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For and Queen
For example, a writer in a recent number of The Queen hyperbolically states that `` of the myriad imprecations the only one which the English Catholics really resent is the suggestion that they are ' un-English ' ''.
For his wife and queen, King Xerxes chose Esther, an orphan raised by her cousin Mordecai, to replace the recalcitrant Queen Vashti.
For Spain, dates commonly used are the death of King Ferdinand II in 1516, the death of Queen Isabella I of Castile in 1504, or the conquest of Granada in 1492.
< center > Queen Guinevere's Maying For thus it chanced one morn when all the court, Green-suited, but with plumes that mocked the may, Had been, their wont, a-maying and returned, That Modred still in green, all ear and eye, Climbed to the high top of the garden-wall To spy some secret scandal if he might ,</ center >
For example, many 18th-and 19th-century scholars, including Samuel Johnson, Lewis Theobald, George Steevens, Edmond Malone, and James Halliwell-Phillipps, placed the composition of Henry VIII prior to 1604, as they believed Elizabeth's execution of Mary, Queen of Scots ( the then king James I's mother ) made any vigorous defence of the Tudors politically inappropriate in the England of James I. Oxfordians cite these sources to place the composition of the play within Oxford's lifetime.
" For some unknown reason, Philip was repelled by her and he refused to allow her to be crowned Queen.
For those actions, he received an honorary knighthood from Queen Elizabeth II in 2002.
For him, the physical sciences had necessarily to arrive first, before humanity could adequately channel its efforts into the most challenging and complex " Queen science " of human society itself.
For example, in an old Ossetian legend, Queen Tamar conceives her son of a sunbeam which shines through the window.
For the task, Prime Minister Stephen Harper convened a special search group — the Governor General Consultation Committee — which consisted of Sheila-Marie Cook, secretary to the Governor General ( the chairperson ); Canadian Secretary to the Queen and Usher of the Black Rod Kevin MacLeod ; Christopher Manfredi, dean of the Faculty of Arts at McGill University ; Rainer Knopff, a political scientist at the University of Calgary ; Father Jacques Monet, of the Canadian Institute of Jesuit Studies ; and Christopher McCreery, historian and private secretary to the Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia.
For the last two albums made while Mercury was still alive, the band credited all songs to Queen, rather than specific members of the group, freeing them of internal conflict and differences.
For the first time since the late 1980s, Queen's catalogue will have the same distributor worldwide, as their US home, Hollywood Records, is currently distributed by Universal ( for a time in the late 1980s, Queen was on EMI-owned Capitol Records in the US ).
*" For I'm the Queen " sung by Marie Dressler, assisted by Polly Moran
For example, the meaning of the phrase " the Queen " may be determined by the country in which it is spoken.
For medical treatment, she was sent to France, where she lived with her paternal grandmother, Queen Dowager Henrietta Maria, at the Château de Colombes near Paris.
For example, Queen Victoria signed as " Victoria RI " from 1877.
For a few days it seemed that Walpole would be dismissed but the King agreed to keep him in office upon the advice of Queen Caroline.
For 18 years he did not remarry for Queen Elizabeth's sake and when he finally did, his new wife, Lettice Knollys, was permanently banished from court.
For the first 30 years of Elizabeth's reign, until Leicester's death, he and Lord Burghley were the most powerful and important political figures, working intimately with the Queen.
For Canada, the current monarch is officially titled Queen of Canada (), and she, her consort, and other members of the Canadian Royal Family undertake various public and private functions across the country and on its behalf abroad.
For example, their song " Anglia " is based on the national anthem of the United Kingdom, God Save the Queen.
For example, Peter Philips, son of HRH The Princess Royal is a commoner even though his mother is a princess and his grandmother, The Queen.
For administrative law the Raad van State is the highest court, which is ex officio chaired by the Queen.
For example, there appears to be continuity between the character of Cleopatra and the historical figure of Queen Elizabeth I, and the unfavourable light cast on Caesar has been explained as deriving from the claims of various 16th century historians.

For and Anne
For once Cady Partlow wished Anne would yell at him so he could yell back.
For the next five years, Anne spent no more than five or six weeks a year with her family, during holidays at Christmas and in June.
For a compilation album of the Glenmark duo Gemini, Andersson had Björn Ulvaeus write new Swedish lyrics for the re-recording of two old songs ; Ulvaeus also wrote new English lyrics to older Swedish language songs for opera singer Anne Sofie von Otter tribute album " I Let The Music Speak ".
For example the confession of Marc Smeaton at the trial of Anne Boleyn was presented in written form only, either to hide from the court that Smeaton had been tortured on the rack for four hours, or because Thomas Cromwell was worried that he would recant his confession if cross-examined.
: For the Danish princess who became Electress of Saxony, see Anne of Denmark, Electress of Saxony.
* Wyatt is a minor character in the book, " To Die For: A Novel of Anne Boleyn " by Sandra Byrd ISBN 978-1-4391-8311-3
For Becky he thought of casting Anne Bancroft, Donna Reed, Kim Hunter, Vera Miles and others.
: For other women named Anne of Austria, see Anna of Austria ( disambiguation )
Image: Anne hathaway sculpture 2. JPG | Hamlet: What Wilt Thou Do For Herby Michele Firpo-Cappiello
For her part, Anne, now Queen and no longer the timid adolescent so easily dominated by her more beautiful friend, had grown tired of Sarah's tactless political hectoring and increasingly haughty manner which, in the coming years, were to destroy their friendship and undermine the position of her husband.
For the last of his four great battlefield victories, Marlborough received no personal letter of thanks from Queen Anne.
For his delivery of dadaist and absurdist humour to millions, biographer Anne Pender described Humphries in 2010 as " the most significant comedian to emerge since Charlie Chaplin ".
* For an alternative account of the trial, see Anne Somerset's Unnatural Murder ( Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1997 ).
' For some reason ; either due to La Frédérique's jealousy of the former's beauty or because Dumonceaux's passion for Anne revived, both mother and daughter were thrown out.
For Mary Anne Clarke's works
For these services to Russia he received in 1814 the decoration of the order of St. Anne ; and the same year he was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society.
For when Cromwell sent for Jane, he already had much of what he needed, not only to bring down Anne and her circle, but to make possible the King's marriage to Jane Seymour ...
#" Trying to Do the Right Thing ( For Anne )"
The exhibit entitled " Struggle For Life " documented the human toll of TB and AIDS presented the work of Nachtwey with text by Dr. Anne Goldfeld of work they began together in Cambodia in 2003 as well as photos from Thailand, Africa and Siberia.
For a few years after the accession of Queen Anne he remained without office, but in November 1708 he was appointed Captain of the Yeomen of the Guard, having in the previous year been summoned to the Privy Council.
* Anne Sofie von Otter and Elvis Costello in 2001, For the Stars.
For his delivery of Dadaist and absurdist humour to millions, biographer Anne Pender described Humphries in 2010 as not only " the most significant theatrical figure of our time … the most significant comedian to emerge since Charlie Chaplin ".
She was also mentioned in a song, " This One's Just For You ", by Australian songwriter and comedian, Kevin Bloody Wilson and impersonated by Simon Amstell on Good Morning with Anne and Nick.
Anne Kimzey of the Alabama Center For Traditional Culture writes: " All-black gandy dancer crews used songs and chants as tools to help accomplish specific tasks and to send coded messages to each other so as not to be understood by the foreman and others.

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