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For and critics
For ten years a small group of European and U.S. critics has been calling attention to the half-forgotten Austrian expressionist Egon Schiele, who died 42 years ago at the age of 28.
" For some critics, the lyrics often seem dislocated from the action but the extent and significance of this is " a matter of scholarly debate.
For this reason the company and Abbott were not popular with many music critics who were unhappy with the changes to the standard repertoire.
For example, the first ten verses of the Works and Days may have been borrowed from an Orphic hymn to Zeus ( they were recognised as not the work of Hesiod by critics as ancient as Pausanias ).
For many critics, Macbeth's motivations in the first act appear vague and insufficient.
For mainstream critics, the most compelling evidence against Oxford ( besides the historical evidence for William Shakespeare ) is his death in 1604, since the generally-accepted chronology of Shakespeare's plays places the composition of approximately twelve of the plays after that date.
For this reason, critics of Arafat claim that he put his desire to destroy the Jewish state above his dream of building an autonomous Palestinian state.
For example, Led Zeppelin was largely written off by Rolling Stone magazine critics during the band's most active years in the 1970s.
For much of her career, Dean's political base was the very active network of Berkeley neighborhood organizations, however many of her critics and rivals found her to be too conservative.
For many critics, Sergio Leone's films were part of the problem.
For many critics and theorists, the most engaging aspects of Gombrowicz ’ s work are the connections with European thought in the second half of the 20th century, which links him with the intellectual heritage of Michel Foucault, Roland Barthes, Gilles Deleuze, Jacques Lacan, and Jean-Paul Sartre.
He was still seen by 20th century critics like Bernard Berenson as the " most famous and most loved " master of the High Renaissance, but it would seem he has since been overtaken by Michelangelo and Leonardo in this respect .< ref > For what it is worth, Amazon UK's " Renaissance " top 25 bestsellers list included five books with Leonardo in the title, three with Michelangelo, and one with Raphael.
For a writer who so strongly asserted the claim of Naturalist literature to be an experimental analysis of human psychology, Zola has seemed to many critics like György Lukács, to be strangely deficient in the power of creating lifelike and memorable characters.
For example, it appears repeatedly in a September 2000 document, Rebuilding America's Defenses, by the Project for the New American Century, but is also used by critics to characterize American dominance and hyperpower as imperialist in function and basis.
Ebert is one of the principal critics featured in Gerald Peary's 2009 documentary film For the Love of Movies: The Story of American Film Criticism.
For one thing, some critics rely on psychocriticism as a " one size fits all " approach, when other literary scholars argue that no one approach can adequately illuminate or interpret a complex work of art.
For the tenth straight year the festival will present Variety Critics ' Choice: new and interesting films of mainly European production selected by critics working at this prestigious magazine.
For several seasons now, Lupa's productions have been regularly shown in Paris, where they have been received with great admiration by critics and audiences.
For much of his career, Hailey was either derided or ignored by literary critics, who often felt his plots were contrived and his characters wooden.
For years, even after Miller died, the Miller estate maintained an unfriendly stance toward critics that derided the band during Miller's lifetime.
" David Hayman has suggested that " For all the efforts made by critics to establish a plot for the Wake, it makes little sense to force this prose into a narrative mold.
For example, it is common for critics to argue that real people do not have cost-less access to infinite information and an innate ability to instantly process it.
" For many years now ," he wrote in 1987, " I have been addressing myself primarily, not to other critics, but to students and a nonspecialist public, realizing that whatever new directions can come to my discipline will come from their needs and their intense if unfocused vision " ( Auguries 7 ).
For, here the critics themselves still veil their faces, filling the air with mystic utterances which seem to say, that to this shrine at least, for the footstep of the common reason and the common sense, there is yet no admittance.

For and Hardy
John Hardy from the Legal institute of England stated " For the title to be valid, we must incorporate the company or association for the living " This statement has been used thoroughly
For each of the scene changes in this film, either Laurel or Hardy or both of them would seize a curtain or some other object at the edge of the frame and move it across the screen.
" The hat-passing game in Waiting For Godot and Lucky's inability to think without his hat on are two obvious Beckett derivations from Laurel and Hardya substitution of form for essence, covering for reality ," wrote Gerald Mast in The Comic Mind: Comedy and the Movies ( Univ.
In 1990 the duo, again under the name Comateens, recorded the song " A Place For Me ", an English language adaptation of the Françoise Hardy song " Fais Moi Une Place ", and it became a European hit.
Best known role as Jennitt Hicks in 1941's Life Begins For Andy Hardy.
: For the fictional city of Bayport in the Hardy Boys novels, see Bayport ( The Hardy Boys )
For a time during its Friar's Inn residency the NORK used a two cornet format ; Paul Mares leader and first cornet ; Emmett Hardy second.
For example, the circle method of Hardy and Littlewood was conceived as applying to power series near the unit circle in the complex plane ; it is now thought of in terms of finite exponential sums ( that is, on the unit circle, but with the power series truncated ).
For 1 ≤ p ≤ ∞ these real Hardy spaces H < sup > p </ sup > are certain subsets of L < sup > p </ sup >, while for p < 1 the L < sup > p </ sup > spaces have some undesirable properties, and the Hardy spaces are much better behaved.
For spaces of holomorphic functions on the open unit disk, the Hardy space H < sup > 2 </ sup > consists of the functions ƒ whose mean square value on the circle of radius r remains bounded as r → 1 from below.
For example, in Holden v. Hardy ( 1898 ), the Supreme Court upheld a Utah law setting an eight-hour work day for miners.
For the few weeks he remained at the place, Hardy became a favourite of the locals, gaining great respect and popularity.
: For the U. S. diplomat and academic, see Arthur Sherburne Hardy.
For much of late 2006, he feuded with Matt Hardy, with whom Helms exchanged several victories in matches on SmackDown !.
In 1999, merchandiser Larry Harmon produced the direct-to-video film All New Adventures of Laurel and Hardy: For Love or Mummy starring Bronson Pinchot and Gailard Sartain as the descendants of the comedy duo.
For filmographies of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy without the other, see Filmography of Oliver Hardy and Filmography of Stan Laurel.
For songs in their films, see Laurel and Hardy music
For the critic Irving Howe, Under the Greenwood Tree served as a kind of necessary prequel and establishing myth for the world of Wessex that Hardy depicted in subsequent tragic works: the novel, he argued, " is a fragile evocation of a self-contained country world that in Hardy's later fiction will come to seem distant and unavailable, a social memory by which to judge the troubled present.

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