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Following and extensive
Following the introduction of the Criminal Justice Act 2006 and its extensive and complex rewriting of the Firearms Act, the Minister for Justice at the time ( Micheal McDowell ) instituted the Firearms Consultation Panel, a panel chaired by the Minster through the Principal Officer of the Department of Justice's Firearms Section, which comprised representatives from the Gardai, Department of Sport, firearms dealers, all the national governing bodies of the shooting sports, and other stakeholders in the Firearms Act ( such as insurance providers ).
Following extensive travels around the various American colonies, George Fox returned to England in June 1673 confident that his movement was firmly established there.
Group I and group II introns are found in genes encoding proteins ( messenger RNA ), transfer RNA and ribosomal RNA in a very wide range of living organisms., Following transcription into RNA, group I and group II introns also make extensive internal interactions that allow them to fold into a specific, complex three-dimensional architecture.
Following their establishment and after extensive scouting, the label signed their first act, the newly-formed Belle and Sebastian, in August of 1996.
Following extensive merger and acquisition activity in the 1990s and 2000s, international markets are dominated by five firms, in alphabetical order: Altria, British American Tobacco ( represented in the U. S. market by a 42 % stake in Reynolds American, Inc .), Imperial Tobacco, Japan Tobacco, and Philip Morris International.
Following extensive and ongoing restoration of the interior decorations, the mission church interior now largely appears in its original state, with brilliant colors and complex design.
Following the collapse of the Soviet Union and economic liberalization, Sakhalin has experienced an oil boom with extensive petroleum exploration and mining by most large oil multinational corporations.
Following the disastrous preview, Capra made extensive cuts and, on January 12, 1937, reshot scenes involving the High Lama written by Sidney Buchman, who declined screen credit for his work, which placed more emphasis on the growing desperation of the world situation at the time.
Following the decision to close the Radiophonic Workshop, Mark Ayres and Brian Hodgson were commissioned to catalogue its extensive library of recordings.
Following extensive testing at different sites, including Siberia, the type T815 was introduced in 1982 and production started in 1983.
Following extensive rehearsal, eight French divisions assaulted German positions in two waves along a front.
Following this, he received extensive vocal coaching to improve his voice, learned to cope with his stage fright, and started to perform live for the first time in decades.
Following the extensive programme of cleaning and repair of the interior of St Paul's, completed in 2005, Bill Viola has been commissioned to create two altarpieces on the themes of Mary and Martyrs.
Following the receipt of an invitation to a party later that evening celebrating Helen's new book, Madeline rushes to a spa where she regularly receives extensive facial treatments.
Following the court case, Levitt prepared an extensive integration policy.
Following the extensive national deindustrialization of the 1970s and 80's, the city's economy diversified and is now based primarily on light industry, education, health care, and social services.
Following their lead, the Scottish philosopher David Hume used Ogilby's work to illustrate the idea that common sense frequently appeals to a " standard of taste " in aesthetic matters: ' Whoever would assert an equality of genius and elegance between Ogilby and Milton, or Bunyan and Addison, would be thought to defend no less an extravagance, than if he had maintained a mole-hill to be as high as Teneriffe, or a pond as extensive as the ocean.
Following extensive development the car went into series production in July 2012 after two years of intense prototyping.
Following the designation of a conservation area in 1968 ( extended in 1973 and again in 1990 ), the area has seen extensive regeneration.
Following " extensive community consultation " in 2003, a range of new programs were introduced, including services in Malay, Somali and Amharic in addition to the expansion of many existing programs.
Following his death, and after extensive negotiations, most of his feature films were leased to Time-Life Films in 1974.
Following bomb damage in the Second World War, the hotel received extensive repairs in 1951, ten years after being bombed.
Following extensive fundraising, a £ 57 million new university library ( the Sir Duncan Rice Library ) opened in autumn 2011 at the Kings College campus to replace the outgrown Queen Mother Library and was officially opened by the Queen in September 2012.
Following the Polish War and the Thirty Years ' War, Sweden held extensive control over the lands on the southern Baltic coast, including Pomerania and parts of Livonia and Prussia ( dominium maris baltici ).

Following and inspections
Following negotiations with the hierarchy, adjustments on such issues as means testing and medical inspections were made and the legislation was passed in the Dáil.
Following games would revolve around nuclear weapon inspections in Iraq and Iran, but such idea was left out due to growing concern regarding the political situation in the Middle East.
Following Quality Assurance Agency inspections St George's gained a score of 23 out of 24 for its teaching of medicine — the highest of any of the London medical schools and, by academic teaching standards, the best medical school in London.
* Following discovery of tendon corrosion in several bridges in England, the Highways Agency issued a moratorium on the construction of new internal grouted post-tensioned bridges and embarked on a 5-year programme of inspections on its existing post-tensioned bridge stock.
Following the collapse of the Minneapolis I-35W arch-truss bridge on August 1, 2007, the Washington State Department of Transportation was directed to perform inspections of all steel cantilever bridges in the state that used gusset plates in their design, including the George Washington Memorial Bridge.
Following the incident, further inspections revealed that another installation, STAR, also showed quantities of plutonium in excess of the authorised amounts.
Following further inspections by the CAA, flights recommenced on 20 December 2008.

Following and repairs
Following the war the museum had to be closed for repairs and a number of temporary tenants, such as the College of Technology and the Post Office used museum space as their own buildings were being reconstructed.
Following the repairs and the drainage of the tunnel, he held a banquet inside it.
Following the battle, the Romans landed in Sicily for repairs and to rest the crews.
Following the victory, the Grand Vizier Köprülü Mehmed Pasha visited the island and oversaw its repairs, during which he funded construction of a mosque, which was to be called by his name.
Following completion of upgrades and repairs, HST was redeployed and boosted to its highest orbit ever.
Following damage sustained during World War II extensive repairs were made to both the pavilion and ground which included the acquisition of turf from Renfrew Golf Course.
Following the controversy regarding the Maynooth Grant, the College received a higher annual grant from the British Government, as well as a sum for repairs.
Following extensive renovation and repairs, the tower was re-opened for business in October 2009.
Following serious floods, which washed parts of embankments away, the line was closed for about a fortnight during July and August 2007 for repairs.
Following a period of decline and neglect, maintenance and repairs began on the line in 2008 in order to return the line to operable condition.
Following Hurricane Hugo in 1989, Aquarius was taken to NURC for repairs and refurbishment and was redeployed in the Florida Keys in 1992.
Following the first gala weekend the boiler was found to have two cracked superheater tubes ; temporary repairs allowed the loco to make a final run on the second weekend before being finally withdrawn.
Following an extended shutdown that involved fuel replacement, repairs to vessel, and cleanup, Fermi 1 continued to operate intermittently until September 22, 1972, but was never again able to reach a fully operational state.
Following the battle off Negapatam, Hughes had spent two weeks at see before putting into Madras for repairs.
Following their advice, Villaret decided to shelter the fleet in the nearby port of Lorient to seek supplies and repairs before returning to Brest.
Following major repairs the weight restriction was relaxed in 2005, and locomotive-hauled trains have again been allowed to cross.

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