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Following and Bay
Following the brief governorship of Richard Blanshard, James Douglas, Chief Factor of the Hudson's Bay post, assumed the role in 1851.
Following the 1976 runner-up game there was a scandal involving Red Bay football team and coaches on alcohol abuse before the game.
Following the death of Packers founder Curly Lambeau, New City Stadium was renamed " Lambeau Field " by the Green Bay city council in 1965.
Following the Restoration, Rupert returned to England, becoming a senior British naval commander during the Second and Third Anglo-Dutch wars, engaging in scientific invention, art, and serving as the first Governor of the Hudson's Bay Company.
Following the elimination of American air support, the main body of the IJA 14th Army was to land at Lingayen Gulf, while another force landed at Lamon Bay.
Following the forced merger of the North West Company and the Hudson's Bay Company in 1821 ; the British Parliament imposed the laws of Upper Canada on British subjects in the Columbia District and Rupert's Land and gave the authority to enforce the laws to the Hudson's Bay Company.
Following the assassination of Philippine opposition leader Benigno Aquino, Jr. in 1983 many within the Reagan administration including the President himself began to fear that the Philippines could fall to the communists and the U. S. military would lose its strongholds at Clark Air Force Base and Subic Bay Naval Station.
Following the Morrison Incident involving the Morrison under Charles W. King in 1837, Egawa Hidetatsu was put in charge of establishing the defense of Tokyo Bay against Western intrusions in 1839.
Following plans by King Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden to establish a Swedish colony in North America, the Swedes arrived in Delaware Bay on March 29, 1638 aboard the ships Kalmar Nyckel and Fogel Grip under the command of Peter Minuit, the former director general of the New Netherland colony.
Following Selkirk's death in 1820, the two companies merged in 1821, and Cuthbert Grant became an important figure in the new Hudson's Bay Company.
Following the end of the last ice age, the Narrows had not yet been formed and the Hudson flowed along the Watchung Mountains to present-day Bound Brook, then followed the course of the Raritan eastward into Lower New York Bay.
Following a brief return to the NFL, that saw him on the verge of making the Green Bay Packers if not for a serious knee injury at the end of training camp, Stegall remained the team's primary receiver.
Following the Dutch routes to the Indies, on 26 July 1699, Dampier reached Dirk Hartog Island at the mouth of what he called Shark Bay in Western Australia.
Following assignments in Japan and as station chief in Uruguay, Hunt was given the assignment of forging Cuban exile leaders in the United States into a broadly representative government-in-exile that would, after the Bay of Pigs Invasion, form a provisional government to take over Cuba.
Following the loss of the North American colonies, Sydney, as Home Secretary in the Pitt Government, was given responsibility for devising a plan to settle convicts at Botany Bay.
Following Adler's retirement announcement in June 1979, Terence A. McEwen ( born 1929 Thunder Bay, Ontario-died 14 September 1998, Honolulu ) was Adler's hand-picked successor.
" Following graduation from law school, Green joined the law firm Godfrey & Kahn S. C. at their Green Bay offices.
Following the death of his first wife and his mother in 1658, Underhill married his second wife Elizabeth Feake on 2 December 1658, in Oyster Bay.
Following wins at Colwyn Bay and Scunthorpe United, they were drawn to play West Ham United at home, the game ending in a 1 – 1 draw on a snow-covered pitch after a well earned draw.
Following initial F-4 Phantom training with squadron VMFAT-101, he reported to VMFA-235 at Marine Corps Air Station Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii.
Following a cross-Canada survey of possible sites, North Bay was selected:
Following this sequence, guests then entered a " Golden Gate Transit " subway station in Oakland where they boarded an open-air subway train that closely resembled the trains used on the Bay Area Rapid Transit in and around the San Francisco bay area.
Following the termination of streetcar service in 1958, the terminal has seen continuous service as a major bus facility for East Bay commuters ; AC Transit buses transport riders from the terminal directly into neighborhoods throughout the inner East Bay.

Following and Pigs
Following the season, the Phillies ended their affiliation with the Red Barons and signed a player development contract with the Ottawa Lynx in anticipation of that team's move to Allentown's new Coca-Cola Park as the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs for the 2008 season.
Following the success of that live date the pair entered the studio to work on Pylon Pigs, Union Jack ’ s first new material in eleven years.

Following and Invasion
Following the British Invasion, rock changed appreciably, and instrumental hits came mostly from the R & B world.
Following in the wake of the Beatles ' national and then international success, the Rolling Stones soon established themselves as the second most popular UK band and joined the British Invasion of the American record charts as leaders of a second wave of R & B orientated bands.
Following the Allied Invasion of Normandy, the battalion was ordered to move from Beauvais to Normandy on 7 June, a move that was completed on 12 June after a five day road march.
Following several intelligence coups, including a capture of an intact Hs 293 at Anzio and recovery of important components of the Kehl transmitter from a crashed Heinkel He 177 on Corsica, the Allies were able to develop far more effective countermeasures, all in time for the Invasion of Normandy ( starting with Operation Neptune, D-Day ) and Operation Dragoon in Southern France.
Following the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact ( August 23, 1939, a non-aggression treaty between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union ), the combined Invasion of Poland ( September 1-October 6, 1939 ) resulted in German and Soviet occupation of Poland.
Following the Ottawa Conference, General Eisenhower was moved to London to plan the D-Day Invasion.
Following the Nazi – Soviet Invasion of Poland, a murderous Action T4 euthanasia program was carried out by the Nazi Germans in a local psychiatric hospital.
Following the Norman conquest of England William I awarded land which later became known as Drayton Beauchamp to Robert, Earl of Morton who as Magno le Breton had accompanied William at the time of the Norman Invasion in 1066.
Following a period of reconstruction and retraining from 1942 – 1944, the division joined II Canadian Corps as part of the Second British Army for the Allied Invasion of Normandy.
Following the Axis surrender in Tunisia the 2nd New Zealand division was withdrawn to refit and therefore took no part in the Allied Invasion of Sicily.
Following the successful Allied Invasion of Normandy on 6 June 1944, progress inland was slow.
Following the Invasion of Poland ( 1939 ) the university continued its operations.
Following German and Soviet Invasion of Poland, at the insistence of the Soviet leader Joseph Stalin at the Tehran Conference of 1943, Poland's borders were redrawn and Wilno Voivodeship was incorporated into the Lithuanian and Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republics.
Following the metagene bomb in Invasion!
Following the events of " Caged Angels ", the various Thunderbolt specials ( written by Christos Gage ), and the Penance limited series, and guest appearances in Moon Knight and The Amazing Spider-Man, the group is thrust into the events of " Secret Invasion ", when Thunderbolt Mountain is attacked by the Skrull Khn ' nr, also known as Skrull sleeper agent Captain Marvel, just as Arnim Zola drops off the newly resurrected ( via cloning technology ) Andrea Strucker.
Following the Invasion of Afghanistan in October 2001, Maha, Abdulkareem, Maryam, Zaynab and her daughter Safia joined a convoy leaving Kabul traveling towards Gardez, but discovered that their intended residence had been bombed.
Following the " Secret Invasion ", Sauron was among the villains analyzed by Quasimodo for Norman Osborn.
Following the events of the Secret Invasion, Alicia is made part of a support group for people replaced by the Skrulls, as she has firsthand knowledge of what it is like being replaced and then returned after a long period of time.
Following the Norman Invasion of 1066, William the Conqueror gave the manor of Stoke Gifford to Osbern Giffard, one of his generals.
Following the events of the Secret Invasion, Norman Osborn created a new team of Avengers, effectively retiring Wonder Man during the Dark Reign storyline.
Following the events of Invasion of the Dinosaurs, Mike Yates was discharged from UNIT and is now attending a Tibetan meditation centre in rural England.
Following the Norman Invasion of Ireland, feudalism was introduced in those areas under Norman Control.
Following the Invasion, the damaged areas were restored and reconstructed to reopen to guests.

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