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Following and public
Following public demonstrations against Ter-Petrosyan's policies on Nagorno-Karabakh, the President resigned in January 1998 and was replaced by Prime Minister Robert Kocharyan, who was elected President in March 1998.
Following a 12-year inquiry, Saville's report was made public on 15 June 2010, and contained findings of fault that could re-open the controversy, and potentially lead to criminal investigations for some soldiers involved in the killings.
Following the war, Japanese conservatives briefly returned to politics but were largely purged from public office.
Following the fall of the Derg regime in 1991, Abune Merkorios abdicated under public and governmental pressure and went to exile in the United States.
Following Earnhardt's death, a police investigation and a NASCAR-sanctioned investigation commenced ; nearly every detail was made public, from the finding of a torn seatbelt inside Earnhardt's car to graphic descriptions of the injuries Earnhardt had suffered at the moment of impact.
Following some public disputes with Manicheans, Diocletian ordered that the leading followers of Mani be burnt alive along with their scriptures.
Following a prolonged period of retirement during the 50s, he returned to public office under Nero, serving as proconsul of the Africa province in 63, and accompanying the emperor during an official tour of Greece in 66.
Following the birth of Princess Aiko, there was public debate about amending the current Imperial Household Law to allow women to succeed to the throne.
Following his Senate term, Schmitt has been a consultant in business, geology, space, and public policy.
Following the French Revolution, other commentators fingered a potential danger of Rousseau ’ s project of realizing an “ antique ” conception of virtue amongst the citizenry in a modern world ( e. g. through education, physical exercise, a citizen militia, public holidays, and the like ).
Following heavy investment in road construction from the 1950s onwards, public transport patronage fell nationwide.
Following his beatification, his sarcophagus was placed under the Altar of St. Sebastian in the basilica's Chapel of St. Sebastian, where it remained until 8 April 2011 when it was moved to make way for the remains of Blessed Pope John Paul II ( 1978 – 2005 ) to be relocated to the basilica from the grotto beneath St. Peter's in honor of his beatification and in order to make his resting place more accessible to the public.
Following the end of the Lebanese civil war in 1990, the Syrian occupation of Lebanon continued until 2005, when they were forced out by widespread public protest and international pressure, following the murder of Rafiq al-Hariri.
Following this, the work's copyright would expire, with the material falling into the public domain.
Following this process, Tarter says that the organisation hold a press conference with the aim of broadcasting to the public.
Following a performance of the song on The Tonight Show, there was a large public outcry from Toledo residents.
Following the War of 1812 and subsequent American wars, other songs would emerge to compete for popularity at public events, among them " The Star-Spangled Banner ".
Following this " breakthrough " in 80's fashions, lots of young gay men around the world adopted this new image for themselves, even to the point of advertising it as a Gay pride public statement.
Following the 18th Amendment's adoption, prohibition effectively resulted in a public demand for illegal alcohol, making criminals of producers and consumers.
Following public concern, the U. S. Defense department was ordered by the 9th Circuit Court to strictly limit use of its Low Frequency Active Sonar during peacetime.
Following the incident, on May 11, the State Police instituted two-man night patrols on the turnpike and Garden State Parkway, although the change was not made public until June.
Following Schenck v. United States, " clear and present danger " became both a public metaphor for First Amendment speech and a standard test in cases before the Court where a United States law limits a citizen's First Amendment rights ; the law is deemed to be constitutional if it can be shown that the language it prohibits poses a " clear and present danger ".
Following a public appearance in 1974, after which unflattering photographs were published, Crawford withdrew from public life and became more and more reclusive until her death in 1977.
Following on a reluctance by the public to universally support the second wife of HRH The Prince of Wales, it was announced by Clarence House that, should the Prince become King, his wife HRH The Duchess of Cornwall will not be known as HM The Queen but will take the lesser title of HRH The Princess Consort.

Following and consultation
Following Section 21 of the National Parks and Access to the Countryside Act 1949 the Local Authorities have the exclusive statutory power to establish an LNR in consultation with the SNH.
Following the public consultation the Preferred Route was published on 5 March 2008 and Draft Orders on 27 March 2008.
Following " extensive community consultation " in 2003, a range of new programs were introduced, including services in Malay, Somali and Amharic in addition to the expansion of many existing programs.
Following consultation, this was confirmed in September, when Dianne Jeffrey was confirmed as the new chair of trustees.
Following a public consultation the special measures were ended, in respect of police and support staff, in April 2011.
Following election of a Conservative government under Brian Mulroney in September 1984, in June 1985, after consultation with the provinces, new federal Health Minister Jake Epp wrote a letter to his provincial counterparts that clarified and interpreted the criteria points and other parts of the new act.
Following a council consultation with the local population, a planning application for a runway extension of, to increase the usable runway length to and providing upgraded navigational aids and lighting infrastructure, was submitted to Southend Borough Council 13 October 2009.
Following a research and community consultation process undertaken in 1996 / 7 a development trust was created to identify key goals for the communities of Mull and Iona.
Following prayer and consultation with his fellowship group, Colson approached his lawyers and suggested a plea of guilty to a different criminal charge of which he did consider himself to be culpable.
Following consultation with the Prime Minister, the Constitutional Offices Commission appoints the Ombudsman, who must not hold or derive income from any other public office ( except the chairmanship of the Human Rights Commission.
Following a consultation, the company's supply chain was overhauled in 2008 with the implementation of a warehouse and distribution centre, located in Burton-upon-Trent.
Following consultation, this was confirmed in September, when Dianne Jeffrey was confirmed as the new chair of trustees.
Following considerable consultation, a major rebuild of the estates is planned.
1. 6 Following the Lok Sabha elections earlier in the year 1998, the matter relating to creation of the Central Pool of Resources was pursued in consultation with the Ministry of Finance.
Following consultation, the structure was modified.
Following consultation and revision, the constituency alterations were passed through the Northern Ireland Parliamentary Constituencies Order.
Following consultation and revising the recommondations, the new boundaries for East Antrim were confirmed and passed through Parliament by the Northern Ireland Parliamentary Constituencies Order as follows:
Following consultation of boundary changes across Northern Ireland, the altered South Antrim constituency fought at the United Kingdom general election, 2010 is made up as follows
Following public consultation, the proposals were passed through Parliament via the Northern Ireland Parliamentary Constituencies Order.
Following public consultation, the Commission revised its proposals which were finally passed through Parliament by means of the Northern Ireland Parliamentary Constituencies Order.
Following an extensive consultation period, revisions to the World Anti-Doping Code were unanimously adopted at the Third World Conference on Doping in Sport in November 2007 to incorporate the experience gained from the enforcement of the initial Code.
Following a consultation period from October 2003 to January 2004, during which many respondents expressed their concern that any advice Bòrd gives would be likely to be ignored by largely hostile authorities, it was announced in September 2004 that the Bòrd was to be strengthened in several areas:
Following a public consultation process, on 10 July 2009 the Minister for Transport, Noel Dempsey, made a Statutory Instrument reclassifying this section of the N3 as motorway effective from 28 August 2009.
Following consultation with ICANN, the domain was relaunched in September 2008 with a wider remit to include government certified professionals in all countries.

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