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For and compilation
For many years, Decade was the only Neil Young compilation album available.
For example, Iocaine Powder, which won the First International RoShamBo Programming Competition in 1999, uses a heuristically designed compilation of strategies.
TMBG also contributed a track to the 2004 Future Soundtrack For America compilation, a project compiled by John Flansburgh with the help of Spike Jonze and Barsuk Records.
In the rest of 2007, They Might Be Giants wrote a commissioned piece for Brooklyn-based robotic music outfit League of Electronic Musical Urban Robots and performed for three dates at the event, and covered the Pixies " Havalina " for American Laundromat Records Dig For Fire-a tribute to PIXIES compilation.
For instance, in the design of a compiler, regression testing could track the code size, simulation time and compilation time of the test suite cases.
For example, within a definition, causes the compiler to switch to the interpreter mode, calculate expression 2 + 3, leave the result on stack and resume compilation.
Reviews of B-Sides and Rarities were generally good ; Devin Grant of The Post and Courier wrote that " For an album full of odds and ends, this Cake release is every bit as good, and every bit as fun, as the band's previous studio releases ", while Catherine P. Lewis of The Washington Post noted that, although several live tracks reduced the album's strength, " there are still enough charming nuggets to make this album less disposable than the typical rarities compilation ".
In 2007 the band released its first " Best of " compilation album, entitled The Murmur Years: The Best Of Something For Kate 1996-2007.
For example, macros replaced with aggressive inlining and templates, includes with compile-time imports ( this requires the preservation of type information in the object code, making this feature impossible to retrofit into a language ); conditional compilation is effectively accomplished with and dead code elimination in some languages.
The year 2007 saw the creation of Bernhard's show Plan B from Outer Space as well as Indie label upstart Breaking Records release of the compilation " Breaking For the Holidays " where Bernhard co-penned Miracle of Lights with Mitchell Kaplan.
Also in 1986, Royal Music released Rehearsal For Reality ( also known as Rehearsal 4 Reality ), a compilation album that included some previously released songs, but also six new songs, including three instrumentals, and " More than a Dream " written by British poet Steve Scott.
* For a compilation of Sioux and Ojibwe ( Chippewa ) Indian Treaties and a generalized map of ceded territories by year, see
For example, OpenOffice. Org achieves this with compilation switches.
In July 2004, Van Halen released a new 2-CD compilation featuring three new songs with Hagar: " It's About Time ", " Up For Breakfast ", and " Learning to See ".
In 1991, the Disney CD For Our Children, a compilation of children's music performed by celebrities to benefit the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, included Nilsson's original composition " Blanket for a Sail ," recorded at the Shandaliza Recording Studio in Los Angeles.
While not a compilation, The Indelible Alison Bechdel: Confessions, Comix, and Miscellaneous Dykes to Watch Out For ( 1998 ) included many of the strips Bechdel published in calendars, a timeline of the strip to date, and a fanciful " tour " of the " factory " where Dykes To Watch Out For is produced.
For instance, a SQL statement could be inserted as text within C source code, and during compilation it would be converted into a custom format that directly called a function within a library that would pass the statement into the SQL system.
The 28 May 1969 compilation by Johns contained the following lineup: " One After 909 ", " Rocker ", " Save the Last Dance for Me ", " Don't Let Me Down ", " Dig A Pony ", " I've Got a Feeling ", " Get Back ", " For You Blue ", " Teddy Boy ", " Two of Us ", " Maggie Mae ", " Dig It ", " Let It Be ", " The Long and Winding Road ", and " Get Back ( Reprise )".
For the first few years after the demise of Factory, the only Durutti Column album releases were Lips That Would Kiss ( a 1991 collection of early singles, compilation contributions and unreleased material on the separate label Factory Benelux ), and Dry ( 1991 ) and Red Shoes ( 1992 ), Italian collections of alternate versions and unreleased outtakes.
For the first five seasons, the recordings were released as a compilation album at the end of the season.
* Plea For Peace Take Action compilation CD ( Sub City )
* Songs For Cassavetes compilation CD ( Better Looking Records )
For Ministry's next album, Jourgensen released the song " No W ", an attack on then-U. S. President George W. Bush ; an alternate version of the track was placed on the multi-performer compilation Rock Against Bush, Vol.

For and album
Four other hits from the album made the Pop top 20: " Every Heartbeat " ( No. 2 ), " That's What Love Is For " ( No. 7 ), " Good For Me " ( No. 8 ), and " I Will Remember You " ( No. 20 ).
Grant followed the album with her second Christmas album, Home For Christmas in 1992, which included the song " Breath of Heaven ( Mary's Song )", written by Chris Eaton and Grant, and would later be covered by many artists, including Donna Summer, Jessica Simpson ( who acknowledged Grant as one of her favorite artists ), Vince Gill, Sara Groves, Point of Grace, and Broadway star Barbara Cook.
A film tie-in featuring artwork from the film and a cover version by Ennio Morricone was released in Europe, though the other tracks on the album were soundtracks from A Fistful of Dollars and For a Few Dollars More.
* Waiting For Columbus, 1978 live album by the rock band Little Feat
" Slant Magazine also gave the album three out of five stars, saying " It's Marianne Faithfull's substance-ravaged voice that comes to mind most often while listening to songs like " Honey " and " For Once in Your Life.
* Briton Rites first album, For Mircalla was inspired by the short story.
For their fourth album, Together Alone, Crowded House used New Zealand-based producer Martin Glover ( aka Youth ) and invited touring musician Mark Hart ( guitar & keyboards ) to become a permanent band member.
For the Dub Pistols album, see Rum & Coke.
* For the album art of Progressive metal band Protest the Hero's second studio album Fortress, Diana is depicted, protected by rams and other animals.
The line-up was completed by Tony and Hunt Sales, whom Bowie had known since the late 1970s for their contribution, on drums and bass respectively, to Iggy Pop's 1977 album Lust For Life.
* Ekklesia ( album ), an album by For Today
For the band's fourth album, Eldorado, A Symphony, a concept album about a daydreamer, Lynne stopped overdubbing strings and hired an orchestra and choir instead.
* Free ( For Real album )
The eventual album version (" For The Victims Of Ravishment ") would derive from the " Carnage " mix.
Lee also plays bass on Canadian rock band I Mother Earth's track " Good For Sule ", which is featured on the group's album " Blue Green Orange ", released in 1999.
For his first local gigs in the early 1970s and Rush's debut album, Lee used a Fender Precision Bass.
For his next and final album, 1974's Grievous Angel, he again used Harris and Burton.

For and duo
For example, in one episode, the Muppets of Sesame Street appeared behind the duo, who told them, " How should we know how to get to Sesame Street?
For 36 years ( until January 2003 ), he served alongside Republican Strom Thurmond, making them the longest-serving Senate duo ever.
In 1990 the duo, again under the name Comateens, recorded the song " A Place For Me ", an English language adaptation of the Françoise Hardy song " Fais Moi Une Place ", and it became a European hit.
* Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel copyright a song, " The Girl For Me ," with the Library of Congress and begin singing together as a duo while still in high school in New York, New York.
The band, initially a studio-only duo of Woloschuk and Long, released the singles " Hanus Of Uranus / Sub-Rosa Subway " and " Dr. Marvello / For You Girl " on GRT Records in 1973, before being taken under the wing of Daffodil Records and its president Frank Davies.
For their 1994 follow-up, Subliminal Simulation, Dream Warriors added rapper Spek ( Hussain Yoosuf ) and DJ Luv ( formerly L. A. Luv ; Phillip Gayle ), turning the duo into a four-man group.
For their second album, Spleen and Ideal, the group comprised the core duo of Gerrard and Perry with cello, trombones and tympani added in by session musicians.
For the album's recording, the duo were particularly worried about its live sound.
For example, Teller, of the magician duo Penn and Teller, has no given names.
She also played Jew's harp on the song " I Do It For Your Love ", Paul Simon's collaboration with Herbie Hancock on his album Possibilities, in a duo with bassist Christian McBride on the song " Chitlins and Gifltefish ", on McBride's 2011 album Conversations with Christian, and on " Maria " from her album In Search Of Cleo.
For more than two decades beginning in 1929 the duo produced two shows a year in Dublin, first in the Olympia Theatre, then in the Gaiety.
For The Proclaimers, performing " Letter from America " on The Tube was instrumental in helping the Scottish duo to their first top ten UK hit ; it was also responsible for introducing Frankie Goes to Hollywood to their record label.
For most of his time with the Devils, Madden was paired with left wing player Jay Pandolfo, prompting many Devils fans to refer to this ubiquitous duo as " Madolfo.
Candadian rock duo Japandroids feature The Gun Club's " For the Love on Ivy " on their 2012 record Celebration Rock.
For some time, NWW was a core duo of Stapleton and Colin Potter, the latter having first worked with NWW on 1992's " Thunder Perfect Mind " when it was recorded at Potter's ICR studio.
In 2012 the Utah Saints song " What Can You Do For Me " ( which sampled vocals from Annie Lennox ) was remixed by dubstep duo Drumsound & Bassline Smith, the song received airplay and was popular enough to enter the top 10 on the dance charts.
For example, Finished With My Ex is a Portuguese independent music duo, whose genres variate from Alternative rock, garage rock to electronic rock, acoustic, industrial rock, formed in 2012 in Braga.
For its 25th anniversary, the radio hosts concerts of the indie Swedish band the Radio Dept., and later Eleanor Friedberger from the rock duo The Fiery Furnaces and the Welsch songwriter Euros Childs.
For a time during the mid to late 1990s the duo recorded under the name Boo Boo & Mace !.
For their third album, the duo reinvented themselves under their real names of Ant & Dec.
For their earliest shows, The Shins performed as a duo with Mercer recruiting Sandoval to play drums.
For example, a 1993 story saw the duo traveling to what appeared to be a prehistoric forest, but near the end, they found a Brazil flag, a newspaper clipping from 1995, and a bulldozer at work: this was in fact a Brazilian rainforest being levelled.
For these and all future releases, the duo revived the name " Martha and the Muffins ",
For nearly 20 years during the late 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, KFI boasted one of the most listened-to shows in Los Angeles radio history, " The Lohman and Barkley Show ," featuring the comedy duo of Al Lohman and Roger Barkley.

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