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Following and country's
Following the Islamic concept that before Islam there was the time of Jahiliya ( ignorance ), in the history books used by Maldivians the introduction of Islam at the end of the 12th century is considered the cornerstone of the country's history.
Following the revolution, Khomeini became the country's Supreme Leader, a position created in the constitution as the highest ranking political and religious authority of the nation, which he held until his death.
Following the 1991 general election, the francophone Union of Moderate Parties became the dominant party in Parliament, and Maxime Carlot Korman became the country's first francophone Prime Minister.
Following in his father's athletic footsteps, John Jr. won in 1947 the James E. Sullivan Award as the country's top amateur athlete.
Following the 2001 Macedonian War, it was disarmed under the terms of the Ohrid Agreement, under which greater rights and autonomy were to be given to the country's Albanian minority population.
Following the Portuguese Liberal Revolution of 1820, and after several battles and skirmishes were fought in Pará and in Bahia, the heir apparent Pedro, son of King John VI of Portugal, proclaimed the country's independence in 1822 and became Brazil's first emperor ( He later also reigned as Pedro IV of Portugal ).
Following the release of East German secret service files, it was revealed that many of the country's athletes were involved with a state-sponsored drug program.
Following the military junta of the 1955, he was chosen by the country's constituent assembly to serve as president and oversee the transition to democracy.
Following the eruption, many survivors were treated at the main hospital in Yaoundé, the country's capital.
Following that war he returned to France, where he held military commands in the country's northeast at the time of the French Revolution.
Following the death of Mao in September 1976 and the coup d ' état against the radical Gang of Four a month later, Chen became increasingly active in the country's political life.
Following the failure of Darien, and with the country's economy damaged, serious machinations began proposing the political union between the two realms of Scotland and England.
Following his grandfather Georgios Papandreou and his father Andreas Papandreou, he was the third member of the Papandreou family to serve as the country's prime minister.
Following a power struggle after Stalin's death in 1953, Nikita Khrushchev emerged as the country's new leader.
Following the destruction of the Mongolian invasion of Hungary, Béla wanted to quickly revive the country's devastated vineyards.
Following the occupation and annexation of Austria by Nazi Germany, the country's monarchists ( i. e. supporters of Otto von Habsburg as the rightful Emperor-King and the rule of the House of Habsburg ), conservatives as well as supporters of Engelbert Dollfuss ' Austrofascist regime, were severely persecuted by the Nazis, as they were seen as opponents of the Nazi regime.
Following the elections leading to the country's independence in 1980, as the Republic of Zimbabwe, the RF won all 20 parliamentary seats reserved for whites.
Following Colonel Busch's suicide in August 1939, conservative forces reasserted themselves, took power, and propitiated the 1940 elections in which the tradiational ( oligarchic ) parties linked to the country's big mining interests ( known as " La Rosca ") triumphed at the polls with General Enrique Peñaranda.
Following 2000 withdrawal, Lebanon's military authorities report Israeli jets have violated the UN resolution 1701 by entering the country's airspace and breaking sound barriers over several villages in southern parts of the nation.
Following these strong economic reforms, and a strong focus on developing national infrastructure such as the Golden Quadrilateral project by Atal Bihari Vajpayee, the then Prime Minister, the country's economic growth progressed at a rapid pace with very high rates of growth and large increases in the incomes of people.
Following the Revolution and Algerian independence, all but 6, 500 of the country's 160, 000-strong Jewish population left the country.
Following the country's fall, Polish soldiers began regrouping in what was to become the Polish Army in France.
Following the two-hour gunfight between Lashkar-e-Toiba terrorists based in Pakistan and Indian police, in which six terrorists were killed, opposition parties called for a nationwide strike with the country's leaders condemning the attack, believed to have been masterminded by Dawood Ibrahim.
Following independence, the country's white people lost most of their former privileges.

Following and independence
Following independence in 1975, the African Party for the Independence of Guinea and Cape Verde ( PAIGC ) established a one party political system.
Following independence, Costa Ricans found themselves with no regular trade routes to get their coffee to European markets.
Following the First Chechen War with Russia, Chechnya gained de facto independence as the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria.
Following the independence of Eritrea from Ethiopia in 1993, the newly independent Eritrean government appealed to Pope Shenouda III of Alexandria for Eritrean Orthodox autocephaly.
Following riots in Leopoldville between 4 – 7 January 1959, and Stanleyville on 31 October 1959, the Belgians realised they could not maintain control of such a vast country in the face of rising demands for independence.
Following the collapse of the Mengistu government, Eritrean independence began drawing influential interest and support from the United States.
Following a successful referendum on independence for the Autonomous Region of Eritrea between 23 and 25 April 1993, on 19 May of that year the Provisional Government of Eritrea ( PGE ) issued a Proclamation regarding the reorganization of the Government.
Following the restoration of independence from the Soviet Union, Russia was one of the first nations to recognize Estonia's independence ( the first country to do so was Iceland on 22 August 1991 ).
Following the independence of Algeria in 1962, the Foreign Legion was reduced in numbers but not disbanded, unlike most other units comprising the Armée d ’ Afrique: Zouaves, Tirailleurs, Méharistes, Harkis, Goums, Chasseurs d ' Afrique and all but one of the Spahi regiments.
Following Portugal's April 1974 Carnation Revolution, it granted independence to Guinea-Bissau on 10 September 1974.
Following Portugal's April 1974 Carnation Revolution, it granted independence to Guinea-Bissau on 10 September 1974.
Following independence local soldiers that fought along with the Portuguese Army against the PAIGC guerrillas were slaughtered by the thousands.
Following the coup d ' état in Portugal in 1974, the new left-wing revolutionary government of Portugal began to negotiate with the PAIGC and decided to offer independence to all the overseas territories.
Following the announcement of independence, the Haganah became the Israel Defense Forces ( IDF ).
Following independence Libya faced a number of problems.
Following struggles for independence in many parts of the continent, as well as a weakened Europe after the Second World War ; decolonization took place.
Following the 1998 resignation of Suharto, on 30 August 1999, the people of East Timor voted overwhelmingly for independence in a UN-sponsored referendum.
Following the war, the Dutch fought Indonesian independence forces after Japan surrendered to the Allies in 1945.
Following World War II, Indonesian Republicans withdrew from Allied-occupied Jakarta during their fight for Indonesian independence and established their capital in Yogyakarta.
Following independence, Kyrgyzstan was progressive in carrying out market reforms, such as an improved regulatory system and land reform.
Following independence in 1960, Mali initially followed a socialist path and was aligned ideologically with the communist bloc.
Following Niger's independence in 1960, France maintained several hundred advisers at all levels of Niger's government and military.
Following World War II, in response to the growth of Nigerian nationalism and demands for independence, successive constitutions legislated by the British Government moved Nigeria toward self-government on a representative and increasingly federal basis.
Following the passage of the Papua Act, 1905, British New Guinea became the Territory of Papua, and formal Australian administration began in 1906, although Papua remained de jure a British possession until the independence of Papua New Guinea in 1975.

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