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Following and protracted
Following a protracted legal process culminating in a court ruling favorable to the Bahá ' ís, the interior minister of Egypt released a decree on April 14, 2009, amending the law to allow Egyptians who are not Muslim, Christian, or Jewish to obtain identification documents that list dash in place of one of the three recognized religions.
Following a protracted struggle, the autonomy of Greece was first recognized by the Great Powers ( the United Kingdom, France, and Russia ) in 1828.
Following protracted negotiations, the city purchased the Chavez Ravine property back from the Federal Housing Authority at a drastically reduced price, with the stipulation that the land be used for a public purpose.
Following protracted warfare in the 4th century BC Spartan women owned approximately between 35 % and 40 % of all Spartan land and property.
Following a protracted series about Elbonia, the boss reappeared on October 21, 1991, without the jowls and with the pointed hair.
Following the principle of protracted people's war, PCdoB undertook to transfer your pictures to the field, initiating the formation of a peasant army.
Following protracted negotiations with the MR over the method of electrification to be used the first electrified section of the MDR was opened in 1903.
Following the collapse of the Star League in 2781, the league's constituent states fell into a protracted struggle for supremacy known as the Succession Wars.
Following a protracted period of factional struggle, in 1916 the party's anti-war forces gained decisive control of the party and saw the defection of its pro-war Right Wing.
Following a protracted Siege of Valenciennes the city was captured and occupied in July by Anglo-Austrian forces under the Duke of York and the Prince of Saxe-Coburg, and only retaken by the French Revolutionary armies in August 1794.
Following a seven-year apprenticeship, he tramped around until his next protracted stay, with the Pittsburgh Chronicle.
Following the Japanese invasion, the occupying Japanese forces were initially welcomed by Acehnese nationalist as liberators though differences led to protracted resistance by Islamic-inspired rebels, culminating in a rebellion at Bayu.
Following protracted negotiations between 25 September and 20 November 1939, the Norwegians agreed to charter 150 tankers, as well as other ships with a tonnage of 450, 000 gross tons.
Following protracted and fruitless negotiations with Satsuma that had taken over a year, the British Chargé d ' affaires eventually had had enough.
Following a protracted investigation ( during which time Fairburn resigned from the mission ), in 1848 the Commission disallowed Fairburn's original claim, awarding him instead a much smaller grant of just under.
Following a protracted siege, the city's walls were breached and fighting commenced within the city.
Following twenty-five years of protracted warfare, J.
Following the last failed attempt at adoption by the shogun, Sadanobu was adopted by Matsudaira Sadakuni, head of one of the Hisamatsu-Matsudaira houses ( another Tokugawa cadet branch ), which ruled the Shirakawa Domain in southern ( Mutsu Province with an assessment of 110, 000 koku ), succeeding to headship in late 1783 following his stepfather's protracted illness.
Following protracted and sometimes tense talks, a new agreement was signed whereby the lease was extended till the end of March 1979 at a vastly increased rent.

Following and battle
Following his close friend Milton Caniff's lead ( with Steve Canyon ), Capp had recently fought a successful battle with the syndicate to gain complete ownership of his feature when the Shmoos debuted.
Following the rapid change from a loose formation to a rigid line of battle both fleets raised their colours ; each British ship added additional Union Flags in its rigging in case its main flag was shot away.
Following a long legal battle, it was not until the mid-1990s that Chelsea's future at the stadium was secured and renovation work resumed.
Following Adam Ramanauskas ' personal battle with cancer, a ' Clash for Cancer ' match against Melbourne was launched in 2006.
Following the unexpected carnage at the battle of Shiloh in April 1862, the Ohio state government sent 3 steamboats to the scene as floating hospitals with doctors, nurses and medical supplies.
Following the battle, Locksley plays host to King Richard.
Following the Royal Navy's revenge at the Battle of the Falkland Islands a month later, the only surviving German cruiser, SMS Dresden, was finally hunted down and cornered at Más a Tierra early in 1915, where she was scuttled after a brief battle with British cruisers.
Following the March 30, 1854 battle of Cieneguilla, Lieutenant Colonel Philip St. George Cooke of the Second Regiment of Dragoons organized an expedition to pursue the Jicarilla.
Following the death in battle of Macbeth in 1057, the king's followers placed Lulach on the throne.
Following the battle of Tinchebray in 1106, Henry confiscated the County of Mortain from William, the Count of Mortain, and the Honour of Eye, a large lordship previously owned by Robert Malet.
Following the FSLN's defeat at the battle of Pancasán in 1967, the organization adopted the " Prolonged Popular War " ( Guerra Popular Prolongada, GPP ) theory as its strategic doctrine.
Following this battle, Milan and the rest of Lombardy were incorporated into the Kingdom of Sardinia, which soon gained control of most of Italy and in 1861 was rechristened as the Kingdom of Italy.
Following the battle, Washington pulled back several miles and established Fort Necessity, which the French attacked on July 3.
Following Spain's victory over the Austrians at the battle of Bitonto, it proved inexpedient to reunite Naples and Sicily to Spain, so as a compromise Charles became King of Naples, as Charles IV and VII of Sicily.
Following Cyrus the Great's conquest of the Near East and Central Asia, Cambyses II further expanded the empire into Egypt during the Late Period by defeating the Egyptian pharaoh Psamtik III during the battle of Pelusium in 525 BCE.
Following Cadwallon's death in battle the following year, his successor Cadafael ap Cynfeddw also allied himself with Penda against Northumbria but thereafter Gwynedd, like the other Welsh kingdoms, was mainly engaged in defensive warfare against the growing power of Mercia.
Following a renewed invasion by France in ( 1689 ), he again led his troops into battle to protect Franconia.
Following the bloody but inconclusive Battle of the Wilderness, Grant's army disengaged from Confederate General Robert E. Lee's army and moved to the southeast, attempting to lure Lee into battle under more favorable conditions.
Following the battle of Brännkyrka in 1518, where Sten Sture's troops beat the Danish forces, it was decided that Sten Sture and King Christian would meet in Österhaninge for
Following this battle, Ali fought a battle against Muawiyah, known as the Battle of Siffin.
Following the battle, a large group of Ali's soldiers, who resented his decision to submit the dispute to arbitration, broke away from Ali's force, rallying under the slogan, " arbitration belongs to God alone.
Following a fierce battle, the CPC captured Jinan and Shandong province on September 24, 1948.
Following the Franco-American alliance, Lapérouse fought against the Royal Navy off the American coast, and victoriously led the frigate Astree in the Naval battle of Louisbourg, 21 July 1781.

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