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For and Adolf
Adolf Hitler announced in 1937, " For all we care, those prehistoric Stone Age culture barbarians and art-stutterers can return to the caves of their ancestors and there can apply their primitive international scratching.
For example, he pointed out that Adolf Hitler was a consummate and superb politician due especially to his charisma and oratorical skills but reached his " level of incompetence " as commander-in-chief of the Wehrmacht because of the rigidity of his decision making ( not allowing retreats when necessary according to the tactical situation ).
For example, in the court case of City of Los Angeles v. Lyons, Adolf Lyons was stopped by police officers because of a faulty taillight ; police officers choked him until he was unconscious.
For some Chicagoans, however, the appearance of the Graf Zeppelin over their fair city was not a welcome sight, as the airship had become a prominent reminder of the ascendancy of Adolf Hitler to power earlier that same year.
For Hundertwasser, human misery was a result of the rational, sterile, monotonous architecture, built following the tradition of the Austrian architect Adolf Loos, author of the modernist manifesto Ornament and crime ( 1908 ).
For months prior to the 1939 German invasion of Poland, invasion, German newspapers and politicians like Adolf Hitler had carried out a national and international propaganda campaign accusing Polish authorities of organizing or tolerating violent ethnic cleansing of ethnic Germans living in Poland.
For years, it was assumed that Adolf Hitler ordered the German Army to stop the attack, favouring bombardment by the Luftwaffe.
For example, defense attorney Hans Rolfe ( Maximilian Schell ) raises such issues as the support of U. S. Supreme Court justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. for eugenics practices, the Hitler-Vatican Reichskonkordat in 1933, the Nazi-Soviet Pact in 1939 that allowed Hitler to start World War II and Winston Churchill's praising of Adolf Hitler.
For example, in 1685 Duke John Adolphus (" Hans Adolf ") founded the new town ( Neustadt ) northwest of the town in order to settle craftsmen here and thus increase the economic might of the duchy.
For example, in 1632 Queen Christina of Sweden succeeded to the throne after the death of her father, King Gustav II Adolf.
For instance, Christopher Sykes, in a sympathetic 1972 biography of Nancy Astor, argues that the entire story about the so-called Cliveden Set was an ideologically motivated fabrication by Claud Cockburn that came to be generally accepted by a public looking for scapegoats for British pre-war appeasement of Adolf Hitler.
For an account of his life, see also M. de Jonge, Rudolf v. Jhering ( 1888 ); and Adolf Merkel, Rudolf von Jhering ( 1893 ).
For months before the 1939 invasion, German newspapers and politicians like Adolf Hitler accused Polish authorities of organizing or tolerating violent ethnic cleansing of ethnic Germans living in Poland.
For this, together with other research on coenzyme A, he was awarded half the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1953 ( shared with Hans Adolf Krebs ).
For instance, cartoonist Andy Donato drew a cartoon comparing David Miller to Adolf Hitler after he refused to allow a debate on Chief Julian Fantino's contract renewal.
For example, under the 17th Century Swedish Kings Gustav II Adolf and Charles XI, general elementary education was introduced, the Bible was translated in Estonian and Latvian, and a university was founded in Tartu in southern Estonia.
For a number of reasons, including ( but not limited to ): the large number of victims ; the fact that many of them were innocent civilians casually taken only to make up the number of those to be killed ; the cruel methods implemented ( even by Nazi standards ) to carry out the massacre ; the fact that the reprisal order had come directly from Adolf Hitler, and the hiding of the bodies, which were buried summarily instead of being returned to their families, the slaughter became a symbol of the various massacres carried out against civilians in Italy from September 8, 1943 until the German surrender on May 8, 1945.
For his Ph. D he joined the working group of the Nobel laureate Adolf Windaus at the University of Göttingen and he finished his studies with a Ph. D. in chemistry in 1927.
For a character sketch of Adolf Jellinek see S. Singer, Lectures and Addresses ( 1908 ), pp. 88 – 93 ; Kohut, Beruehmte israelitische Manner und Frauen.
For example, Von Talon states whilst holding Mercury as a prisoner of war that he would not eat Mercury, as he is a vegetarian, a direct reference to Adolf Hitler's vegetarianism.
For some years, Kaufmann's experiments represented a weighty objection against the relativity principle, although it was criticized by Planck and Adolf Bestelmeyer ( 1906 ).
For Sepp Herberger, however, the miracles are more mundane: the sudden rain that slows down the Hungarians ( however, German captain Fritz Walter tended to perform better in stormy conditions ), but not so much the Germans fitted with Adolf Dassler's revolutionary screw-in football studs.
For months prior to the 1939 invasion, German newspapers and politicians like Adolf Hitler had carried out a national and international propaganda campaign accusing Polish authorities of organizing or tolerating violent ethnic cleansing of ethnic Germans living in Poland.
For the 1855 year contest " Konung Gustaf II Adolfs lifsfara i träffningen vid Wittsjö " (" King Gustaf II Adolf in mortal danger at the battle of Wittsjö ") he was the only student to submit a contribution.

For and Hitler
For Hitler himself, this explanatory model for World War I was of crucial personal importance.
" He wrote: " For quite six years the English admirers of Hitler contrived not to learn of the existence of Dachau and Buchenwald.
For Prussia, which constituted the bulk of Germany in any event, Hitler reserved these rights for himself and delegated them to Prussian minister-president Hermann Göring.
For Hitler, his position was opposed to the direction of the " socialist " wing, stating it would mean " political bolshevization of Germany ".
For us, everything is lost now and the only way left for us is the one which Hitler chose.
For a brief moment in August 1939, Ribbentrop convinced Hitler that the Non-Aggression Pact with the Soviet Union would cause the fall of the Chamberlain government, and lead to a new British government that would abandon the Poles to their fate.
For Hitler, the Soviet Union was to be Germany's Lebensraum and he had no interest in even setting up puppet governments in a region he planned to colonize.
For whatever reason, her relationship with Hitler had declined by 1944, when her brother Heinz died on the Russian Front of the war.
For its part, Nazi Germany also did a public volte-face regarding its virulent opposition to the Soviet Union, though Hitler still viewed an attack on the Soviet Union as " inevitable ".
For a period during World War II, Shepton Mallet Prison was used to store important national records from the Public Record Office, including Magna Carta, the Domesday Book, the logbooks of HMS Victory, dispatches from the Battle of Waterloo, and the " scrap of paper " signed by Hitler and Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain at the Munich Conference of September 1938.
For reasons of expediency, however, he was initially drawn into cooperating with the early Nazi regime in the hope that Hitler — an ardent Wagnerian and music lover who had admired Strauss's work since viewing Salome in 1907 — would promote German art and culture.
For Hitler and the other ethnic Germans of his time, the term " Volksdeutsche " also carried overtones of blood and race not captured in the common English translation " ethnic Germans ".
For instance, to the counterfactual claim " What would have happened had Hitler drunk coffee instead of tea on the afternoon he committed suicide?
For Hitler, the land which would provide sufficient Lebensraum for Germany was the Soviet Union, which for Hitler was both a nation that possessed vast and rich agricultural land and was inhabited by what Hitler saw as Slavic Untermenschen ( sub-humans ) ruled over by what he regarded as a gang of blood-thirsty, but grossly incompetent Jewish revolutionaries.
For being indiscreet enough to advance the claim to Germany's lebensraum at a time when Germany was still more or less disarmed, Hugenberg was sacked from the German cabinet by Hitler.
It opens with a lavish production of the title song, " Springtime For Hitler ", which celebrates Nazi Germany crushing Europe (" Springtime for Hitler and Germany / Winter for Poland and France ").
Springtime For Hitler is declared a smash-hit, which means, of course, the investors will be expecting a larger financial return than can be paid out.

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