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For and example
For the family is the simplest example of just such a unit, composed of people, which gives us both some immunity from, and a way of dealing with, other people.
For example, suppose a man wearing a $200 watch, driving a 1959 Rolls Royce, stops to ask a man on the sidewalk, `` What time is it ''??
For example, there are persons who are in physical science, in the field of mineralogy, trained in crystallography, who use only X-rays, applying only the powder technique of X-ray diffraction, to clay minerals only, and who have spent the last fifteen years concentrating on the montmorillonites ; ;
For example, No. 56 printed the patent giving the Electoral Prince the title of Duke of Cambridge.
For example, he captured some persons from York County, who with teams were taking to Philadelphia the furniture of a man who had just been released from prison through the efforts of his wife, and who apparently was helpless to prevent the theft of his household goods.
For example, even the most successful executive lives in a two-room apartment while ordinary people rent space in the stairwells of office buildings in which to sleep at night ; ;
For example, in the third chapter of Matthew, verses 13-16, describing the baptism of Jesus, the 1611 version reads:
For example: 1.
For example, it probably will be necessary for the Corps to have authority to pay medical expenses of volunteers.
For example, the importance of the Regulus 2, a very promising aerodynamic ship-to-surface missile designed to be launched by surfaced submarines, was greatly diminished by the successful acceleration of the much more advanced Polaris ballistic missile launched by submerged submarines.
For example, the interest of past members of the Foundation's Advisory Board remains such that they place their knowledge and judgments at our disposal much as they had done when they were, formally, members of that Board.
For example, out of the social evils of the English industrial revolution came the novels of Charles Dickens ; ;
For example, a 12-to-one engine would power a supersonic VTOL fighter.
For example: Af.
For example: Af.
For example, for the problem Af, 10 from 25 equals 15, then 6 from 15 equals 9.
For example: Af.
For example, let's consider a standard 283 cubic inch Chevy Aj.
For an example let's dream up an engine that has a final combustion chamber volume of 5 cubic inches and a cylinder volume of 45 cubic inches.
For example, a Browning trap version of the Superposed over/under, the Broadway ( from $350 up, depending on grade ), differs from standard models in that it is equipped with a full beavertail fore end, a cushion recoil pad and a barrel-wide ventilated rib for fast sighting.
For example, the Chamber of Commerce of Gatlinburg, Tennessee, sponsors special camera tours into the Great Smoky Mountains to get pictures of the profusion of wild flowers flourishing in these wooded regions.
For example, the Friday after Thanksgiving can be substituted for Washington's birthday.
For example, the officials of Poughkeepsie town ( township ) where the project is located think highly of it because it simplifies their snow clearing problem.
For example, don't pay in a truck policy for medical coverage that you may be paying for in a health and accident policy.
For example: If your bodily injury claims start payment after the first $250, a 25% premium saving is often made.

For and authoritative
For some Christians, such as Roman Catholics and Orthodox Christians, this New Covenant includes authoritative Sacred Traditions and Canon law.
For example, if the authoritative name server for < tt > example. org </ tt > is < tt > ns1. example. org </ tt >, a computer trying to resolve < tt > www. example. org </ tt > first resolves < tt > ns1. example. org </ tt >.
For example, it would be a useful reference source for nurses who administer medications on hospital wards, and even for patients and others seeking an authoritative source of advice on any aspect of pharmacotherapy.
For example the authoritative " you will stop smoking " is likely to find less leverage on the unconscious level than " you can become a non-smoker ".
For the consumer, public or open brokers would only return services listed for public discovery by others, while for a service producer, getting a good placement in the brokerage — by relying on metadata of authoritative index categories — would be critical for effective placement.
For many decades however, precisely because Gray's textbook became such a classic, successive editors made major efforts to preserve its position as possibly the most authoritative text on the subject in the English language.
For her next major work in 1936, her ' classic monograph on ego psychology and defense mechanisms, Anna Freud drew on her own clinical experience, but relied on her father's writings as the principal and authoritative source of her theoretical insights '.
For this way of government based on both the President and cooperation of parliament, Brüning coined the term " authoritative ( or authoritarian ) democracy ".
For more details of the war between Wiman Joseon and Han China, see the authoritative Chinese history book Shiji ( Chapter 115 ) by Sima Qian.
For much of the 19th century it was widely believed to have been a town gate, despite the fact that this was suggested by neither its structure nor its location: nevertheless, this interpretation still appeared as a statement of fact in the generally authoritative Victoria County History as late as 1907.
For this reason, different people often take different works of reference as authoritative.
For example, the different teachings of two bishops may be considered and judged by Catholics, and the fallible teachings of the current pope, for example, do not necessarily trump the equally authoritative fallible teaching of previous popes even when they disagree ... especially if many of them taught something different.
For example, the Shulchan Aruch, which traditional Judaism views as authoritative, warns a father to not physically chastise older children, as this will only entice them to hit back, which in its view would be a capital offence ( Shulchan Aruch Yoreh Deah 240: 20 ).
For these reasons, many scholars view the Aleppo Codex as the most authoritative representative of the masoretic tradition, both its letter-text and its vocalization ( niqqud and cantillation ), although most of its Torah section and many other parts of the text are now missing.
For a considerable period of time it was one of the only authoritative treatise ( PramaaNa Grantha ) for the whole of India.
For the past two years, Robert Baer has worked closely with the director Kevin Toolis and Many Rivers Films, a Channel 4 production company in the UK, to present four authoritative documentary series, Cult of the Suicide Bomber I, The Cult of the Suicide Bomber II and Cult of the Suicide Bomber III on the origins of suicide bombing.
For example, the different teachings of two bishops may be considered and judged by Catholics, and the fallible teachings of the current pope, for example, do not necessarily trump the equally authoritative fallible teaching of previous popes even when they disagree ... especially if many of them taught something different.
For about 100 years, there was no authoritative pronouncement on the subject.
For an illuminating account of the Buddha ’ s path two authoritative works can be recommended.
For Ball, p. xlvii, it is the " authoritative edition " and " still stands as the most complete scholarly edition ".
For example, a debater may use references to a certain authoritative source as a ' secret weapon ' to discredit the claims of the opponent.
For this reason much of the content of the novel has been widely accepted by readers as authoritative.

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