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Following and some
Following Aalto's death in 1976 his office continued to operate under the direction of his widow, Elissa, completing works already to some extent designed.
Following are details concerning some of the side effects of antipsychotics:
Following the performances of the Canadian, American and Argentine teams at the 2011 Rugby World Cup, some commentators have suggested the Lions conduct a shortened tour the Americas in the future.
Following the efforts of some figures of the National awakening of Bulgaria ( the most notable among them being Neofit Rilski and Ivan Bogorov ), there had been many attempts to codify a standard Bulgarian language ; however, there was much argument surrounding the choice of norms.
Following the move on harmonisation of the standard in Europe, some British Standards are gradually superseded or replaced by the relevant European Standards ( EN ).
Following his conquest of most of Western Europe, the first Napoleon made his elder brother Joseph ( 1768 – 1844 ) king first of Naples ( 1806 – 1808 ) and then of Spain ( 1808 – 1813 ), his third brother Louis ( 1778 – 1846 ) king of Holland ( 1806 – 1810 ) ( subsequently forcing his abdication after his failure to subordinate Dutch interests to those of France ) and his youngest brother Jérôme Bonaparte ( 1784 – 1860 ) king of Westphalia, the short-lived realm created from some of the states of northwestern Germany ( 1807 – 1813 ).
Following a 12-year inquiry, Saville's report was made public on 15 June 2010, and contained findings of fault that could re-open the controversy, and potentially lead to criminal investigations for some soldiers involved in the killings.
Following the Soviet victory at Stalingrad it was found that some German soldiers in the besieged city, cut off from supplies, resorted to cannibalism.
Following this definition, some chemists considered formaldehyde ( CH < sub > 2 </ sub > O ) to be the simplest carbohydrate, while others claimed that title for glycolaldehyde.
Following One Year Later, Clark adopts some tricks to account for his absences, such as feigning illness or offering to call the police.
Following some public disputes with Manicheans, Diocletian ordered that the leading followers of Mani be burnt alive along with their scriptures.
Following his retirement, he went on to publish more than 200 articles, in a variety of journals — more than some reputable scientists publish in their entire careers ; 14 of his 25 books were published after he was 65.
Following the Brophy case, some 300 pistols were licenced in Ireland, ranging from new Olympic air pistols ( which are firearms under Irish law ) to reclaimed pre-1972 pistols to new centerfire pistols.
Following the fall of Babylon to the Persian king Cyrus the Great, 539 BCE, some Judean exiles returned to Jerusalem, inaugurating the formative period in the development of a distinctive Judahite identity in the Persian province of Yehud.
Following the controversial division of pre-partition Punjab and Bengal, rioting broke out between Sikhs, Hindus and Muslims in these provinces and spread to several other parts of India, leaving some 500, 000 dead.
Following a proposal put forward by The Welwyn Garden Heritage Trust, town-planner Andrés Duany has suggested that designated " Garden Villages " could be built within Hertfordshire to relieve some of the pressure for new homes, with perhaps a third Garden City to follow.
Following 1987, the Colts did not see any real success for quite some time, with the team missing the postseason for seven consecutive seasons.
Following the release of Broken Flowers, Jarmusch signed a deal with Fortissimo Films, whereby the distributor would fund and have " first-look " rights to the director's future films, and cover some of the overhead costs of his production company, Exoskeleton.
Following Shaftesbury's fall from favour in 1675, Locke spent some time travelling across France as tutor and medical attendant to Caleb Banks.
Following passage of the fireball, it is not unusual for a dust trail to linger in the atmosphere for some time.
Following criticisms of the statue, Al-Fayed said " If some stupid fans don't understand and appreciate such a gift this guy gave to the world they can go to hell.
Following the war, development of mechanized forces was largely theoretical for some time, until many nations began rearming in the 1930s.
Following residency training some otolaryngologists elect to complete advanced subspeciality fellowship training which can be 1 – 2 years in duration ( pediatric otolaryngology, neuro-otology, laryngology, facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, rhinology, or head and neck oncology ).
Following World War II, much of the Naval Air Station there was demolished, with some of the materials piled up and burned on the atoll, dumped into the lagoon, or in the case of unexploded ordnance on some of the islets, left in place.

Following and success
Following his success against the Moors, Afonso III had to deal with a political situation arising from the borders with Castile.
Following the modest success of Le donne letterate Salieri received new commissions writing two additional operas in 1770 both with libretti by Boccherini.
Following success as the successor to the Whig party, the party's share of the popular vote plummeted after the First World War as it lost votes to the new Labour party and fractured into groups such as the National and Coalition Liberals.
Following the success of The Buddy Holly Story in 1978, Haley expressed interest in having his life story committed to film, but this never came to fruition.
Following his success on Broadway and on film with The Odd Couple playwright and screenwriter Neil Simon would also be prominent in the 1970s, with films like The Sunshine Boys and California Suite.
Following the success of Jane Eyre, in 1848 Charlotte began work on the manuscript of her second novel, Shirley.
Following the apparent success of the cane toad in eating the beetles threatening the sugarcane plantations of Puerto Rico, and the fruitful introductions into Hawaii and the Philippines, there was a strong push for the cane toad to be released in Australia to negate the pests that were ravaging the Queensland cane fields.
Following the success of the album She Will Have Her Way in 2005, a second album of cover versions of Finn Brothers songs, He Will Have His Way, was released on 12 November 2010.
Following its liquidation, Commodore's former assets went their separate ways, with none of the descendant companies repeating Commodore's early success.
Following the Doctor V64's success Bung releases the Doctor V64 Jr. in December 1998.
Following the success of You're a Big Boy Now, Coppola was offered the reins of the movie version of the Broadway musical Finian's Rainbow, starring Petula Clark, in her first American film, and veteran Fred Astaire.
Following the success of The Godfather, The Conversation and The Godfather Part II, Coppola began filming Apocalypse Now, an adaptation of Conrad ’ s Heart of Darkness set in Cambodia during the Vietnam War ( Coppola himself briefly appears as a TV news director ).
Following this success, Henry started to explore the coast of Africa, most of which was unknown to Europeans.
Following this initial success, Boylston began performing inoculations throughout Boston, despite much controversy and at least one attempt upon his life.
Following the 1970s success, the team endured nine consecutive losing seasons beginning in 1978.
Following artistic success and critical acclaim in the American independent film community, he achieved mainstream renown with his far-East philosophical crime film Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai, shot in Jersey City and starring Forest Whitaker as a young inner-city man who has found purpose for his life by unyieldingly conforming it to the Hagakure, an 18th-century philosophy text and training manual for samurai, becoming, as directed, a terrifyingly deadly hit-man for a local mob boss to whom he may owe a debt, and who then betrays him.
Following its success, Kay signed an eight-album record deal with Sony Music Entertainment.
Following the lead of Andreas Hillgruber, who argued that Hitler had a Stufenplan ( stage by stage plan ) for world conquest, Hildebrand argued that Ribbentrop may not have fully understood what Hitler's Stufenplan was, or alternatively in pressing so hard for colonial restoration was trying to score a personal success that might improve his standing with Hitler.
Following the success of Spider-Man, Dunst appeared in the independent drama Levity ( 2003 ), where she had a supporting role.
Following the success of Hybrid Theory and Reanimation, Linkin Park spent a significant amount of time touring around the United States.
Following Meteoras success, the band postponed working on a new studio album for the next few years, instead, working on many side projects.
Following the success of this tour, a number of other English teams also visited in subsequent years.
Following the film's success, Dixit became famously known as the " Dhak Dhak Girl " for her performance in the famous song " Dhak Dhak Karne Laga ".

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