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Following and December
Following the Leipzig premiere, the opera was presented in Berlin in December 1931 at the Theater am Schiffbauerdamm conducted by Alexander von Zemlinsky with Lotte Lenya as Jenny, Trude Hesterberg as Begbick, and Harald Paulsen as Jimmy.
Following the recognition of Belarus as an independent state in December 1991 by the European Community, EC / EU-Belarus relations initially experienced a steady progress.
Following the attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941 all federal programs were revised to emphasize the war effort.
Following the Doctor V64's success Bung releases the Doctor V64 Jr. in December 1998.
Following the completion of a one-year stand-by program with the International Monetary Fund ( IMF ) in December 2001, Ecuador successfully negotiated a new $ 205 million stand-by agreement with the IMF in March 2003.
Following the December 2009 opening of HSL Zuid, a London – Amsterdam journey is estimated to take 4hrs 16mins.
Following reunification, elections for the first all-German Bundestag were held on 2 December 1990.
Following the attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941, Bush decided to join the US Navy, so after graduating from Phillips Academy earlier in 1942, he became a naval aviator at the age of 18.
Following the expedition, Washington retired from his Virginia Regiment commission in December 1758.
Following President Bongo's re-election in December 1993 with 51 % of the vote, opposition candidates refused to validate the election results.
Following President Bongo's re-election in December 1993 with 51 % of the vote, opposition candidates refused to validate the election results.
Following an official complaint from Greece on 24 December seeking clarification over comments by former Prime Minister Mesut Yilmaz relating to forest fires in Greece in the mid-1990s, the Greek and Turkish foreign ministers, Stavros Dimas and Ahmet Davutoglu, spoke on Wednesday 28 December.
Following a defeat of his forces at the Battle of Reading on 9 December, James and his wife fled the nation ; James, however, returned to London for a two-week period that culminated in his final departure for France on 23 December.
Following the downfall of the Tory / Conservative minority government under Lord Derby in December 1852, Lord Aberdeen formed a new government from the coalition of Free Traders, Peelites and Whigs that had voted no confidence in the minority government.
Following the democratic election of Aristide in December 1990, many international creditors responded by cancelling significant amounts of Haiti's debt, bringing the total down to US $ 777 million in 1991.
Following the tentacle scene in Guyver: Out of Control in December 1986, the Urotsukidoji anime series by Toshio Maeda was released on OVA beginning in 1987 and released in America in 1992 by Anime 18.
Following the ratification of the Constitution of Iraq on 15 October 2005, a general election was held on 15 December to elect the permanent 275-member Iraqi Council of Representatives.
Following widespread criticisms of the system of ministerial government introduced in December 2005, the States assembly agreed in March 2011 to establish an independent electoral commission to review the make-up of the assembly and government.
Following the death of his wife Jenny in December 1881, Marx developed a catarrh that kept him in ill health for the last 15 months of his life.
Following the occupation of Luxembourg by Germany on the 10 May 1940, recruitment for the Company of Volunteers continued until the 4 December 1940 when they were moved to Weimar in Germany to be trained as German police.
Following the death of the club's principal benefactor,, in October 1927, the club's finances deteriorated to the extent that Manchester United would likely have gone bankrupt had it not been for James W. Gibson, who, in December 1931, invested £ 2, 000 and assumed control of the club.
Following a vote of " no confidence " by Parliament against President Scotty on 19 December 2007, Marcus Stephen became the President.

Following and 29
Following the Ottoman Empire's defeat in the Russo-Turkish War of 1828 – 29, in 1833 Russia pressured the Ottomans to sign the Treaty of Hunkiar Iskelesi — which required the straits to be closed to warships of non-Black Sea powers at Russia's request.
Following the withdrawal of Syrian troops in April 2005, Lebanon held parliamentary elections in four rounds, from 29 May to 19 June.
Following an unsuccessful attempt to save Gate 2 ( the only portion of the original Yankee Stadium that mostly remained unaltered after the venue's renovation ), demolition of the outer walls of the stadium began on March 29.
Following a transitional period, the right to operate the two tram businesses was officially transferred from the government to the private sector under franchise agreements on 29 August 1999.
Following this, on 29 June 1846, Peel resigned as Prime Minister.
Following the war, the forgery was discovered in Göring's possession, and van Meegeren was arrested on 29 May 1945 as a collaborator, as officials believed that he had sold Dutch cultural property to the Nazis.
Following the recommendations of the council ( in Lumen Gentium 29 ), in 1967 Pope Paul VI issued the motu proprio Sacrum Diaconatus Ordinem, restoring the ancient practice of ordaining to the diaconate men who were not candidates for priestly ordination.
Following them, on 29 April Bering followed with Anna and their two youngest children – their two eldest, both sons, were left with friends in Reval.
Following a two-issue fill-in by Jerry Ordway, Bill Willingham and Matt Sturges took over as writers with issue # 29 in July 2009.
" Following a strenuous performance with encores, Elliot returned to the flat to relax and sleep and was discovered in one of the bedrooms, dead of heart failure at 32, on July 29, 1974.
Following the government accepting the agreement, between the four local councils, to underwrite the remaining debt Transport Secretary Justine Greening confirmed the reduction in tolls on 29 February 2012.
Following critical reports from readers, Cape had reservations about publishing and wrote to Lowry on 29 November 1945 asking him to make drastic cuts.
Following an unsuccessful return with the A's in, Canseco did have a productive season again with the Toronto Blue Jays in, when he hit 46 home runs and stole 29 bases, the most he had stolen since the 40 he stole in 1988.
Following its success in trials, the Colt pistol was formally adopted by the Army on March 29, 1911, thus gaining its designation, M1911 ( Model 1911 ).
Following this, a congress opened at Utrecht on 29 January 1712, with the British representatives being John Robinson, Bishop of Bristol, and Thomas Wentworth, Lord Strafford.
Following the surrender of the garrison on April 29, 1916, the survivors of the siege were marched to imprisonment at Aleppo.
Following Harrison's death from lung cancer on 29 November 2001, Brown appeared with his group at the tribute concert Concert for George singing " Here Comes the Sun ", " That's The Way It Goes " and " I'll See You in My Dreams ", accompanying himself on the ukulele for the latter.
Following the death of Cardinal Boetto, Siri was named Archbishop of Genoa on 14 May 1946, and installed on 29 May of that year.
Following plans by King Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden to establish a Swedish colony in North America, the Swedes arrived in Delaware Bay on March 29, 1638 aboard the ships Kalmar Nyckel and Fogel Grip under the command of Peter Minuit, the former director general of the New Netherland colony.
Following Brian Mulroney's landslide victory in the 1984 election, Roblin was appointed Leader of the Government in the Senate, and served in Mulroney's cabinet until June 29, 1986.
Following the completion of these missions and the launch of its successor, Salyut 7, Salyut 6 was deorbited on 29 July 1982, almost five years after its launch.
Following several months of negotiation, on October 29, 1978, Via took over operation of CP passenger train services, and took possession of cars and locomotives.
Following the war, the Tittoni – Venizelos agreement, signed on July 29, 1919 called for the smaller islands to join with Greece, while Italy maintained control of Rhodes.
Following the United Nations vote in favour of a partition plan on November 29, 1947 and the subsequent civil war, inhabitants of both Bat Yam and Jaffa complained on violent incidents, including sniping.

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