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Following and congress
Following the 2009-10 season, the ISU congress voted to change the format of ice dance events and make them more similar to pairs and singles skating.
Following his proposal's acceptance by the congress, a date for the first modern Olympic Games needed to be chosen.
Following the congress it was decided to recreate the Olympic Games and to organise them in Athens.
Following that, he served one term during the 44th congress.
Following the Paris congress and up through the 1960s, IUSY focused on supporting decolonisation efforts and struggles for independence, especially in Africa and Asia.
Following the first congress, other groups affiliated from France, Austria, Denmark, Belgium, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Poland and Romania.
Following Kobina's death, the party held its first extraordinary congress in January 1999 to elect a new Secretary-General.
Following the 2009 reunion ( Reuni Akbar TOP ), the alumni association of SMA St. Aloysius Bandung ( called Ikatan Alumni TOP ( IATOP )) held their congress in November 2010 in Bandung, during which they elected their first chairman.
Following that decision, a June 11 – 12 congress of the new federation of SFIO was held in Thiès.
Following the founding congress of UGEQ in November 1964, the SSMU executive voted to leave the Canadian Union of Students and join UGEQ in late 1965.
Following the death of his uncle, Jack Speigel, who had for many years organised the entire annual Southend Easter chess congress, Stanford inaugurated an annual Jack Speigel Memorial Invitational Tournament, also at Easter and in Southend.
Following the fall of Mohammed Najibullah's Democratic Republic of Afghanistan, while remaining a Jamiat commander, he also joined Abdul Rashid Dostum's National Islamic Movement of Afghanistan, becoming a deputy leader of that movement during its first congress on June 1, 1992.
Following the MoDem's poor result ( 4. 2 %) in the regional elections, Lepage announced her resignation from the MoDem and announced that she would propose at the party's next congress full autonomy vis-a-vis the MoDem.
Following the 12th party congress, on April 17, 2010, Victor Șelin has been elected as the new party president.
Following the " Internacia Junulara Kongreso " ( IJK, International Youth Congress ) in Kraków, Poland, in 1987, the League was even able to found a youth section, known as JuBEL, which for several years afterwards was able to arrange that young Bahá ' í Esperantists took part in the annual International Youth Congresses ( IJK ) and that Bahá ' í items were included in the congress programmes.
Following Milongo's death, the UDR-Mwinda held a national congress in Brazzaville on April 12 – 13 2008, pledging to uphold Milongo's political thought.
Following the April 1983 SI congress in Albufeira, Portugal, which Brandt had contentiously decided to relocate the SI's conference from Sydney ( due to the protests of newly-elected pro-Israeli Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke against the PLO's inclusion ), Brandt retaliated by forcing Carlsson to step down.

Following and opened
Following reaction the cells were scratched with a file and opened under a 20% aqueous sodium iodide solution.
Following the completion of the Erie Canal in 1817, which opened up easier travel to Lake Erie from the East Coast of the United States, the Detroit River became a heavily traversed route for settlers traveling to northern Michigan, and Detroit, as well, experienced a sudden increase in population.
Following 2014, the South Korean rice market will be fully opened.
Following the outbreak of the civil war in Somalia, Yemen unconditionally opened its borders to Somali asylum seekers.
Following these studies, Barton opened a free school in New Jersey.
Following the outbreak of World War I in 1914, the German Army opened the Western Front by first invading Luxembourg and Belgium, then gaining military control of important industrial regions in France.
Following six months of study at the office of Judge James Trimble, Houston passed the bar examination in Nashville, after which he opened a legal practice in Lebanon, Tennessee.
Following this, Feydeau made a name for himself both in France and abroad, some of his plays opening overseas and in other languages before they opened in France.
Following peace treaties signed with Egypt in 1979 and Jordan in 1994, Eilat's borders with its neighbors were finally opened.
Following the financial Panic of 1837, Johnson took a nine-month leave of absence, during which he returned home to Kentucky and opened a tavern and spa on his farm to offset his continued financial problems.
Following the end of the Civil War and the emancipation of the slaves ( 1865 ), a Freedmen's Bureau office opened in 1866 in Seguin to supervise work contracts between former slaves and area farmers.
Following the war, frequencies were increased and more routes were opened, which necessitated the conversion of three South African Air Force Envoys to passenger layout.
Following the example of George Müller, Spurgeon founded the Stockwell Orphanage, which opened for boys in 1867 and for girls in 1879, and which continued in London until it was bombed in the Second World War .< sup > </ sup > The orphanage became Spurgeon's Child Care which still exists today.
Following this spurt of industrial development, the town ’ s first high school and first national bank opened in 1864, and a town hall was built in 1869.
Following the Treaty of Traverse des Sioux in 1851, the territory west of the Mississippi, including Bloomington, was opened to settlers.
Following the August 1967 disturbances, the Wyandanch Day Care Center was opened on Commonwealth Boulevard.
Following on from this the Fox Poker Club opened its doors on 24 September 2010 on Shaftesbury Avenue, London's only fully licensed poker club.
Following a decade of research, Honda opened 60 new dealerships in North America by 1986, to support its Acura automobile division.
Following the construction of a prototype locomotive and test track in a quarry near Bern, the Vitznau-Rigi-Bahn opened on 22 May 1871.
Following tests, the Locher system was deployed on the Pilatus Railway which opened in 1889.
Following the installation of the final 65 ton girder on July 4, 1966, the completed bridge was officially opened by the Queen Mother on August 18, 1966.
Following the death of Pius X, the resulting conclave opened at the end of August 1914.
Following the completion of the relocation of The Crystal Palace from Hyde Park to what is now Upper Norwood in 1854, the West End of London and Crystal Palace Railway was opened on 10 June 1854 to cope with crowds visiting the Crystal Palace.
Following the Library collection's move to the new site, the old Reading Room was opened to the public in 2000, following renovation as part of the construction of the Great Court.
Following completion of the bridge, an expressway was constructed on the southern side of the bridge ( opened 18 May 1970 ), and a tunnel / loop was constructed at Kemp Place on the northern side ( completed 10 July 1972 ).

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