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Following and death
Following Mr. Brown's death, there came forward in the Brown & Sharpe organization many other men who contributed greatly to the development of the company.
Following his death and the organisational deterioration of his empire, Asia Minor was ruled by a series of Hellenistic kingdoms which came under Roman control two hundred years later.
Following his death and the breakup of his empire, Anatolia was ruled by a series of Hellenistic kingdoms, much of it being controlled by the Greek Seleucid Empire.
Following the death of Kaes in 1913, Jakob succeeded him as prosector.
Following the death of Clovis, Theodoric negotiated a peace with Clovis ' successors, securing Visigothic control of the southernmost portion of Gaul for the rest of the existence of their kingdom.
Following her death, Caligula's relationship with Agrippina and Livilla changed, showing no special love or respect toward them after Drusilla's death.
Following their father's death, Andrew continuously conspired against his brother, King Emeric of Hungary who had to grant him the government of Croatia and Dalmatia.
Following World War I, Fleming actively searched for anti-bacterial agents, having witnessed the death of many soldiers from sepsis resulting from infected wounds.
Following Aalto's death in 1976 his office continued to operate under the direction of his widow, Elissa, completing works already to some extent designed.
Following this ruling, Alford petitioned for a writ of habeas corpus in the United States District Court for the Middle District of North Carolina, which upheld the initial ruling, and subsequently to the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit which ruled that Alford's plea was not voluntary, because it was made under fear of the death penalty.
Following Schubert's early death in 1828, Diabelli purchased a large portion of the composer's massive musical estate from Schubert's brother Ferdinand.
* 1911 – Following the resignation and death of William P. Frye, a compromise is reached to rotate the office of President pro tempore of the United States Senate.
* Following controversy over possible increased mortality ( death ) related to antipsychotics in individuals with dementia, warnings have been added to packaging.
Following the death of Ray Wallace – a local logger – his family attributed the creation of the footprints to him.
Following her death, he moved to Boston, and continued working as a hatter.
Following Jayavarman VII's death, Khmer experienced a gradual decline.
Following the death of his son Leo IV in 780, the empress Irene restored the veneration of images through the agency of the Second Council of Nicaea in 787.
Following the death of her estranged husband, Alice Hoschedé married Claude Monet in 1892.
Following Howard's death, the copyright of the Conan stories passed through several hands.
Following Livia's death, he was sent to live with his grandmother Antonia.
" Following the news of Hester's death, Nick Seymour joined The Finn Brothers on stage at the Royal Albert Hall in London, where the three played in memory of Paul.
Following the death of Mao in 1976, however, the CPC under the leadership of Deng Xiaoping moved towards Socialism with Chinese characteristics and instituted Chinese economic reform.
Following the death of his father in 337, Constantine II initially became emperor jointly with his brothers Constantius II and Constans, with the Empire divided between them and their cousins, the Caesars Dalmatius and Hannibalianus.
Following their defeat to Ireland, the Pakistani coach Bob Woolmer was found dead in his hotel room ; it was later found out that he died of heart failure, though his death may not have been a direct result of the match's outcome.

Following and Cardinal
Following school in Perugia and Pisa where Cesare studied at La Sapienza University of Rome, along with his father's elevation to Pope, Cesare was made Cardinal at the age of 18.
Following his accession to the papacy, Urban VIII is reported to have said, " Your luck is great to see Cardinal Maffeo Barberini Pope, Cavaliere ; but ours is much greater to have Cavalier Bernini alive in our pontificate.
Following the wedding, which he officiated, he appointed his relative by marriage Cardinal Paluzzi-Altieri, the uncle of Laura's new husband, to the Office of Cardinal Nephew to take on the duties which he was prevented from doing by age.
* March – Following the death of his mentor, Cardinal Mazarin, King Louis XIV of France starts to rule independently.
Following the death of Pope John I at the hands of the Ostrogoth King Theodoric the Great, the papal voters gave in to the king's demands and chose Cardinal Felix as Pope.
Following the Dissolution of the Monasteries by Henry VIII, the ownership of Bushmead Priory became the subject of a dispute between the St. John family of Bletsoe and Sir William Gascoigne of Cardington, the latter being Cardinal Wolsey's controller of the household.
Following these events, Louis XIII and his Chief Minister Cardinal Richelieu declared the suppression of the Huguenot revolt the first priority of the kingdom.
Following John Paul I's death, Siri was the leading conservative candidate in opposition to Cardinal Giovanni Benelli, the Archbishop of Florence and leading liberal candidate.
Following the death of Cardinal Spellman in December 1967, Cooke was named the seventh Archbishop of New York on March 2, 1968.
Following the death of Pius XI, Cardinal Pacelli was elected as Pope Pius XII, and one of his first acts was to appoint Spellman the sixth Archbishop of New York on April 15, 1939.
Following the death of Cardinal Farley in September 1918, Hayes was appointed by Pope Benedict XV the fifth Archbishop of New York on March 10, 1919.
Following the death of Cardinal John Cody of Chicago, Pope John Paul II chose Archbishop Bernardin, already prominent among his fellow American bishops, to one of the most significant Sees in the United States: the Archdiocese of Chicago.
Following the death of Cardinal Odoardo Farnese in 1626, the palazzo stood virtually uninhabited for twenty years.
Following a prayer by Cardinal Terence Cooke, a moment of silence and " America The Beautiful " by Robert Merrill, the fans ( announced attendance 51, 151 ) burst into an eight minute standing ovation.
Following the suppression of that convent in the early 16th century the manor was given to Cardinal Wolsey, though was seized by the Crown shortly afterwards in 1544 along with Wolsey's other possessions.
Following Marcel Lefebvre's schism in June 1988, Lustiger tried to reduce tensions with the Traditionalist Catholics, celebrating a Tridentine Mass, sending a conservative priest Patrick Le Gal as his emissary to Lefebvre Along with Cardinal Albert Decourtray, he strongly criticised Martin Scorsese's The Last Temptation of Christ in 1988, clashing with the liberal bishop Jacques Gaillot.
He went to Rome and, because of his noble birth, gained an audience with Pope Sixtus V. Following a brief stay at the Palazzo Aragona Gonzaga, the Roman home of his cousin, Cardinal Scipione Gonzaga, on 25 November 1585 he was accepted into the novitiate of the Society of Jesus in Rome.
Following the canonization Saint Ignatius of Loyola in 1622, he suggested to his nephew, Cardinal Ludovico Ludovisi, that a new church should be erected to the founder of the Society of Jesus, at the College itself.
Following his time in Brescia and Mantua, he went to Rome, where he was employed by Cardinal Cristoforo Madruzzo until July 1578, evidently as a singer.
Following the death of Cardinal John Francis O ' Hara, Krol was appointed the sixth Archbishop of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, by Pope John XXIII on February 11, 1961.
Following the recitation of prayers, the Cardinal Dean asks if any doubts relating to procedure remain.
Following the death of Gambara in 1587, he was succeeded as Apostolic Administrator of Viterbo, by the 17-year-old nephew of Pope Sixtus V, Cardinal Alessandro Peretti di Montalto.
Following the appointment at San Luigi dei Francesi, he was associated with Cardinal Montalto, a wealthy and influential patron of art and music, and may have served as teacher, composer, and archivist for the Cardinal at his church, San Lorenzo in Damaso.

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