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For and best
For this reason, then, poetry tends to weaken the power of control, the reason, because it tempts one to indulge his passions, and even the best of men, he maintains, may be corrupted by this subtle influence.
For Mr. Kennedy, speaking softly and carrying a sizable stick is making the best of a bad situation.
For site planning work, it is best to have a qualified and experienced park planner to carry through the study.
For the best results, feed this level to cattle 3 to 5 days preceding shipment and/or 3 to 5 days following their arrival in your feed lot.
For expository purposes, this is best treated as a model which spells out the conditions under which an important industry affected with the public interest would find it profitable to raise wages even in the absence of union pressures for higher wages.
For most players, many calls ( bids, doubles and redoubles, and sometimes even passes ) are not made with the intention that they become the final contract, but to describe the strength and distribution of the player's hand, so that the partnership can reach an informed conclusion on their best contract, and / or to obstruct the opponents ' bidding.
For this reason, some theorists have argued that consequentialist theories can only require agents to choose the best action in line with what they know about the situation.
For every watt delivered to the load, the amplifier itself will, at best, dissipate another watt.
For practical filters, a custom design is sometimes desirable, that can offer the best tradeoff between different design criteria, which may include component count and cost, as well as filter response characteristics.
For instance is it not always advisable to draw three new cards when holding a pair, although this is statistically the best way to improve the rank of the hand.
For a given word there may often have been many serious attempts by scholars to propose etymologies based on the best information available at the time, and these can be later modified or rejected as linguistic scholarship advances.
After the campaign appeared in the Metro newspaper London the business news website www. mad. co. uk remarked that the IKEA campaign had amazing similarities with the marketing activity of UK home refurbishment company Onis living who had launched their own Not For Sale advertising campaign two years prior and was awarded the Interbuild 2006 Construction Marketing Award for best campaign under £ 25, 000.
For example, a real engine runs best at a specific load, termed its power band.
For an ordinary computer, GNFS is the best published algorithm for large n ( more than about 100 digits ).
For the most part, veterans did not participate in national politics, believing that their aspirations could best be achieved within the confines of colonial society.
For a list with n items, the best case is when the value is equal to the first element of the list, in which case only one comparison is needed.
For the best taste, glasses are filled in two stages.
For all instruments, the best way to move the fingers and arms to achieve a desired effect is to learn to play with the least tension in your hands and body.
For example, the set of carboxylic acids that are best known as the intermediates in the citric acid cycle are present in all known organisms, being found in species as diverse as the unicellular bacteria Escherichia coli and huge multicellular organisms like elephants.
For example, if one player has the high hand on showdown, and two other players tie for the best low hand, the high hand wins half of the pot and each low hand wins only a quarter of the pot.
For example, if a player declaring swing has the best high hand but loses for low ( or ties for low with a no-ties rule ), the whole pot is awarded to the low hand that defeated him.
For example, if a hand is currently the best, but each of four opponents has a 1-in-6 chance of drawing an out, the four opponents combined become the favorite to win, even though each one is individually an underdog.
For example, with a board of, a player with cannot play a flush using the ace as would be possible in Texas hold ' em ; the player must play two cards from in-hand and only three from the board ( so instead, this player's best hand is two pair: ).
The diversity, reflected in a folk saying, " For each village, a different culture ", is perhaps best shown in the local languages.

For and results
( For each State, make all computations set forth in items 1 to 8 above, and then add the results obtained for each State in item 8.
For the most part, this discussion will be confined to results obtained since the introduction of the reference standard.
For example, the level of improvement noted in a recent experiment with a short course of immediate treatment for parent-child relationship problems compared favorably with the results reported by typical child guidance clinics where the hours spent in purely diagnostic study may equal or exceed the number of hours devoted to actual treatment interviews in the experimental project.
For irradiation of food, the results obtained depend upon the dose rather than the specific type of radiation, and X-ray, gamma, and high-energy electron radiation are suitable.
For example, the randomization-based analysis results in a small but ( strictly ) negative correlation between the observations.
For any system, the following restrictions on measurement results apply, where is the reduced Planck constant and is any direction vector such as x, y, or z:
For many individuals with bipolar disorder a good prognosis results from good treatment, which, in turn, results from an accurate diagnosis.
For an atemporal interpretation that “ makes no attempt to give a ‘ local ’ account on the level of determinate particles ”, the conjugate wavefunction, (" advanced " or time-reversed ) of the relativistic version of the wavefunction, and the so-called " retarded " or time-forward version are both regarded as real and the transactional interpretation results.
For the full season-by-season franchise results, see List of Chicago Bears seasons.
For political reasons, analyzing these varieties as " languages " or " dialects " yields inconsistent results: British and American English, spoken by close political and military allies, are almost universally regarded as dialects of a single language, whereas the standard languages of Serbia and Croatia, which differ from each other to a similar extent as the dialects of English, are being treated by some linguists from the region as distinct languages, largely because the two countries oscillate from being brotherly to being bitter enemies.
For a right-handed forehand ( RHFH ) throw, the disc Hyzer is to the right ; a left-handed forehand ( LHFH ) throw results in left Hyzer.
For example, attempting to edit an existing file named " longfilename. txt " results in Edlin creating a new file named " longfile. txt ".
* For those who prefer low distortion figures, the use of tubes with class A ( generating little odd-harmonic distortion, as mentioned above ) together with symmetrical circuits ( such as push – pull output stages, or balanced low-level stages ) results in the cancellation of most of the even distortion harmonics, hence the removal of most of the distortion.
For the user, the program works as a classical program: he provides data and receives results immediately.
For example, the sentence " The coat is red " has no observer, the sentence " We see the coat as red " ( where " we " indicates observers ) appears more specific in context as regards light waves and colour as determined by modern science, that is, colour results from a reaction in the human brain.
For N = 8 this results in the solution shown above.
For example, one of the most recent results is that, even after subtracting the positive influence of decadal variation, shown to be possibly present in the ENSO trend, the amplitude of the ENSO variability in the observed data still increases, by as much as 60 % in the last 50 years.
For a list of semi-final results and the venues used, see FA Cup Semi-finals.
For the upper half of the results the performance was even worse.
For general problem classes there may be no way to show that Meta GP will reliably produce results more efficiently than a created algorithm other than exhaustion.
For ultimate accuracy and performance, the handloader also has the option of using a wildcat cartridge ; wildcats are the result of shaping the cartridge and chamber themselves to a specific end, and the results push the envelope of velocity, energy, and accuracy.
For example, some do not report because of poor results or because they have already reached their target size and do not wish to raise further money.

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