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For and fear
For one who serves thus serves out of fear.
For example, it is not the feeling of fear that produces an increase in heart beat, both are symptomatic of a common physiological origin, possibly in response to a legitimate external threat.
For Epicurus, the purpose of philosophy was to attain the happy, tranquil life, characterized by ataraxia — peace and freedom from fear — and aponia — the absence of pain — and by living a self-sufficient life surrounded by friends.
For example, the experience of fear usually occurs in response to a threat.
For example, if a child falls into a well and struggles to get out, he or she may develop a fear of wells, heights ( acrophobia ), enclosed spaces ( claustrophobia ), or water ( aquaphobia ).
For example, many horror movies and books include characters who fear the antagonist of the plot.
For example, a firm could cut prices and increase sales without fear that its actions will prompt retaliatory responses from competitors.
For how this model works in the context of phobias, one simply has to look at the fear of heights, or acrophobia.
For example, although the term hydrophobia means a fear of water, it may also mean inability to drink water due to an illness, or may be used to describe a chemical compound which repels water.
For example, some students in the developed world avoid education related to software engineering because of the fear of offshore outsourcing ( importing software products or services from other countries ) and of being displaced by foreign visa workers.
For 15 seconds the stadium rocked and there was fear that the standing light fixtures above would fall onto the crowd.
For she would fail with fear
For example, the fear of earthquakes has been reported to be more common than the fear of slipping on the bathroom floor although the latter kills many more people than the former.
For example, if one dreams of being attacked by friends, this may be a manifestation of fear of friendship ; a more complicated example, which requires a cultural metaphor, is that a cat within a dream symbolizes a need to use one's intuition.
For the young couple, the marriage was initially amiable but distant – Louis-Auguste's shyness meant that he failed to consummate the union, much to his wife's distress, while his fear of being manipulated by her for Imperial purposes caused him to behave coldly towards her in public.
: For fear the King should rule again,
For there to be robbery there must be “ force or fearin perpetrating the theft.
For robbery the victim must be placed infearof immediate harm by threat or intimidation.
For fear that separatism would lead to instability and a dictatorial backlash, a compromise was struck among the moderate political parties taking part in the drafting of the Spanish Constitution of 1978.
* Philippians 2: 12b-13: " Work out your salvation with fear and trembling, For God is one who, for his good purpose, works in you both to desire and to work.
" For some time I lived in fear of receiving a letter signed ' S.
For fear of John Fisher's living through his patronal feast day, that of the Nativity of St John the Baptist on 24 June, and of attracting too much public sympathy, King Henry commuted the sentence to that of beheading, to be accomplished before 23 June, the Vigil of the feast of the Nativity of St John the Baptist.
For the fear of water, see: Aquaphobia.

For and Pauli
For dihydrogen, each nucleus is a proton of spin 1 / 2, so that it can be shown using quantum mechanics and the Pauli exclusion principle that the odd rotational levels are more populated than the even levels.
For filling an atom with electrons in the ground state, the lowest energy levels are filled first and consistent with the Pauli exclusion principle, the Aufbau principle, and Hund's rule.
For a detailed historical account, consult Pauli, Whittaker, and Pais.
For SU ( 2 ) gauges, for example, one has ; is an arbitrary real function of, and are the three Pauli matrices ; as usual, a sum over repeated indices is implied.
For example, the force between an atom in an atomic force microscope probe tip and an atom in a sample being studied varies exponentially with separation distance, and is sensitive to changes in position on the order of 50 to 100 picometers ( due to Pauli exclusion at short ranges and van der Waals forces at long ranges ).

For and effect
For lawyers, reflecting perhaps their parochial preferences, there has been a special fascination since then in the role played by the Supreme Court in that transformation -- the manner in which its decisions altered in `` the switch in time that saved nine '', President Roosevelt's ill-starred but in effect victorious `` Court-packing plan '', the imprimatur of judicial approval that was finally placed upon social legislation.
For an antique effect on jars, brush Creek-Turn brown toner on bisque ware and sponge it off.
For the industry of this model, the effect of such public pressures in the past has been to hold the price well below the short-run profit-maximizing price ( given the wage rate and the level of GNP ), and even below the entry-limited price ( but not below average cost ).
For we have said, in effect, that of the two alternatives to his position variously represented by the other participants in the demythologizing discussion, only one is really an alternative.
For example, one study on volunteerism found that feeling overwhelmed by others ' demands had an even stronger negative effect on mental health than helping had a positive one ( although positive effects were still significant ).
For Hume, every effect only follows its cause arbitrarily — they are entirely distinct from one another.
For example, following the American Revolution in 1776, one of the first legislative acts undertaken by each of the newly independent states was to adopt a " reception statute " that gave legal effect to the existing body of English common law to the extent that American legislation or the Constitution had not explicitly rejected English law.
For instance, each photon that travels through intergalactic space loses energy due to the redshift effect.
For alternating currents, especially at higher frequencies, skin effect causes the current to spread unevenly across the conductor cross-section, with higher density near the surface, thus increasing the apparent resistance.
For example, during a war between Qi and Lu in 684 BC, the effect of drum on soldier's morale is employed to change the result of a major battle.
For most applications, the effect is also negligible for Schottky diodes.
For best results the lines in a sketch are typically drawn to follow the contour curves of the surface, thus producing a depth effect.
In the third century AD, Flavius Philostratus wrote this: " For there is an ancient law in regard to the Red Sea, which the king Erythras laid down, when he held sway over that sea, to the effect that the Egyptians should not enter it with a vessel of war, and indeed should employ only a single merchant ship.
For low-frequency radiation ( radio waves to visible light ) the best-understood effects are those due to radiation power alone, acting through the effect of simple heating when the radiation is absorbed by the cell.
For example, there have been a number of epidemiological studies of looking for a relationship between cell phone use and brain cancer development, which have been largely inconclusive, save to demonstrate that the effect, if it exists, cannot be a large one.
For comic effect, he used irony and ludicrous extravagance, often in an attempt to liberate the reader from cultural conformity.
For, the state may have the power to put a fatwā in effect, but that does not mean that the fatwā is to be religiously accepted by all.
For example, arms such as rifles, muskets, and occasionally submachine guns can have bayonets affixed to them, becoming in effect spears or pikes.
For example, while genes play a role in determining an organism's size, the nutrition and health it experiences after inception also have a large effect.
For OECD countries, in the late 2000s, considering the effect of taxes and transfer payments, the income Gini coefficient ranged between 0. 24 to 0. 49, with Slovenia the lowest and Chile the highest.
For visual effect they were " miked " by the sound crew, just as a real amplifier would be.
For example, positive Hall effect was observed in evidently n-type semiconductors.
For example, by opening and closing your hands around the harmonica very rapidly you achieve the vibrato effect.
For the rest, he spoke of a " mono-ideodynamic " principle to emphasise that the eye-fixation induction technique worked by narrowing the subject's attention to a single idea or train of thought (" monoideism "), which amplified the effect of the consequent " dominant idea " upon the subject's body by means of the ideo-dynamic principle.
For the individual, information security has a significant effect on privacy, which is viewed very differently in different cultures.

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