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Following and coup
Following the coup, the United States also suspended all but humanitarian aid to Burundi.
Following Italy's victory in the Italo-Turkish War of 1911 – 1912 the Young Turks fell from power after a coup.
* 842: Following a coup d ' état, Tsunesada the crown prince was replaced with Ninmyō's first son, Prince Michiyasu ( later Emperor Montoku ) whose mother was the Empress Fujiwara no Junshi, a daughter of sadaijin Fujiwara no Fuyutsugu.
Following Huerta's coup d ' état on 18 February 1913, Madero was forced to resign.
Following the Marxist coup of April 1978, the government under Nur Muhammad Taraki developed significantly closer ties with the Soviet Union and its communist satellites.
Following the October 2001 American invasion and the Bonn Agreement the new government under the leadership of Hamid Karzai started to re-establish diplomatic relationships with many countries who had held close diplomatic relations before the communist coup d ' état and the subsequent civil war.
Following a leftist coup in 1983, the island was invaded by U. S. troops and a democratic government was reinstated.
Following the coup d ' état in Portugal in 1974, the new left-wing revolutionary government of Portugal began to negotiate with the PAIGC and decided to offer independence to all the overseas territories.
Following the failed coup of 1361, a number of Boccaccio's close friends and other acquaintances were executed or exiled in the subsequent purge.
Following the coup, the United States adopted mandatory sanctions, and the OAS instituted voluntary sanctions aimed at restoring constitutional government.
Following a failed royalist coup, the monarchist parties abstained, leading to a landslide for the Liberals and their allies.
Following the dissolution of the Republican Party in 1876, the True Whig Party dominated the Liberian government until the 1980 coup, eventually creating what was effectively a one-party state.
Following the coup, the courtiers offered Radama's queen Rasoherina ( 1863 – 68 ) the opportunity to rule, if she would accept a power sharing arrangement with the Prime Minister — a new social contract that would be sealed by a political marriage between them.
Following the rebel advance, a group of soldiers from the Kati camp near Bamako staged a coup which overthrew Malian president Amadou Toure.
Following the latter coup, Abdel Aziz became President of the High Council of State as part of what was described as a political transition leading to a new election.
* 1941 – Following the coup d ' état against Iraq Crown Prince ' Abd al-Ilah earlier that year, the United Kingdom launches the Anglo-Iraqi War to restore him to power.
Following the evacuation of U. S. Marines in 1925, another violent conflict between liberals and conservatives known as the Constitutionalist War took place in 1926, when Liberal soldiers in the Caribbean port of Puerto Cabezas revolted against Conservative President Adolfo Díaz, recently installed as a result of United States pressure following a coup.
Following another coup in April 1999, in which Maïnassara was killed, the MNSD-Nassara's Tandja won the October 1999 presidential election.
* 1963 – Vietnam War: Following the November 1 coup and execution of President Ngo Dinh Diem, coup leader General Duong Van Minh takes over leadership of South Vietnam.
Following the 22 June 2012 parliamentary coup that ousted President Fernando Lugo and made then Vice President, Federico Franco, the new President, the new government appears to be in the process of assuming complete control of the state-owned media and its hostility is affecting journalists with the privately-owned media as well.
Following the failed coup, Gorbachev found a fundamentally changed constellation of power, with Yeltsin in de facto control of much of a sometimes recalcitrant Soviet administrative apparatus.
Following Odoacer's coup, the Roman Senate sent a letter to Zeno, which stated that " the majesty of a sole monarch is sufficient to pervade and protect, at the same time, both the East and the West ".
Following a 1985 coup, Sudan resumed diplomatic relations with Libya.
Following the coup, General Amin al-Hafiz discharged many ranking Sunni officers, thereby, Stratfor says, ' providing openings for hundreds of Alawites to fill top-tier military positions during the 1963-1965 period on the grounds of being opposed to Arab unity.

Following and d
Following the examples of Vitruvius and the five books of the Regole generali d ' architettura by Sebastiano Serlio, published from 1537 onwards, Giacomo Barozzi da Vignola produced an architecture rule book that was more practical than the previous two books, which were more philosophical in nature, his Cinque ordini di erchitettura ( The Five Orders of Architecture ) from 1562 ; the book is considered " one of the most successful architectural textbooks ever written ", despite having no text apart from the notes and the introduction.
Following the independence of Algeria in 1962, the Foreign Legion was reduced in numbers but not disbanded, unlike most other units comprising the Armée d ’ Afrique: Zouaves, Tirailleurs, Méharistes, Harkis, Goums, Chasseurs d ' Afrique and all but one of the Spahi regiments.
In Following the Fashion ( 1794 ), James Gillray caricatured a figure flattered by the short-bodice d gowns then in fashion, contrasting it with an imitator whose figure is not flattered.
Following their basic training, they join the Section de Sports d ' Elite de l ' Armée ( SSEA ).
Following the discovery that many Chilean vineyards thought to be planted with Sauvignon blanc was actually Sauvignonasse, the owners of the Chilean winery Domaine Paul Bruno ( who previously worked with Château Margaux and Château Cos d ' Estournel ) invited ampelographers to comb through their vineyards to make sure that their wines were properly identified.
Following Schaeffer's work with Studio d ' Essai at Radiodiffusion Nationale during the early 1940s he was credited with originating the theory and practice of musique concrète.
Following Huan's death, Dou Wu and the Grand Tutor Chen Fan ( 陳蕃 ) ( d. 168 CE ) attempted a coup d ' état against the eunuchs Hou Lan ( d. 172 CE ), Cao Jie ( d. 181 CE ), and Wang Fu ( 王甫 ).
Following the Battle of France, General Charles de Gaulle formed the 1ère Compagnie d ’ Infanterie de l ’ Air in September 1940 from members of the Free French forces who had escaped to Britain.
Following in the footsteps of Charles of Egmond, Duke William formed an alliance with France, an alliance dubiously cemented via his political marriage to French King Francis I's niece Jeanne d ' Albret ( who reportedly had to be whipped into submission to the marriage, and later bodily carried to the altar by the Constable of France, Anne de Montmorency ).
Following Scarface, she accepted the roles of Isabeau d ' Anjou in Richard Donner's fantasy film Ladyhawke ( 1985 ) opposite Rutger Hauer and Matthew Broderick, Diana in John Landis ' comedy Into the Night ( 1985 ) opposite Jeff Goldblum, Faith Healy in Alan Alda's Sweet Liberty ( 1986 ) opposite Michael Caine, and Brenda Landers in a segment of the 1950s sci-fi parody Amazon Women on the Moon ( 1987 ), all of which, despite achieving only modest commercial success, helped to establish her as an actress.
Following her motto, " Not a day without a line ", Françoise d ' Eaubonne wrote more than 50 works, from Colonnes de l ' âme ( poetry, 1942 ) to L ' Évangile de Véronique ( essay, 2003 ).
: Following the then president, Napoléon Bonaparte's 1851 Coup d ' état, Seine-Inférieure was one of several departments placed under a state of emergency ( literally, in French, state of siege ) following fears of significant resistance to the new government.
Following the military coup d ' état on 19 September 2006, all members of the Assembly are suspended from duty until the next election.
Following his death, his son Gustav III seized power through violent means in a 1772 coup d ' etat, reinstating absolute rule.
Following the 2009 coup d ' état, former Battalion 3 – 16 member Nelson Willy Mejía Mejía became Director-General of Immigration and Billy Joya was de facto President Roberto Micheletti's security advisor.
Following his coronation as Emperor of the French in 1804, Napoleon made Brune Marshal of the Empire ( Maréchal d ' Empire ).

Following and état
Following the 1966 Syrian coup d ' état against the leadership of Michel Aflaq, the Arab Socialist Ba ' ath Party split in two ; one Damascus-based ( Syrian-led ) Ba ' ath Party and one Baghdad-based ( Iraqi-led ) Ba ' ath Party.
Following the death of Mao in September 1976 and the coup d ' état against the radical Gang of Four a month later, Chen became increasingly active in the country's political life.
Following the coup d ' état in Portugal in 1974, the new left-wing revolutionary government of Portugal began to negotiate with the African pro-independence guerrillas.
Following a coup d ' état by disgruntled army officers led by Samuel Doe in 1980, the presidency was vacated until the election of Doe in the 1985 general election.
Following a series of covert meetings, these German Army officers communicated that they were plotting a coup d ' état against Chancellor Adolf Hitler.
Following the coup d ' état of 1969, the flag was replaced by the Pan-Arab red-white-black tricolor of the Arab Liberation Flag, first flown after the Egyptian Revolution of 1952 ( which also formed the basis of the flags of Egypt, Iraq, Syria, and Yemen ).
Following the Hukou Incident in 1964, Chiang Wei-kuo was punished as he was connected to Chao Chih-hwa, a subordinate of Wei-kuo who attempted a Coup d ' état, and never held any real authority in the military again.
Following the 15 July 1974 coup d ' état in which EOKA B, a Greek Cypriot pro-enosis paramilitary organisation, overthrew the democratically elected Makarios and installed Nikos Sampson as a President with dictatorial powers, Turkey invaded Cyprus.
Following the February 1948 coup d ' état in which the communists seized power, Soviet influence over Czechoslovakia grew markedly.
Following the 1964 Brazilian coup d ' état, General Justino Alves Bastos, commander of the Third Army, ordered, in Rio Grande do Sul, the burning of all " subversive books ".
Following the coup d ' état of 5 December 2006, he was sworn in as Minister for Foreign Affairs and External Trade in the new interim government of Prime Minister Commodore Frank Bainimarama on 8 January 2007.
Following the coup d ' état in 1926, he became Minister of Defence again until 1927, when he was made Governor of Klaipėda Region.
Following the coup d ' état in Portugal in 1974, the new left-wing revolutionary government of Portugal began to negotiate with the PAIGC and decided to offer independence to all the overseas territories.
Following an extended period of social and political unrest between the conservative-dominated Congress of Chile and the socialist President Salvador Allende, discontent culminated in the latter's downfall in a coup détat organised by the Chilean military and unofficially endorsed by the United States government.
Following the coup d ' état of General Moussa Traoré, he became an activist for the Marxist-Leninist, clandestine Malian Party for Work ( Parti malien du travail, or PMT ).

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