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Following and second
Following transposition and docking, the crew noticed the exterior surface of the Lunar Module was giving off particles from a spot where the LM's skin appeared torn or shredded ; at one point, Charlie Duke estimated they were seeing about five to ten particles per second.
Following activation of adenylate cyclase, the resulting cAMP acts as a second messenger by interacting with and regulating other proteins such as protein kinase A and cyclic nucleotide-gated ion channels.
Following the trio, the second occurrence of the scherzo, unlike the first, plays through without any repetition, after which there is a brief reprise of the trio, and the movement ends with an abrupt coda.
Following a mystical experience in late 1654, he had his " second conversion ", abandoned his scientific work, and devoted himself to philosophy and theology.
Following work on the second entry in the Resident Evil series, Capcom began work on a Resident Evil game for the new PlayStation 2.
Following the success of Jane Eyre, in 1848 Charlotte began work on the manuscript of her second novel, Shirley.
Following the success of the album She Will Have Her Way in 2005, a second album of cover versions of Finn Brothers songs, He Will Have His Way, was released on 12 November 2010.
Following the second Bonus Army march on Washington D. C. a modification of the CCC program through Executive Order 6129 on 11 May now included work opportunities for veterans.
Following the murder of Stephen Lawrence, the Macpherson Report recommended that the double jeopardy rule should be abrogated in murder cases, and that it should be possible to subject an acquitted murder suspect to a second trial if " fresh and viable " new evidence later came to light.
Following this, an astronomical conference held in Paris in 1950 recommended " that in all cases where the mean solar second is unsatisfactory as a unit of time by reason of its variability, the unit adopted should be the sidereal year at 1900. 0, that the time reckoned in this unit be designated ephemeris time ", and gave Clemence's formula ( see Definition of ephemeris time ( 1952 )) for translating mean solar time to ephemeris time.
Following this, in 1967 / 68, the General Conference on Weights and Measures ( CGPM ) replaced the definition of the SI second by the following:
Following the folk revivals of the second half of the 20th century, however, it has become common for less formal situations to find large groups of fiddlers playing together — see for example the Calgary Fiddlers, and Swedish Spelmanslag folk-musician clubs, and the worldwide phenomenon of Irish sessions.
Following Le Mans, the development program for the J-car was resumed, and a second car was built.
Following the failure of this second effort, the British and the islanders developed the concept of " associated statehood ".
Following the tale of D ' Sparil's defeat in Heretic, Hexen takes place in another realm, Cronos, which is besieged by the second of the Serpent Riders, Korax.
Following the Colts first NFL championship, the team once again posted a 9 – 3 record during the 1959 season and would defeat the Giants once again in the NFL Championship Game to claim their second title in back to back fashion.
Following the Boxer rebellion in China and the Boer War, a second navy bill was passed on 14 June 1900.
Following the second album's release, Led Zeppelin completed several more US tours.
Following the December 29, 1890, massacre, Baum wrote a second editorial, published on January 3, 1891:
Following Labour's 1979 general election defeat by Margaret Thatcher, James Callaghan remained party leader for the next 18 months before he resigned and Foot was elected Labour leader on 4 November 1980, beating Denis Healey in the second round of the leadership election ( the last leadership contest to involve only Labour MPs ).
Following the Spanish conquest of the Inca Empire, the Spanish introduced the potato to Europe in the second half of the 16th century.
Following this second renaming, and perhaps after the first, the territory of Philippi was centuriated ( divided into squares of land ) and distributed to the colonists.
Following the success of Moving Pictures and the completion of another four studio albums, Rush released their second live recording, Exit ... Stage Left, in 1981.
Following Priscus ’ s death, his son-in-law Servius Tullius succeeded him to the throne, the second king of Etruscan birth to rule Rome.
Following the reforms of the general Marius in the 2nd century BC, the legions took on the second, narrower meaning that is familiar in the popular imagination as close-order citizen heavy infantry.

Following and NHL
Following the 1926 Stanley Cup playoffs, during which the Western Hockey League was widely reported to be on the verge of folding, the NHL held a meeting on April 17 to consider applications for expansion franchises, at which it was reported that five different groups sought a team for Detroit.
Following the 2004 – 05 NHL lockout, which eliminated the 2004 – 05 season, the Islanders made several player moves to increase offense for 2005 – 06.
Following the departure of the Minnesota North Stars after the 1993 season, the state was without an NHL team for seven seasons.
Following Reid's retirement, former NHL referee-in-chief Scotty Morrison, who was the president of the Hockey Hall of Fame since 1986, was appointed curator.
Following Suter's return from suspension, NHL senior vice president Brian Burke was supposed by Ducks head coach Pierre Page to have said that he would have given Suter a longer ban if the extent of Kariya's injuries were immediately known.
Following the lockout, the NHL adopted several rule changes meant to benefit fast and skilled players such as Kariya.
Following his first NHL goal against the Winnipeg Jets, opposing coach John Paddock told reporters, " like with Gretzky the puck seems to following him around ...
Following the 2004 – 05 NHL lockout, during which time he returned to Jokerit, Selänne re-joined the Ducks.
Following that trade, the Capitals named Langway their captain, which he would hold for the next 11 seasons until his NHL retirement.
Following the announcement however, concerns were again raised by critics, speculating that Bell Media may attempt to acquire full rights to the NHL once CBC's current contract with the league expires in the 2013 – 14 seasonusing their potential ownership of the Toronto Maple Leafs, the NHL's highest valued franchise, as an impetus for such a coup.
Following the success of the Heritage Classic, in 2008 the league began a series of Winter Classics, an outdoor regular season game played annually on New Years Day, which to date have all taken place in American-based NHL cities.
Following the 1972 and 1974 Summit Series, in which Canadian players from the NHL and World Hockey Association ( WHA ) competed against the top players from the Soviet Union, there was interest in a world hockey championship where each country could send its best players.
Following the 2004 – 05 NHL lockout, Andreychuk returned to the Lightning for the 2005 – 06 season.
Following the 2004 – 05 NHL lockout, the Avalanche were forced to lose many of their key players in order to stay below the salary cap.
Following the NHL Lockout, the Flyers surprised everyone by signing Peter Forsberg on August 3, 2005.
Following the lockout, he was named as one of six player representatives on the newly created NHL competition committee, with a mandate to suggest recommendations for ways to improve the game.
Following his NHL draft, he underwent surgery for chipped bones in his left elbow in August 1993.
Following his second QMJHL season, Luongo was selected fourth overall by the Islanders in the 1997 NHL Entry Draft.
Following his second year with the Canucks, he became the first NHL goaltender to serve as a team captain since Bill Durnan in the 1947 – 48 season.
Following a strong performance there in helping his team to a silver medal, Arvedson was selected 119th overall in the 1997 NHL Entry Draft by the Ottawa Senators.
Following the lead of minor leagues, as of the 2005 – 06 season, the NHL ends exhibition and regular season games still tied after a five minute length, four skaters per side, overtime period with a shootout.
Following the draft, the 1994 – 95 NHL season was suspended for three-and-a-half months due to a dispute between NHL players and owners.
Following his NHL rookie season, he was named as a reserve to the Canadian men's team for the 1996 World Cup.

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