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Following and moment
Following Earnhardt's death, a police investigation and a NASCAR-sanctioned investigation commenced ; nearly every detail was made public, from the finding of a torn seatbelt inside Earnhardt's car to graphic descriptions of the injuries Earnhardt had suffered at the moment of impact.
Following this contest Trinidad announced his retirement, at the moment leaving the sport with a record of 41 wins, one defeat, and 34 wins by knockout.
Following their break-up, Tichy becomes deeply disillusioned with the ' psychem ' mentality wherein drugs regulate every waking moment of the day.
Following a prayer by Cardinal Terence Cooke, a moment of silence and " America The Beautiful " by Robert Merrill, the fans ( announced attendance 51, 151 ) burst into an eight minute standing ovation.
Following his death, members of Congress honored Drinan's memory with a moment of silence on the House floor on January 29, 2007.
Following pressure from Roy to tell Christian how they are actually related, Hayley finally reveals the truth during a private moment by the river.
Following a realignment to become part of the Detroit Tigers club in 1948, the DAP witnessed an important moment in the civil rights movement, when on August 10, 1951, Percy Miller, Jr., the first black player in the Carolina League made his minor league debut with the visiting Danville Leafs.
Following a brief romance with an Italian exchange student, Enrico di Clemente ( Francois Pandolfo ), in 1999, Sonia has sex with Martin Fowler ( James Alexandrou ) in 2000 in a moment of vulnerability.
Following the destruction of the Phoenix Club at the climax of the first series of Phoenix Nights, Brian Potter, whilst attempting to reform his staff line up, calls Max and Paddy as they are driving elderly Asian gentlemen to the mosque and singing at the tops of their voices to Is This the Way to Amarillo by Tony Christie, which is playing on Chorley FM, in what was to become an iconic moment for the series.

Following and launch
Following the launch of ADSL in 2003, the importance of ISDN for data transfer began to decrease and is today limited to niche business applications with point-to-point requirements.
Following accusations of forced labour on the large American-owned Firestone rubber plantation and American accusations of slave trading, the Liberian government asked the League to launch an investigation.
Following pressure by the American Rocket Society, the National Science Foundation, and the International Geophysical Year, military interest picked up and in early 1955 the Army and Navy were working on Project Orbiter, two competing programs, the army's which involved using a Jupiter C rocket, and the civilian / Navy Vanguard Rocket, to launch a satellite.
Following the city's launch of the so-called " CleanAir Cabs " program the previous year, in August 2008 the Boston Police Department's Hackney Carriage Unit mandated that the city's entire taxicab fleet must be converted to hybrid vehicles by 2015. web | url = http :// www. cityofboston. gov / police / hackney / drivers. asp >
Following the administration in 2002, the three multiplexes that were run by ITV Digital remained blank until a week or so before Freeview's launch.
Following the launch of his film Harry Brown, Caine called for the reintroduction of national service in the UK to give young people " a sense of belonging rather than a sense of violence ".
Following the launch of the Soviet satellite Sputnik 1 on October 4, 1957, the initial Project Orbiter program was revived as the Explorer program to catch up with the Soviet Union.
Following a vertical launch from a simple steel table, the vehicle was programmed so that it was traveling at an angle of 40 degrees from the horizontal at burnout of the first stage, which occurred 157 seconds after launch.
Following a gruelling series of physical and psychological tests, NASA selected Shepard to be one of the original group of seven Mercury astronauts. Shepard in the Freedom 7 capsule before launch
Following the DIY punk ethic, Crass combined the use of song, film, sound collage, and graphics to launch a critical polemic against mainstream culture which is built on foundations of war, religion, and consumerism.
Following the product launch, the General Mills marketing department found that sales performed dramatically better if the composition of the marbits changed periodically.
Following launch using a Titan / Centaur launch vehicle on August 20, 1975 and a 10-month cruise to Mars, the orbiter began returning global images of Mars about 5 days before orbit insertion.
Following launch using a Titan / Centaur launch vehicle and a 333 day cruise to Mars, the Viking 2 Orbiter began returning global images of Mars prior to orbit insertion.
Following this successful launch, Major General David Wade, Commander of the 1st Missile Division, declared the coffin-type launcher to be operational.
Following the launch of the ITV series Agatha Christie's Marple in 2004, the Poirot series was retitled Agatha Christie's Poirot.
Following the prior experiences in London, Las Vegas, Amsterdam and Kazan, the Hermitage foundation decided to create a further branch in Italy with the launch of a national bid.
Following the successful launch of the Rainbow Lodge, several other camps set up on the lake.
Following launch, Genesis cruised to the Earth-Sun then performed a Lissajous orbit insertion maneuver, entering an elliptical orbit about on November 16, 2001.
Following the launch of the Tiki 100 computer, which was designed by Tiki Data from the bottom up, the company started publishing software for the educational sector.
Following the operational failure of the Skynet 1A satellite, the timetable for the launch of the Skynet 2 communications satellite was delayed.
Following first contact with the Founders, the Obsidian Order – a covert Cardassian intelligence force – ally themselves with the Tal Shiar, their Romulan counterpart, and launch a secret, pre-emptive strike to destroy the Founders ' homeworld, hoping that the Founders and the rest of the Dominion will collapse.

Following and i
Following reform in 2005, the governor lost exclusive responsibility regarding decisions of external relevance ( i. e. banking and financial supervision ), which has been transferred to the Directorate ( by majority vote ).
Following the same procedure ( i. e. subtract from both sides, and then divide by ), the general solution is given by
Following the " triumph of Orthodoxy " ( i. e. the reintroduction of icons ) in 843, Theodore became one of the great heroes of the iconodule opposition.
Following Italy's defeat in the Second World War on 8 September 1943, Padua became part of the Italian Social Republic, i. e., the puppet state of the Nazi occupiers.
Following the adoption of a separate Norwegian flag, a Royal regulation of July 17, 1821, stipulated that ships of both kingdoms use the common square-cut civil ensign ( with the saltire included ) in " distant waters " ( i. e. beyond Cape Finisterre ).
Following release, the skills acquired within the Laogai prison ( i. e. ditch-digging or manure-spreading ) do not often lead to desirable employment.
Following Frege and Russell, Hilbert sought to define mathematics logically using the method of formal systems, i. e., finitistic proofs from an agreed-upon set of axioms.
Following feminist or other reflexive and tradition-breaking paradigms sports are sometimes studied as contested activities, i. e. as activities in the centre of various people / groups interests ( connection of sports and gender, mass media, or state-politics ).
Following the success of Vzglyad, Listyev and his colleagues founded a TV company VID ( Vzglyad i Drugiye — The View and the Others ) that would produce programming for the First Channel of Central Television, the main TV channel in the Soviet Union ( later called Ostankino and ORT ).
Following its release, will. i. am remarked that the album had been inspired by a trip to Australia, specifically the sound of The Presets ' " My People ".
Following this line of thought, Kripke suggests that all the scientific identity statement like " Water is H < sub > 2 </ sub > O " is also a necessary statement, i. e. true in all possible worlds.
Following his death in 1822 at Ioannina, Preveza entered into its 3d Ottoman occupation period, i. e., a rule more directly controlled from Istanbul, until the year 1912 when the city joined Greece.
Following pollination, petals will usually undergo senescence ( i. e. wilt and disintegrate ) because it is metabolically expensive to maintain them.
Following the Hungry i engagement, Reynolds moved to Port Orford, Oregon and pursued interests in ranching, business, and race cars for the next twenty years.
Following Hungarian grammar rules, the addition of the letter " i " to the end of some words implies a belonging, hence the word " Körösi " would translate to " of / from Körös ".
Following the occupation and annexation of Austria by Nazi Germany, the country's monarchists ( i. e. supporters of Otto von Habsburg as the rightful Emperor-King and the rule of the House of Habsburg ), conservatives as well as supporters of Engelbert Dollfuss ' Austrofascist regime, were severely persecuted by the Nazis, as they were seen as opponents of the Nazi regime.
Anoa ' i, along with his late cousin Eddie Fatu, was trained at the Wild Samoan Training Facility headed by his uncle, Afa Anoa ' i. Following his training, he competed in Afa's World Xtreme Wrestling ( WXW ) promotion.
Following the release of Fatu in 2003, Anoa ' i was " discovered " by The Hurricane and from there on they would compete together as a team, known as Rosey and The Hurricane.
Following his stint with WWE, Anoa ' i continued his wrestling career, appearing at several independent promotions, including AJPW, Great Championship Wrestling, BAW Championship Wrestling, Appalachian Wrestling Federation, and Ohio Valley Wrestling.
Following the invasion, in June 1941, Lucy was regarded as a VYRDO source, i. e. of the highest importance, and to be transmitted immediately.
Following closely Aristotle's Posterior Analytics, he demanded that " First, it must be certain, i. e. exclusive of deception and doubt ; secondly, it must be of a necessary object ; thirdly, it must be produced by a cause that is evident to the intellect ; fourthly, it must be applied to the object by a syllogistic reasoning process ".
Following the purchase of the assets of Prospect Media, which included Radio Hauraki and Easy Listening i The Radio Network started a new ZM station in Auckland and the Waikato.
Following a series of three interstellar wars ( ISWs 1-3 ) with different species ( warlike felinoid Orions and their centauroid Gorm associates, birdlike Ophiuchi, the genocidal Rigelians, and the Thebans ( explored in a prequel novel Crusade ), humanity has experienced a seventy-year " vacation from history ", i. e. seven decades of peace.

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