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Following and international
Following the African franc currency devaluation in January 1994 the government updated its development program in conjunction with international agencies, and exports and economic growth have increased.
Following World War I, the 1920 Treaty of Sèvres demilitarized the strait and made it an international territory under the control of the League of Nations.
Following the earthquake, Haiti received $ 4. 59 billion in international pledges for reconstruction, which has proceeded slowly.
Following the democratic election of Aristide in December 1990, many international creditors responded by cancelling significant amounts of Haiti's debt, bringing the total down to US $ 777 million in 1991.
Following the World Wars, the United Nations and its members developed much of the discourse and the bodies of law that now make up international humanitarian law and international human rights law.
* 1956 – Following the World Bank's refusal to fund building the Aswan Dam, Egyptian leader Gamal Abdel Nasser nationalizes the Suez Canal sparking international condemnation.
Following the nuclear test, Pyongyang also conducted several missile tests building tensions in the international community.
Following the 20th anniversary of his flight on 28 May 2007, the international media interviewed Rust about the flight and its aftermath.
Following pioneers like Dražen Petrović ( Croatia ) who joined the NBA in the late 1980s, an increasing number of international players have moved directly from playing elsewhere in the world to starring in the NBA.
Following Meighen into civilian life were: Robert Borden, who served as Chancellor of Queen's and McGill Universities, as well as working in the financial sector ; Lester B. Pearson, who acted as Chancellor of Carleton University ; Joe Clark and Kim Campbell, who became university professors, Clark also consultant and Campbell working in international diplomacy and as the director of private companies and chairperson of interest groups ; while Pierre Trudeau and Jean Chrétien returned to legal practice.
Following the end of the Lebanese civil war in 1990, the Syrian occupation of Lebanon continued until 2005, when they were forced out by widespread public protest and international pressure, following the murder of Rafiq al-Hariri.
Following international standards, they are generally arranged hierarchically by themes, topics or facets.
Following the demise of the League of Nations and the formation of the United Nations, the international community was acutely aware of the refugee crisis following the end of World War II.
Following the end of the Second World War and with international travel numbers increasing, the IUOTPO restructured itself into the International Union of Official Travel Organizations ( IUOTO ).
Following World War II the United Nations was established as an international forum in which the world's nations could get together and discuss issues diplomatically.
Following the Spanish discovery of great silver deposits at Potosí in Bolivia and in Mexico during the 16th century, international trade came to depend on coins such as the Spanish dollar, Maria Theresa thaler, and, in the 1870s, the United States Trade dollar.
Following the 2002 political crisis, the government attempted to set a new course and build confidence, in coordination with international financial institutions and donors.
Following an international contest for the city's design, a blueprint by the Chicago architects Walter Burley Griffin and Marion Mahony Griffin was selected and construction commenced in 1913.
Following extensive merger and acquisition activity in the 1990s and 2000s, international markets are dominated by five firms, in alphabetical order: Altria, British American Tobacco ( represented in the U. S. market by a 42 % stake in Reynolds American, Inc .), Imperial Tobacco, Japan Tobacco, and Philip Morris International.
Following the long shoot of Les Amants du Pont-Neuf, Binoche relocated to London for the 1992 productions of Emily Brontë's Wuthering Heights and Damage, both of which considerably enhanced her international reputation.
Following the Abdallah regime's rapprochement with France in 1978, the Comoran economy became increasingly dependent on infusions of French aid, along with assistance from other governments and international organizations.
Following the League's supersession by the United Nations in 1946, South Africa refused to surrender its earlier mandate to be replaced by a United Nations Trusteeship agreement, requiring closer international monitoring of the territory's administration.
Following the military and political results of the 1968 Tet Offensive and related military offensives in the South, in which the Vietcong suffered serious military losses, the PRG was envisioned as a political counter-force that could influence international public opinion in support of national independence and in opposition to the U. S. and the Republic of Vietnam.
Following years of negotiations aimed at establishing a permanent international tribunal to prosecute individuals accused of genocide and other serious international crimes, such as crimes against humanity, war crimes and the recently defined crimes of aggression, the United Nations General Assembly convened a five-week diplomatic conference in Rome in June 1998 " to finalize and adopt a convention on the establishment of an international criminal court ".

Following and superstar
Following them have included NBA basketball superstar Dwyane Wade, Basketball Hall of Fame player Charles Barkley, NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series driver Jeff Gordon, comedian Jimmy Kimmel ( whose opening words to Joe Theismann were " how's the leg?
* August 24 – Following an investigation that he gambled on baseball, superstar player Pete Rose is banned from baseball for life.
Following this, Collins published The World Is Full Of Divorced Women ( unrelated to her first novel ) in 1975, and then her longest novel, Lovers & Gamblers, in 1977 which told the story of rock / soul superstar Al King.
Following WCW's closure, Steiner continued to wrestle in local venues and made several appearances with former fellow WCW superstar Buff Bagwell around the southeast United States and in Japan for Pro Wrestling Noah.

Following and Bob
Following their defeat to Ireland, the Pakistani coach Bob Woolmer was found dead in his hotel room ; it was later found out that he died of heart failure, though his death may not have been a direct result of the match's outcome.
Following Jim Mothersbaugh's departure, Bob Mothersbaugh found a new drummer in Alan Myers, who played with mechanical precision on a conventional, acoustic drum set.
Following the split, Mark Mothersbaugh started Mutato Muzika, a commercial music production studio, taking with him Bob Mothersbaugh and Bob Casale.
Following several critically acclaimed albums, including Let It Be and Tim, Bob Stinson left the band in 1986 and the band experienced several line-up changes ; Slim Dunlap joined as lead guitarist and Steve Foley replaced Chris Mars in 1990.
Following the success of Cabaret, Bob Fosse and Minnelli teamed up for Liza with a ‘ Z ’.
Following this outstanding career, Don accepted a scholarship to play baseball for the Indiana State Sycamores and Coach Bob Warn.
Following questions about false claims he had made about his military record, Mayor Bob Levy left City Hall in September 2007 in a city-owned vehicle for an unknown destination.
Following his departure from Daniel Amos, MacDougall toured for a year with singer / guitarist / artist Bob Bennett, accompanied by John Patitucci on bass.
Following his debut Test century, Australian coach Bob Simpson compared Waugh's elegance to that of Archie Jackson.
Following a crew change, it departed Montreal as Flight 143 for the return trip to Edmonton via Ottawa, with Captain Robert ( Bob ) Pearson and First Officer Maurice Quintal at the controls.
Following King Crimson's breakup / entry into hiatus in 1984, Belew formed the pop band The Bears with fellow guitarist and singer Rob Fetters, drummer Chris Arduser and bass guitarist Bob Nyswonger.
Following the end of the Cold War, Minister of Defence Bob Tizard's term of office saw the RNZAF begin to consolidate its facilities.
Following Gingrich's announcement, Appropriations Committee chairman Bob Livingston of Louisiana became the presumptive Speaker-elect until December 1998, when, during House debate over its still-ongoing impeachment proceedings, he admitted to extramarital affairs himself and withdrew his name from consideration as Speaker.
Following the 2009 summer tour Lesh proceeded to found a new band with Bob Weir named Furthur, which debuted in September 2009.
Following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, Jean participated in the benefit concert America: A Tribute to Heroes contributing a cover of the Bob Marley song " Redemption Song ".
Following the election, NDP leader Bob Rae entered negotiations with both the Liberals and Progressive Conservatives, seeking a formal accord in which the NDP would pledge not to defeat the government in return for the passage of certain progressive legislation.
Following the war, he returned to Michigan and recovered at the Percy Jones Army Hospital in Battle Creek, where he became acquainted with fellow future U. S. Senators Bob Dole and Daniel Inouye.
Following on with 1985's Dance With a Stranger, Everett began to develop a promising film career until he co-starred with Bob Dylan in the huge flop Hearts of Fire ( 1987 ).
Following the retirement of the Premier of New South Wales, Bob Carr in 2005, Beattie became the longest-serving state Premier among his contemporaries.
Following the outbreak of World War I, Australian troops captured Kaiser-Wilhelmsland and the nearby islands in 1914, after a short resistance led by Captain Carl von Klewitz and Lt. Robert " Lord Bob " von Blumenthal, while Japan occupied most of the remaining German possessions in the Pacific.
Following an investigation, the NCAA placed the Terrapin Men's basketball program on a three year probation due to academic and recruiting violations by both Lefty Driesell and his successor, Bob Wade.
Following the WRP ( WP )' s dissolution and reconstitution as the Movement for Socialism ( Britain ), Gibson and Bob Archer led the remainder of the international in splitting from Slaughter.
Following in their brother's footsteps, the remaining brothers — Grat, Bob, and Emmett — became lawmen.

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