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Following and dismissal
Following his dismissal of the 1957-58 Famous Flames lineup, he hired " Baby " Lloyd Stallworth, Bobby Bennett as replacements with Byrd and Johnny Terry returning as members.
Following Chyngyshev's dismissal, Akayev dismissed the government and called upon the last communist premier, Apas Djumagulov, to form a new one.
Following the dismissal of Bohn, an interim CEO was appointed, longtime Porsche employee, Heinz Branitzki, who served in that position until Wendelin Wiedeking became CEO in 1993.
Following the 2008 appeal by ATI over the validity of (' 327 ) and Silicon Graphics Inc's voluntary dismissal of the (' 376 ) patent from the lawsuit, the Federal Circuit upheld the jury verdict on the validity of GPHI's US Patent No. 6, 650, 327, and furthermore found that AMD had lost its right to challenge patent validity in future proceedings.
Following the dismissal of the Duke of Marlborough, Ormonde was appointed Commander-in-Chief of the Forces and colonel of the 1st Regiment of Foot Guards on 4 January 1711 and Captain-General on 26 February 1711.
Following her dismissal from Granada, Lambert took a job as a shorthand typist at ABC Television.
Following a dispute with the court composer Heinichen in 1720, which led to his dismissal, Senesino was engaged by Handel as primo uomo ( lead male singer ) in his company, the Royal Academy of Music.
Following McGrath's dismissal, his assistant John Rudge was appointed manager at Vale Park in December 1983.
Following Garner ’ s dismissal, it was planned that sovereignty would be returned to the Iraqi people in June 2004.
Following his dismissal by Manchester City, in October 1993 Reid was persuaded by Ian Branfoot to resume his playing career with Southampton who were then in the middle of a crisis: the Saints fans were calling for Branfoot to be sacked with the club having lost eight of their first nine games.
Following his dismissal, he signed with the Hugo Scouts of the Class D Texas-Oklahoma League as their shortstop for $ 75 per month ($ today ).
Following his dismissal, Hornsby worked as a coach for the Chicago Cubs from 1958 to 1960 before becoming a scout and third base coach for the New York Mets in 1962.
Following the dismissal of Italian leader Benito Mussolini on 25 July 1943, Tomislav II abdicated on 31 July on the orders of King Victor Emmanuel III of Italy.
Following his dismissal, Kerr served on the Carnegie Commission on Higher Education until 1973 and was chairman of the Carnegie Council on Policy Studies in Higher Education from 1974 to 1979.
Following a 3 – 0 home defeat against Rushden and Diamonds, and fans calling for his dismissal, Little left Wrexham by mutual consent.
Following his dismissal, he stayed completely away from the media.
Following the dismissal of Mike Newell, Youth Team Coach and former player Neil Woods was given the role of Caretaker Manager, chosen ahead of Assistant Manager Brian Stein.
Following the dismissal of Mirko Šarović from his function as Presidency member by the High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina, Lord Paddy Ashdown, Paravac was appointed to the post on April 11, 2003.
Following his dismissal, his wife was reported to have been implicated in the death of British businessman and family friend Heywood.
Following his dismissal from cabinet, Gibbons became a vocal critic of Haughey's leadership of Fianna Fáil.
Following his dismissal as president, he unofficially fired her and took back his place, unaware that she kept a portion of stock from him.
Following the dismissal of a maid, after a backstairs relationship with the Honourable Teddy, Ivy is brought in by her father as the new maid ( to hide the fact that she is Alf's daughter, the two decide that Ivy should use her mother's maiden name, Teasdale ).
Following a brief operational pause, the advance to the Utah Line began on 11 April, the day after MacArthur's dismissal.
Following dismissal of Scanlon's lawsuit, the ECHL Board of Governors ended the power struggle when it approved the sale of the franchise from its Canadian ownership group to a local investment group led by Edwin Pearlstine, owner of Pearlstine Distribution, the local Budweiser distributor.
Following the dismissal of Mussolini on 25 July 1943, the prince abdicated on 31 July on the orders of Victor Emmanuel III.

Following and Pulis
Following his transfer manager Tony Pulis stated that Pennant must not become complacent.
Following the defeat, Pulis was controversially sacked by the club amidst claims of gross misconduct.
Following criticism from Fulham player Danny Murphy over the way Pulis sets his team out to play, Pulis decided to release a six minute statement defending the management staff and club as well as questioning Murphy's agenda.

Following and club's
Following the death of the club's principal benefactor,, in October 1927, the club's finances deteriorated to the extent that Manchester United would likely have gone bankrupt had it not been for James W. Gibson, who, in December 1931, invested £ 2, 000 and assumed control of the club.
Following a shaky start to the season the arrival of Bryan Hughes in October transformed the club's fortunes.
Following this low point in the club's history as Rangers also faced mounting financial pressure, in the same month it was announced that the club had been bought by wealthy Formula One businessmen Flavio Briatore and Bernie Ecclestone ( see Ownership and finances below ).
Following the termination of the club's sponsorship deals with Car Giant, Le Coq Sportif, and Sellotape at the end of the 2007 – 08 season, in early July 2008 it was expected to be announced that Gulf Air would be the new shirt sponsors for 3 years.
Following the club's relegation, it was taken over by the Irish Drumaville Consortium, headed by ex-player Niall Quinn, who appointed former Manchester United captain Roy Keane as the new manager.
Following the inopportune Olympic break, which saw the club's Asjha Jones and Tina Charles capture gold for Team USA, the Sun finished the season with a 25 – 9 record and a fourth regular season title in tow.
Following the takeover of the club's sponsor in 2006, the club renamed itself as The New Saints They moved to the redeveloped Park Hall Stadium on the outskirts of the town in September 2007. Also now playing at Park Hall are Oswestry Lions football club who play in the Shropshire county league.
Following a brief search, Millionarios manager Juan Carlos Osorio was named the club's third head coach.
Following the club's switch to Atletica, the kit colors switched to black and blue vertical stripes, similar to the uniforms worn by Italian Serie A club Internazionale.
Following Schalke 04's historic 1997 victory in the UEFA Cup, and the club's upcoming 100th anniversary in 2004, the contract to construct a € 186 million stadium was given in 1998 to the German construction firm HBM.
Following a slow start to the season, and despite previous backings from the Grimsby Town board, on 18 October 2009 the club's official website declared they had sacked Mike Newell due to " irretrievable breakdown ".
Following the club's relegation in 2008, Colin Hancock, then the chairman of Glapwell, emerged as the leading bidder as he agreed to purchase a controlling share of the Stags, the Field Mill, and some land surrounding the stadium from Haslam.
Following Moores ' exit from Everton's hierarchy, minimum changes have been made to Goodison Park's structure due to costs, two British Government Acts ; the Safety of Sports Grounds Act 1975 and Football Spectators Act 1989 have forced the club's hand into improving the facilities.
Following the club's success, Strachan was awarded an OBE for his services to sport.
Following the club's league title in 1981, the club went into a decline and in 1988, the club was relegated to the Challenge League.
Following the bankruptcy, Lyn's fans gathered around the club's surviving team in the Sixth Division ( seventh tier ) for the remainder of the 2010 season moving their home games to Frogner Stadion, drawing large crowds to their home games.
Following a short stay with German team Hamburger SV in 1988, he was back with Brøndby in 1990 where he took part in the club's successful 1991 UEFA Cup campaign which reached the semi-final of the tournament.
Following from this, January 2011 saw CPFC 2010 announce plans to redevelop the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre, the club's original home, in five years ' time.
Following the debacle at the 1908 Summer Olympics, in which France sent two teams, one controlled by the USFSA and another by FIFA, the CFI ruled that FIFA would now be responsible for the club's appearances in forthcoming Olympic Games and not the USFSA.
Following the club's 1987 training camp, he and Craig Billington were sent to their AHL affiliate, the Maine Mariners, while Karl Friesen and Chris Terreri were chosen to backup Alain Chevrier.
Following a relative drought in success, the club's members called a Special General Meeting in 1995.
Following so many player departures the club struggled to list a full 16 players in their debut match against FK Sarajevo, where the club only managed to list 13 players, and due to the club's lack of resources they lost the tie 9 – 1 on ( agg ).
Following another last place finish in 1999 – 2000 there was an attempt to change the club's fortunes.
Following an application process it was announced on 1 October 2007 that Andy Robinson, the former England head coach, would become the club's new head coach.

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