 1980 coup, eventually creating what was effectively a one-party state.
Following Labour's 1979 general election defeat by Margaret Thatcher, James Callaghan remained party leader for the next 18 months before he resigned and Foot was elected Labour leader on 4 November 1980, beating Denis Healey in the second round of the leadership election ( the last leadership contest to involve only Labour MPs ).
Following the success of the National Lampoon – backed Animal House, Mad lent its name in 1980 to a similarly risque comedy film, Up the Academy.
Following the death of his younger brother Sanjay Gandhi in 1980 Rajiv entered politics.
Following his younger brother's death in 1980, Gandhi was pressured by Indian National Congress party politicians and his mother to enter politics.
Following these movies, a third season of the TV series was produced, broadcast on Japanese television in 1980.
Following the 1980 federal elections, the Libertarian Party assumed the title of being the third largest party after the American Independent Party, which had previously been the third largest political party, continued to fracture.
Following the introduction of the Bacteriological code, it was accepted as valid in 1980
Following Baryshnikov's appointment as artistic director of American Ballet Theatre in 1980, he worked with various modern choreographers, most notably Twyla Tharp.
Following a difficult production, The Empire Strikes Back was released on May 21, 1980, and initially received mixed reviews from critics, although it has since grown in esteem, becoming one of the most popular chapters in the Star Wars saga and one of the most highly-rated films in history.
Following the Iowa caucuses, Meese joined the 1980 Reagan presidential campaign full-time as chief of staff in charge of day-to-day campaign operations and senior issues adviser.
Following a financial crisis in 1980, new management was brought into ICL ( Christopher Laidlaw as chairman, and Robb Wilmot as managing director ).
Following the organization ’ s heed, more than one-fifth of Moral Majority supporters voted for Reagan in 1980 that had supported Carter in 1976.
" Following the Mariel boatlift in 1980, 10, 000 Cubans settled in New Jersey, leading to a second wave of Cubans to Union City, which totaled 15, 000 by 1994.
Following the 1980 Iran hostage crisis, SAC tasked the former 57th Air Division to organize the Strategic Projection Force.
Following the loss at the 1980 Mr. Olympia, Mentzer reportedly ran into numerous problems.
Following up on Wigner, Richard Hamming ( 1980 )
Following a trend set by Black Christmas, Silent Night, Bloody Night, Halloween and Friday the 13th ( as well as To All a Good Night, a slasher film with a Christmas setting released in January 1980 and preceding Friday the 13th by four months ), many films of the era used special days or holidays as a motif.
Following the transition to independent Zimbabwe in 1980, some Special Branch members were incorporated within the South African security services, while others found ready employment in the Persian Gulf states.
Following Siegel's departure for rival WCBS-TV, the show reverted to the A. M. New York name until its cancellation in 1980, by which point it had been hosted by Janet Langhart and Clay Cole.
Following the coup d ' état of September 12, 1980, headed by Kenan Evren, he was banned from involvement in active politics for ten years.
Following an announcement at the beginning of December 1980, Senghor resigned his position at the end of the year, before the end of his fifth term.
Following an unsuccessful move to the United States in 1975, the band's popularity waned but was unexpectedly revived in 1980 when they were last minute replacements for Ozzy Osbourne at the Reading Rock Festival.

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