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Following and widespread
Following this, the widespread adoption of ailerons versus wing warping made aircraft much easier to control, and only a decade later, at the start of World War I, heavier-than-air powered aircraft had become practical for reconnaissance, artillery spotting, and even attacks against ground positions.
Following a process of decolonization in the 20th century the vast majority of the empire became independent ; however, its cultural impact is widespread and deep in many countries of the present day.
Following widespread pogroms and antisemitism, millions of Jews began leaving Eastern Europe in the late 19th century, mainly for the United States, with a small percentage heading for Israel.
Following the Kosovo War, due to the many weapons in the hands of civilians, law enforcement inefficiencies, and widespread devastation, both revenge killings and ethnic violence surged tremendously.
Following the al-Askari Mosque bombing in February 2006, imams and other Islamic leaders used mosques and Friday prayers as vehicles to call for calm and peace in the midst of widespread violence.
Following the revelation of widespread financial corruption in the 1990s, the government is still working to improve credit options for Paraguayan businesses.
Following the end of the Lebanese civil war in 1990, the Syrian occupation of Lebanon continued until 2005, when they were forced out by widespread public protest and international pressure, following the murder of Rafiq al-Hariri.
Following 4 June, the government conducted widespread arrests of protesters and their supporters, cracked down on other protests around China, expelled foreign journalists and strictly controlled coverage of the events in the domestic press.
Following this, the widespread adoption of ailerons rather than wing warping made aircraft much easier to control, and only a decade later, at the start of World War I, heavier-than-air powered aircraft had become practical for reconnaissance, artillery spotting, and even attacks against ground positions.
Following the collapse of the Second French Empire at the Battle of Sedan, widespread public demonstrations demanded that the Italian Government take Rome.
Following the English recovery, in the 10th century, surviving minsters were often refounded in accordance with the new types of collective religious bodies then becoming widespread in Western Europe, as monasteries following the reformed Benedictine rule, or as collegiate church or cathedral chapters following the rule of Chrodegang of Metz.
Following the seven years of widespread popularity, on July 20, 1999, the government of the People's Republic of China began a nationwide persecution campaign against Falun Gong practitioners, except in the special administrative regions of Hong Kong and Macau.
Following this interpretation some suggested that the handwritten manuscripts of the Tripitaka became obsolete when printing became widespread, the older manuscripts were therefore stored away.
Following the defeat of the central regime in Baghdad, there was widespread looting, rampaging, and general chaos throughout Iraq.
Following the widespread marketing and availability of artificial baby milk, or infant formula, wet nursing went into decline after World War II and fell out of style in the affluence of the mid-1950s.
Following The Guardian report, a widespread debate ensued.
Following the end of the Second World War, the majority of the British people, and particularly the working class and returning servicemen and women, did not want a return to pre-war Conservative economic policies, which they blamed for the hardship of the 1930s, and there was a mood for widespread social change.
Following Lin's death, there has been widespread skepticism in the West concerning the official Chinese explanation, but forensic evidence conducted by Russia ( which recovered the bodies following the crash ) has confirmed that Lin was among those who died in the crash.
Following the battle, there was widespread support from both North and South for further military action.
" Following widespread public complaints and official criticism, Henry was suspended from TVNZ for 2 weeks without pay, eventually resigning from the broadcaster.
Following the resignation of Daniel Johnson as leader of the Quebec Liberal Party in 1998, the prospect of Jean Charest becoming the party's new leader began to attract widespread public support.
Following World War II, there was pent-up housing demand in the US, and widespread suburban development took place.
Following widespread corruption and allegations of nepotism by the DMK government, in the 2011 assembly election, the party, continuing its alliance with the Left Front and also with new allies like actor-turned-politician Vijayakanth's Desiya Murpokku Dravida Kazhagam ( DMDK ), stormed back to power, winning 202 seats, with the AIADMK alone winning 150.
Following the invention of the " water-frame ", a spinning frame that was powered by a water wheel, which had been invented by Richard Arkwright in 1771 and used in his mills at Cromford, the cottage industry could not compete, and there was widespread unemployment and poverty in Mansfield.

Following and criticisms
Following criticisms of the statue, Al-Fayed said " If some stupid fans don't understand and appreciate such a gift this guy gave to the world they can go to hell.
Following Pedersen, Illich-Svitych, and Dolgopolsky, most advocates of the theory have included Afroasiatic, though criticisms by Joseph Greenberg and others from the late 1980s onward suggested a reassessment of this position.
Following criticisms about this statement, Arbour distanced herself from some aspects of the charter.
Following the August 2007 execution-style murder of three college students in Newark, New Jersey, she repeated her criticisms of politicians ' posture toward sanctuary cities.
For instance, the front wings were made of plastic ( Following on from criticisms of corrosion in this part of the previous model and based on technology developed for the Renault Espace ) and the material of the bonnet was aluminium in some versions.
Following Clarke's strong criticisms of the Bush administration, Bush administration officials and other Republicans attempted to discredit him or rebut his criticisms, making Clarke a controversial figure.
Following the controversy over a previous C & AG ’ s expenses — see the criticismsthe governance arrangements of the NAO were overhauled and a Board was put in place to oversee the running of the organisation.
Following the September 11 attacks, al-Jubeir returned to the United States to address the many questions and criticisms that faced the Kingdom at that time.
Following Sheik Usmani's criticisms the global Sukuk market shrunk from US $ 50bn in 2007 to approximately $ 14. 9bn in 2008, although how much of this was due to his criticisms or the Global Financial Crisis is a matter of debate.
Following Truesdell's criticisms of awkward style in scientific writing, the journal accepted papers in English, French, German, and Latin.
Following a series of criticisms about her weight gain a spokesperson from Viviens modelling agency in New York released a statement, saying: " Gemma hasn't committed to returning to modeling at any time soon ", adding Ward had the agency's full support.

Following and system
Following independence in 1975, the African Party for the Independence of Guinea and Cape Verde ( PAIGC ) established a one party political system.
Following the general election of 1950, the Labour party experienced a greatly reduced parliamentary majority, a mere five seats compared to the triple-digit majority of five years previous, despite an increase in the popular vote ( possible because of the first-past-the-post voting system ).
Following the victory of Han over Chu after the collapse of Qin, Confucius's thoughts received official sanction and were further developed into a system known as Confucianism.
Following the fall of apartheid, there have been moves to reintroduce the jury system.
Following independence, Kyrgyzstan was progressive in carrying out market reforms, such as an improved regulatory system and land reform.
Following its accession to power in 1975, the communist government imposed a dogmatic Soviet-style command economy system, replacing the private sector with state enterprises and cooperatives ; centralizing investment, production, trade, and pricing ; and creating barriers to internal and foreign trade.
Following 1962, Pakistan Armed Forces has had close military relations with the People's Republic of China, including development and research cooperation to enhance military system, such as on the JF-17 Thunder, K-8 Karakorum, and others as well.
Following Sharon's victory, it was decided to do away with separate elections for prime minister and return to the previous system.
Following the 2002 European floods, the Prague system sustained damage, and operation was halted until recently when Czech start up Lime & Tonic revived the Prague pneumatic postal system to integrate their reservations system with their merchants.
Following the definition in previous section, for a bipartite composite system, mixed states are just density matrices on.
Following the bankruptcy of the latter, the system became a subsidiary of Xerox formerly known as Scansoft and now as Nuance Communications, and he functioned as a consultant for the former until 1995.
Following the fall of Marcos Pérez Jiménez in 1958, Venezuelan politics was dominated by the third-way Christian democratic COPEI and the center-left social democratic Democratic Action ( AD ) parties ; this two-party system was formalized by the puntofijismo arrangement.
Following an announcement on December 20, 1996, on February 4, 1997, Apple Computer acquired NeXT for $ 429 million, and used the OPENSTEP for Mach operating system as the basis for OS X.
Following the scandal, on October 26, 1996, about 300, 000 Belgians marched in Brussels to protest at the failures of the police force and judicial system in this affair.
Following the Sui Dynasty's example, the Tang abandoned the nine-rank system in favor of a large civil service system.
Following the 1988 Beidaihe meeting, the party leadership under Deng Xiaoping agreed to a transition to a market-based price system.
Following Aristotle, Dicaearchus divided all governments into three categories: the democratic, aristocratic, and monarchical, He advocated a " mixed " government, echoing the Spartan system, in which elements of all three categories play a part.
Following the 1978 reforms, the People's Republic of China instituted what it calls a " socialist market economy ", in which most of the economy is under state ownership, but the state enterprises are reorganized into joint-stock companies where various government agencies own controlling shares through a shareholder system.
Following the Education Act 1944 there was disaffection with the tripartite system of academically-oriented Grammar schools for a small proportion of " gifted " children, and Technical and Secondary Modern schools for the majority of children.
Following this, F. Dahl, a professor at the Berlin Zoological Museum, referred to this ecological system as a " biotope " ( biotop ) ( 1908 ).
Following World War II, the League of Nations was dissolved in April 1946 and its successor, the United Nations, instituted a Trusteeship system to bring all of the former German colonies in Africa under UN control.

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