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Following and First
Following success as the successor to the Whig party, the party's share of the popular vote plummeted after the First World War as it lost votes to the new Labour party and fractured into groups such as the National and Coalition Liberals.
Following Napoleon Bonaparte's victories over the Austrian Empire in Northern Italy – helping to secure France victory in the War of the First Coalition in 1797 – Great Britain remained the only major European power still at war with the French Republic.
Following the First World War, these concepts were modified by the Reichswehr.
Following the First Chechen War with Russia, Chechnya gained de facto independence as the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria.
Following the northerly retreat of glaciers at the end of the Wisconsin glaciation over ten thousand years ago, human settlement by Native Americans or First Nations began in the Maritimes with Paleo-Indians during the Early Period, ending around six thousand years ago.
Following defeat in the Franco-Prussian War, Franco-German rivalry erupted again in the First World War.
Following the British conquest of Syria in the First World War and the formation of the Mandatory state of Palestine, Jewish-Arab tensions gradually evolved into the Arab-Israeli conflict — a collision of the Arab and Jewish nationalist movements.
Following in the steps of the Soviet Union, Zambia instituted a program of national development, under the direction of the National Commission for Development Planning, which instituted a " Transitional Development Plan " and the " First National Development Plan ".
The Who's 1971 song " Baba O ' Riley " was named in part after Meher Baba, and on his first solo album, Who Came First, Townshend recorded the Jim Reeves song " There's A Heartache Following Me ," saying that it was Meher Baba's favorite song.
Following the internment of the Japanese Canadians during the Second World War, the Japanese were removed from these systems and more First Nations were hired.
Following the re-release of their album At First Sight, Violets Are Blue and the release of the Mushroom Soup: The Citadel Years in 2003, The Stems found themselves playing to packed houses across the country, touring Europe, playing the prestigious " Little Stevens Underground Garage Festival " in August 2005, and then at the " Come Together Festival " at Sydney ’ s Luna Park with the cream of Australia ’ s newest bands in September 2005.
Following the First Sino-Japanese War in 1895, Taiwan was ceded by Qing government to the Empire of Japan via the Treaty of Shimonoseki.
* Following the annexation of former German colonies after the First World War, the British Empire reaches its height and largest extent, covering a quarter of the world and ruling over one in four humans.
Following the peace treaty, King George III issued the Royal Proclamation of 1763 on October 7, 1763, which outlined the division and administration of the newly conquered territory, and to some extent continues to govern relations between the government of modern Canada and the First Nations.
Following the First Republic ( 1918-1933 ) Austrofascism tried to keep Austria independent from the German Reich and in 1938 was annexed by Nazi Germany with the support of a large part of the Austrian people.
Following the Congress of Vienna in 1815 Austria, which had emerged as the Austrian Empire became part of the German Confederation till the Austro-Prussian war of 1866, and then the Austro-Hungarian Empire which collapsed at the end of World War I. Austria was briefly independent ( First Republic ) till annexation by the German Third Reich, partitioned after the Second World War and then became the independent sovereign state ( Second Republic ) that has existed to the present day.
Following the election National was returned to power in coalition with the New Zealand First Party.
Following the Campaigns of 1794 of the French Revolutionary Wars, the Southern Netherlands were invaded and annexed by the First French Republic in 1795, ending Habsburg rule.
Following the First World War, the Union of South Africa was granted the administration of the German South-West Africa colony as a League of Nations mandate and it became treated in most respects as if it were another province of the Union.
Following the outbreak of the First World War in 1914 the Union of South Africa occupied and annexed the German colony of German South-West Africa.
Following Schenck v. United States, " clear and present danger " became both a public metaphor for First Amendment speech and a standard test in cases before the Court where a United States law limits a citizen's First Amendment rights ; the law is deemed to be constitutional if it can be shown that the language it prohibits poses a " clear and present danger ".
Following the First World War of the early 20th century, the western part of Rhineland was occupied by Entente forces, then demilitarized under the Treaty of Versailles.
Following the First Battle of the Atlantic, by 1915 Britain was in desperate need of a countermeasure against the U-boats that were strangling her sea-lanes.

Following and World
Following World War II, Alabama experienced growth as the economy of the state transitioned from one primarily based on agriculture to one with diversified interests.
Following the Second World War, far-reaching social, economic and political changes profoundly affected a number of areas where Ismāʿīlīs resided.
Following World War I, Fleming actively searched for anti-bacterial agents, having witnessed the death of many soldiers from sepsis resulting from infected wounds.
Following this, the widespread adoption of ailerons versus wing warping made aircraft much easier to control, and only a decade later, at the start of World War I, heavier-than-air powered aircraft had become practical for reconnaissance, artillery spotting, and even attacks against ground positions.
Following evacuation in 1941 during the Great Patriotic War ( World War II ), he graduated in Aşgabat, in today's Turkmenistan.
Following the pioneering example of Anthony Aveni, this allowed New World archaeoastronomers to make claims for motives which in the Old World would have been mere speculation.
Following World War II, Bonn was in the British zone of occupation, and in 1949 became the capital of West Germany.
Following World War I, the 1920 Treaty of Sèvres demilitarized the strait and made it an international territory under the control of the League of Nations.
Following the performances of the Canadian, American and Argentine teams at the 2011 Rugby World Cup, some commentators have suggested the Lions conduct a shortened tour the Americas in the future.
Following the war, Italy occupied Ethiopia for five years ( 1936 – 41 ), before eventually being driven out during World War II by British Empire and Ethiopian patriot forces.
" Following its completion, Chaplin embarked on the Third Liberty Bond campaign, touring the United States for one month to raise money for the Allies of World War One.
Following the Second World War, conservatives in France supported Gaullist groups and have been nationalistic, and emphasized tradition, order, and the regeneration of France.
Following the Second World War, psychologists conducted research into the different motives and tendencies that account for ideological differences between left and right.
Following World War II the duration of civil wars grew past the norm of the pre-19th century, largely due to weakness of the many postcolonial states and the intervention by major powers on both sides of conflict.
Following World War II, the major European powers divested themselves of their colonies at an increasing rate: the number of ex-colonial states jumped from about 30 to almost 120 after the war.
Following World War II, the general trend in the world wine market for cheap, easy-drinking wine saw a brief boom for the region.
Following World War II, the US Navy Department adopted the dog tags used by the US Army and Air Force, so a single shape and size became the American standard.
Following World War II, Denmark ended its two-hundred year long policy of neutrality.
Following World War I, an upsurge of political consciousness throughout the Caribbean led to the formation of the representative government association.
Following World War II, it became obvious that the organizations that had been developed in previous decades no longer effectively met the needs of the postwar era.
Following World War II, Jacques-Louis David was increasingly regarded as a symbol of French national pride and identity, as well as a vital force in the development of European and French art in the modern era.

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