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from Brown Corpus
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For and serious
For a number of years ( both before and during the Inprise name ) Borland suffered from serious financial losses and very poor public image.
For example, John Yarwood of Melbourne is the first person to take a serious interest in British military money ( especially tokens ).
For this reason alone, it was never in serious doubt that Elizabeth would embrace Protestantism.
For a given word there may often have been many serious attempts by scholars to propose etymologies based on the best information available at the time, and these can be later modified or rejected as linguistic scholarship advances.
For years in a manner similar to what befell the Roman provinces under the Germans or the Irish under the Normans, the chieftains and their war bands ravaged the western half of Asia Minor, as allies of one or other of the warring princes, without any serious check, until they sided with the renegade Seleucid prince Antiochus Hierax, who reigned in Asia Minor.
Punk historian Ian Glasper indicates that " For several months gob-smacked audiences weren't sure whether Napalm Death were actually a serious band any longer, such was the undeniable novelty of their hyper-speed new drummer.
For this reason, Paul VI teaches in the first sentence of Humanae Vitae, that the transmission of human life is a most serious role in which married people collaborate freely and responsibly with God the Creator.
For example, it is considered very unlikely that Ibn Battuta made a trip up the Volga River from New Sarai to visit Bolghar and there are serious doubts about a number of other journeys such as his trip to Sana ' a in Yemen, his journey from Balkh to Bistam in Khorasan and his trip around Anatolia.
For most of Nehru's term as prime minister, India would continue to face serious food shortages despite progress and increases in agricultural production.
: For a trivial offence, a free man shall be fined only in proportion to the degree of his offence, and for a serious offence correspondingly, but not so heavily as to deprive him of his livelihood.
For the most part, however, there were no serious challenges to Lesotho's constitutional order in the 1995-96 period.
For this reason, narcosis while diving in open water rarely develops into a serious problem as long as the divers are aware of its symptoms, and may ascend to manage it.
For more serious and scholarly attempts to understand the psychological dimension of the past, see The Psychohistory Review.
For example, viruses that cause serious influenza in humans probably have pigs or birds as their natural host, and HIV is thought to derive from the benign non-human primate virus SIV.
For instance, American composer Scott Joplin insisted that his serious but ragtime-influenced work Treemonisha ( 1911 ) was an opera, but some reference works characterize it as an operetta.
For this reason, when the human body comes in contact with high power RF currents it can cause superficial but serious burns called RF burns.
For example, root-knot nematode is a serious problem for some plants in warm climates and sandy soils, where it slowly builds up to high levels in the soil, and can severely damage plant productivity by cutting off circulation from the plant roots.
For example, torturing animals may be banned not because animals have rights, but because taking pleasure in the infliction of pain is viewed as a serious social problem, and thus should be suppressed.
For example, in the wake of a serious car accident involving a wrestler the Association banned wrestlers from driving their own cars.
For more serious misdeeds, a boy is summoned from his lessons to the Head Master, or Lower Master if the boy is in the lower two years, to talk personally about his misdeeds.
For some opinions or speech, this may have, or come to have, serious consequences.
For people with serious health conditions, where cholesterol is of big concern, or egg allergies, but also for vegans and religious vegetarians, who abstain from egg consumption there are growing numbers of egg-free, mayonnaise-like spreads available.
For the 2012 presidential election, opinion polls showed Marine Le Pen as a serious challenger, with a few polls even suggesting that she could win the first round of the election.

For and young
For the young child this may be no more than providing food, light or movement.
The angriest young man in Newport last night was at the Playhouse, where `` Epitaph For George Dillon '' opened as the jazz festival closed.
For a while the young men waited outside the lodge of TuHulHulZote, glorying in his harsh language as he talked with himself.
For example, psychologists use anagram-oriented tests, often called " anagram solution tasks ", to assess the implicit memory of young adults and adults alike.
For a time he took into his family the young student Antoine-Frédéric Ozanam ( 1813 – 1853 ), one of the founders of the Conference of Charity, later known as the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul.
For the young composer there would be few, if any, new compositional commissions to receive from the court.
For example, the pelican, which was believed to tear open its breast to bring its young to life with its own blood, was a living representation of Jesus.
" For the two months she was there, Chaplin and his brother were sent to live with their father, whom the young boy scarcely knew.
For instance, galaxies contain more young stars and are less clustered, and quasars appear more numerous.
For example, an all-male troop may be organized to hunt for meat, while a group consisting of lactating females serves to act as a " nursery group " for the young.
Of course, I had the usual fears, like going to school … For me, back then, school was a crime against young people.
For example, in the 1990s and 2000s, the United States media contained stories of adolescents and young adults dying or becoming seriously ill from intentionally ingesting Datura.
; For young readers
Meanwhile, Buddy and Phyllis join their spouses and the foursome reminisces about the old days of their courtship and the theatre, their memories vividly coming to life in the apparitions of their young counterparts (" Waiting For The Girls Upstairs ").
For example, in his writings about a young man afflicted with the plague, he concentrated on the treatment of internal and external ulcerations.
For young Scarlett, the ideal southern belle is represented by her mother, Ellen O ' Hara.
For his part, Kennedy thought that Adenauer was a relic of the past, stating " The real trouble is that he is too old and I am too young for us to understand each other.
* For Martin Greenberg's Fantastic Lives: Autobiographical Essays by Notable Science Fiction Writers ( Southern Illinois University Press, 1981 ) she wrote " The Expanding Mind ," a memoir of her youth and the impact of science fiction on the mind of a young girl.
His career revival began when the young Italian director Sergio Leone boldly cast Van Cleef, whose career was still in the doldrums, as one of the two protagonists, alongside Clint Eastwood, in Leone's second western, For a Few Dollars More.
For example, seniors have a more elastic demand for movies than do young adults because they generally have more free time.
" Kazin concludes, " For the young moralists of the 1960s — missionaries of a secular persuasion — only a self-conscious rebellion from below could topple the corrupted liberal order.
For a young and loosely defined nation, the building of a national railway must be put within the context of active attempts at state-making.
For a decade he felt he must have been Anthony ’ s number one fan, until, as a young adult, he met a person identified as " Andy " and discovered their mutual interest in Anthony.
For the first time, numerous young Europeans, Asians and " Americans were trained in various congregations and secretariats within the Vatican for eventual service throughout the world.

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